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Mar 22, 2006
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1) This is Bermuda grass.

Lived here for 6 years and there is a noticeable line thru the lawn where there is a drain line under the lawn going to a culvert. For whatever reason the Bermuda hasn't taken over that line(about 100 ft long and maybe a foot wide) and going across the middle of my lawn. The lawn is sprayed by a commercial outfit to keep out weeds and other grasses. So I figured the Bermuda would just "take over". There is a different kind of grass in there. It acts like a 'northern' grass....maybe Kentucky blue grass. It gets burnt out easily in hot weather when the Bermuda goes nuts.

What do I need to do to get the Bermuda to take over? Sand?
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That's strange. My lawn is Bermuda and it takes over in short order. It will even choke out weeds. How deep is the drain line?
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Don't know for sure as it was put in before we moved there. I'd say not very deep and there is a little dip in the lawn there. I guess I could fill the the dip in with sand(and/or dirt) and see if the bermuda branches off in to it(as it likes to do).
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Might want to find out what that grass is that does grow there? At my place, I have nutsedge choking out my bermuda grass. It looks like a grass, but it's much more aggressive, grows allot faster and has a very coarse blade.

My guess is that a more sterile soil was used to backfill the pipe and there isn't anything in it for the bermuda to feed off of. Add some amendments or potting soil to it and mix it in.

Sand doesn't have much in it for grass to grow, It's nice for leveling a lawn, but it only works if you have good soil under it.

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It may be a perforated pipe thus draining the water away from that area and parching the ground. if it is perf pipe then they usually back fill with gravel which really sucks the water out of the area, and even with a little top soil on top, gets to dry.

Often when a trench is dug, the good top soil is lost or diluted with the inorganic fill.

I would fill in the swale with good top soil not sand unless that Bermuda grass requires sand? and try and keep it watered till it takes.

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Take a few blades of grass to your local extension office they can tell you what kind it is and if it requires any special conditions to grow.