Delo 15W-40 $13, Rotella $14/$20 dino/SYN

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Was in O'Reilly's to pick up a bearing the son busted hitting a tree with his go-cart. Through the 10th they have a farm sale flyer locally. They also have a WIX filter stock up event going on to what ever that means.

Chevron Delo @ $13 limit of 12 gallons, 15W-40 Rotella at $14 limit of 3 gallons and the Synthetic at $20 with limit of 12.

Picked up 5 gallons of 5W-40 which was all they had. Saw a lot of three gallon cases of the other oil sale items. If I was not married to 5W-40 I would check out the Delo. They call it a near Synthetic quality with extened run time/mileage. No wonder why the truckers and farmers use it so.
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Last month my TSC had Valvoline Premium Blue 15W 40 on sale for $12 per gallon with a $4 mail in rebate. I picked up 20 gallons at $8 each.

Before that I got the same price on Castrol 15W 40 at Auto Zone.

We run it in the F350, tractor, and both boats.

   / Delo 15W-40 $13, Rotella $14/$20 dino/SYN
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Chris that $8 was a real deal.

The Rotella T6 Synthetic caught my eye because that was the old WM price until last year. Since we now use it in every engine that we change on the place from the push mower to the diesel tractors we can run through a lot from time to time.
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Traveller RENEW Tractor Fluid, 5 gal. - 8060038 | Tractor Supply Company

I had 20 gallons stock piled to change out the BH but plan to do it twice this summer and use the first change out from the BH to change out the 25 gallons on the F700 hoist that is some bad crude. I also need nearly 10 gallons to do the 265 MF.

Since I had picked up 10 gallons in Murray this week (most they seem to stock) so when in Mayfield this evening I decided to check if they had some and they had two cans at the same $50 price but it was $55 when I went to check out.

Having just bought two cans for $105 the price got my attention but they let me have it at the shelf marked price.

[ame=] Lucas Oil 10018 Hydraulic Oil Booster with Stop Leak. Gallon: Automotive[/ame]

It may may more sense to buy the more common universal trans/hydraulic fluid and add 10-20% of this Lucas Hydraulic Booster. With calls for $200 barrel oil I expect we are going to see more and more price increases. The oils seem to never drop in price even if gas/diesel does.