Cross reference charts of other manufacturers?

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Tony H

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Mar 18, 2013
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My JCB tractor has an Owners manual that is extremely vague when it comes to the Fluids.
It basically gives Quantity of fluid needed with their Part number. Any manufcaturers out there (Mobil, Shell, chevron), that have a cross reference chart? Type in the Tractor and get a list of equivalents? I kind of answered my own question with this link but I was hoping to get one with several Lubricant manufacturers. Can't seem to buy some Chevron lubricants locally. AND in this case I donb't trust the Rear Diff fluid they call out. LSD rear and they call out Trani Fluid..

Chevron EAME
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The quanity would be the same nno matter what you put in. The toughest part is knowing what your JCB requires for lubrication.
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Yes, the quantity is the same.. The specifics on the lubricants is what I'm talking about.
The only two that I'm hung up on is the Hydraulic Fluid which I think I have nailed down (an HVI ISO- 46 Shell #S2 V46 or equiv), and the Rear axle fluid.
Reading what I can from the JCB Specs, Anti Freeze is basic Green stuff, Front Axle is basic 80-90 Hypoid, Engine is 15-40 grade diesel. The rear axle states , "Gear Oil HP Plus" so who knows. Since the Rear is Limited Slip, I wonder if it's regular Hypoid with a conditioner , like cars and trucks or is it something else. That Chevron Link ( 1st Post) shows a Transmission fluid for the rear.I guess I need to open up teh fill and see what it looks and smells like to get closer. I'd love to be loyal to the tractor manufcaturer but paying 300% more for fluids through JCB is not my idea of fun.
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Try this link for Castrol products (for a JCB 2CX, you should then be able to cross reference other brands for this data -

Castrol Australia - NetLube