Considering moving up from BX25D to B2601

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One thing that disturbs me about the B2650. The PTO horsepower is only 19.5, which is only a couple horsepower more than the BX25. If I was to upgrade I would want a lot bigger jump in PTO horsepower.
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This is kind of like boats, where people get "two-foot-itis" and want to move up to the next size, but it often makes more sense to move up two sizes. But then you get into issues dealing with towing, storage, etc. Sometimes you realize what you have is perfect.

With tractors, you have factors like loader capacity, horsepower, PTO horsepower, and weight to consider. Sometimes going up doesn't actually give big gains in one area or the other. Of all the factors, I think weight should be the #1 consideration. If you look at a B2650 and L2501, it's the weight of the L that makes it much more of a workhorse -- all other specs are either in favor of the B or inconclusive.

I started with a B2920, which was a 3HP upgrade over the B2620. It was $700 more, and knowing I'd be running a PTO wood chipper, I decided getting some extra horsepower was worthwhile. In terms of the actual work the tractor could do, it was kind of moot. The 2920 definitely felt like more of a hot rod when driving around, but for pulling or ground engaging tasks it was limited by traction, so the extra HP didn't help at all compared to a B2620.

I loved that B2920, and it was like a mountain goat in the woods. But for large scale activities out in the open, it was starting to feel small and I was realizing the limitations of the loader. I went to look at the B3200/B3300, which has the same frame/size/tires as the current B2650/B3350. Yeah, they were bigger, but not notably heavier-duty than my B2920. They were really just bigger B models with the same construction. Then I looked at the L models and that's were I saw a obvious upgrade in duty and capability.

So for the current situation, I think I'd lump both the B2601 and B2650/B3350 into the same range. Coming from a BX, the B2650 makes more sense, but if you had to stick with a B2601 for other considerations such as storage, then it wouldn't be the end of the world. The 2601 and 2650 are closer related than the specs would suggest.