Canvas bags for chains (Harbor Freight $10.99)

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Apr 21, 2012
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Decided this white canvas Harbor Freight canvas bag might be a good way to 'manage' my chains. $10.99 seems like a good price. HF calls it a "15 inch riggers bag". You see $65 off white bags there, I'm happy with this purchase, easy & quick to select chains to head out into the woods. Theres also side pockets for chain shorteners etc.

Two 16 foot 3/8" chains and the bag is full ( I think). Thats the bag at lower right. 3 Chains is a heavy bag, but the bag seems tough enough if you want to put 3 in it. I know some of you fellas want to say your chains won't fit in these little bags. Well here's your opportunity!

The yellow bag is also Harbor Freight, it's nylon or polyester with PVC coating inside for waterproofness. The PVC coating is cracking and falling off. This bag doesn't see much action, it's falling apart all on its own. I think the canvas bags are better.

The black bag with the cable pullers is also canvas, but its much 'lighter' material than the white canvas bags.



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That's not a bad idea. On my garage floor I have a wooden box that has a set of tractor chains, a set of dually truck chains, a set of atv chains, and several other lengths of misc chains. I can't slide it on the smooth concrete floor. Those bags would be a good way to divide the mess up.

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I use a 5 gal. plastic "mud" bucket for chains, but those bags look much more elegant! Thanks.
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I like the canvas bags because I can loft them onto my pickup tailgate with less effort than a bucket. And they don't roll around. Also when I have a bunch of tools in my FEL bucket I use them like sandbags to weight everything down.

James theres a great use for a large stash ( like 30) of those square buckets. When you go to buy compost for the garden, you cover the entire pickup bed with them, The guy at the lot dumps into your pickup, it pre-fills all the buckets at once. When you get back to the garden the wife can unload the truck one bucket at a time and she's happy too. This can be done with round buckets too but square is more satisfying.
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Telephone guys, and electricians use them for some or most of the same reasons you mentioned.
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Do you happen to have the dimensions on the bags? I might have use for them in another way...
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They would be nice for smaller tractors.
I have 16.9X24 tires on one tractor and 15.5X38s on another.
I can barely lift one chain and am not sure I could fit one of either size into a 5 gal pail.
I have a couple of big landscaping spikes driven into the studs in the garage and drape them over those.
It keeps them off the floor too which is always at a premium.
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Good tip. I think those will work great for my assortment of chains. Drive by Harbor Freight on way to work