Boom/Rig/Rope attachment for FEL?

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Sep 30, 2021
John Deere 2155
I have 16 pallets worth of XL paver slabs incoming. Each slab weighs 175lb. Once they're off the pallet and on the ground I can drag/walk them into place with slab setters.

How can I put my tractor to work getting them off the pallet and onto the ground?

I have a JD2155 and if I can use the bucket instead of my back, I will. One option is to drive right up to the pallet and slide the pavers off one at a time right into the bucket and drop it to the ground, but if I play that game for each slab I'm bound to bump and chip the stack at least a few times.

Is there any way/attachment I can use in conjunction with the FEL to make this go smoothly?
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Look on youtube for videos on how landscaping companies move large rocks using a couple of straps wrapped around the rock. There is a specific way of cradling the rock with the straps so it stays put in the straps when moving the rock, but you run the straps so you can get them out from under the rock when you set it. Or set the rock down on something that allows you to pull the straps out and then remove the temporary support.

You could do this with a hook or two welded to your bucket plus the lifting straps.

You could also weld a receiver tube from HF to your bucket and use a D ring insert in the receiver tube as a lift point.
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If you decide to slide them from the stack into your bucket, slit a plastic pipe and slip it over your bucket edge to protect the stack.