Bobcat 7753 aftermarket 2-button aux control?

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Mr Scrith

New member
Jan 23, 2023
SW Wisconsin
Case 580CK, Bobcat 7753
I have a 7753 that is a bit old and worn out, been working on fixing various issues while making use of it (love it, quite capable little beast).

I just picked up a grapple bucket and making great use of it, until the controls died. I pulled the sticks and on both sides the switches are bad.

The challenge I'm having is that I have the 2-switch version (part number 6704454), and replacing it is $$$ and almost no-one has it other than Bobcat. I see a lot of aftermarket 4-switch handles, but no aftermarket 2-switch handles. Does anyone know where I could find some? Spending over $400 for a couple switches and a bit of plastic just rankles me a bit.