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Jan 19, 2011
Mahindra MAX24
This post really got my attention this morning. Very well said!

I like to think about it like this..

When i clicked the forum main page right now it said this:

193 members and 3,559 guests online.
We tend to think about whether our forum contributions are worthwhile in terms of the other members of the forum, the 'regulars'. It's very easy to forget that for every 'cool kid' here who already knows damn near everything there are MANY TIMES that number of people who are way earlier in their tractor-knowledge journey who are passing by and could find a lot of use from the things we say even if it sometimes seems like 'preaching to the choir'. So if you're posting something and you think 170 out of those 190 members already know it, that's one thing but what about the other THREE THOUSAND people who aren't yet members, who don't already know everything, and who may or may not ever become members or take more steps on this particular path, based on how much or how easily they learn during their visit today?

Sure, maybe some of the same information gets posted over and over again, but i guarantee you every time it gets posted new eyes see it, and some of them are going to be the ones passing it on to the next set of newbies, a little bit down the road. I think it's very rare for any explanation of how anything works, to be useless. Not too many people will write out good explanations for things just for posterity. Generally, someone has got to ask first. It's an important role. :)
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This is how I discover TBN... I had a question so I ask google, found a thread about it click on it and found the answer within it, navigated through the site a little I thought it was pretty cool. It stayed like that for some time until my next question... but this time I didn't find the answer so I made a account and you guys answered super quickly then I thought this is awesome resources and never look back ... I enjoy most conversation and learn a bunch. It is a good pass time and sometime I help a few people along the way...
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