Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

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Extend the bucket, grease it, move the bucket around, retract the bucket, grease it again, move the bucket around, leave it halfway extended, grease it again, move the bucket around.

Rinse and repeat as necessary…..
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I greased it right before this happened. Is it supposed to be bone dry on the ends of the pin? The grease nipple only gets the linkage with the cylinder.
Why would you want to grease a pin that does not move or turn (pinned)..... Only area of pin that needs grease is area that the end of ram attaches too (linkage) .... Although a bit of grease may keep pin from rusting in place....
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Seems unusual considering grease tends to migrate through every opening. So i would expect grease to be present toward the outer edges of the pin over time, at least some in the wishbone. From the rust around the bolt opening I would say that bolt through the pin has been missing for a period of time.
Probably might not migrate too far but when the pin slid through the center I would expect to see some grease on the opposite end when pushed back into place. Didn't seem to be.
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You can try to fix the problem by gently pressing down on the bracket with a pry bar and straightening any bends that are creating the problem. Furthermore, applying lubricant to both the pin and the bracket can help in better alignment and reinsertion of the pin. However, if you are unsure about following these measures or if the misalignment persists, it is best to seek expert help to ensure safety and avoid further harm. You may find an equipment dealer by simply searching used backhoe for sale near me and you will get multiple leads on Google.

A professional technician or equipment specialist can accurately analyze the condition and utilize the necessary tools and skills to properly realign and repin the backhoe. Also, remember to prioritize safety throughout the process and avoid using excessive force, which might lead to further issues.
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Kinda did the same with mine. I have a WoodMax version and I kinda "over used it" and the same bracket had warped a little and I didn't like it like that. I was afraid it would wear or put too much misplaced torque on the other pieces. I was able to remove the bracket and use my small press to get it back to shape until the new one came in, back ordered of course.(kept the old one for a backup). With what yours looks like it would be a easy fix, probably a torch and a large bar is all that's needed.

If you look at the last picture it looks like the pin itself -may- be slightly bent also, tho not from the pin popping out, it's from the hyd cylinder pressure. That's where mine did the most tweaking. I also got a couple extra pins too. That assembly seems to be the "weak" spot so that's a good thing, rather then breaking something more expensive. That bracket, especially because of what it does, should be "square" as possible with the other pieces to distribute the pressure.

Just my two cents.
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Keep in mind that once you bend something like this, it's bound to wear out at an accelerated rate. Instead of even pressure across a large surface area, a bent bracket and/or pin will result in pinpoint contact at high psi and much more rapid grooving wear. It pays dividends to pay close attention to the condition of pins and lubrication, frequently, so as not to allow things like this to happen. On a homeowner machine it may still last a good long while since they're not used all day long, day in and day out.
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I haven't got a new bolt yet. Picking one up this week.

Anyone have tips for getting the grease to distribute? Whenever I grease it just starts coming out the side and doesnt go anywhere but out.

As seville009 said grease that pivot in multiple positions and it might migrate out. Or drill a hole in each of the inner 2 lobes that contact the pin and put grease nipples on them. Then you are certain to get grease on those surfaces. The outer 2 bars rotate with the pin so no need for grease nipples on them.

Hope this helps!!