A day trip road trip, in Vacation land............

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May 12, 2013
What do you get these days for $800.00-ish............. Sometimes a fairly nice 3 level Bed&Breakfast on a beautiful weekend in Northern Maine. My daughter is getting married next year and she had a brainstorm of a meet&greet with the grooms parents, of coarse my wife loves the idea, me I like the us 4 and mo more way of life, but I gotta do what the boss says, real men knows what thats like.

So off we went to Sebec lake Flag cove road Bowerbank Me. The last time I went camping my co pilot was still using paper maps, now it's smart phones with GPS, "in 1000 feet turn left" ok now just how far is 1000'.....never mine slam the brakes on and turn now,,,,, "re-routing"................. Oh it was an adventure, half the fun is getting there.

Talk about small towns out in the middle no-where and by the looks there getting smaller, lots of dilapidated houses and barns and the people that are left I wonder what they do for a living, some neighbors are far few between til you get to the lake, theres where the house are and patriotic to, bout every house I saw had a flag even in these small towns up there, lots of flags and ATVs side by sides riding up and down the roads and even in town, thats unusual, so enough for now, heres a few pictures.........

IMG-3254.JPG IMG-3268 (1).JPG IMG-3269.JPG IMG-3267.JPG IMG-3266.JPG
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Looks like a nice spot!

Lots of towns in Maine and NH actively recruit the UTV/ATV crowd. Many towns allow riding in the streets, and hotels along the trails....

Good Luck with daughters marriage, I run a wedding venue in MA. It can be a special day if the people have a good attitude, no matter what else happens!