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Yes It does have a draft control. Moving the draft control to any position doesn't seem to affect the operation of the three point. I do have the factory service manual. If one can understand their wording of how to adjust things, they are a better man than me :). The youtube videos were much easier to understand. If I had a functional unit to compare it to, I could probably see what is broken or in need of repair. I looked carefully for broken, bent or parts that appeared to have issues and found nothing obvious.
What can't be done is adjusting the two springs so the control levers are slightly away from their base and can be pushed against their stop with slight finger pressure. No amount of adjustment of the springs will change the position or resistance characteristics of the control levers. A shaft is probably frozen up somewhere, but there is no way I am going to disassemble that complicated mess of levers, cams and springs to blindly look for a problem!
In any case, I am done worrying about it. It mimics how it should work with the stops that were installed.
Thank you all for the help.