2135 Leaking Steering Valve

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Jun 6, 2017
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I just picked up a 2135 with a leaking steering valve. Previous owner said he changed the hoses to the power steering and it stopped working. I’m replacing a lot of items on the tractor and don’t mind fixing right. What is the best way to fix the leaking steering valve issue? Couple pics to show what it looks like. Additionally, anyone know why this doesn’t have the ground speed pto option…


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I just rebuilt my steering cylinder on my 1963 MF 65. It was leaking terribly.

My question is, is it the cylinder leaking or the power steering pump?

Also, do you know if they bleed the power steering properly?

Very wet engine there. I'd pressure wash (careful around gaskets), degrease and work with a clean(ish) engine to help diagnose the issues.
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Cant help with the steering but the 2135 was an industrial model and to my knowledge didnt come with ground speed pto.
I had a later model 2135 and it was geared way too high for farm work.
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My question is, is it the cylinder leaking or the power steering pump?

More than likely the OP is referring to the four port steering unit (aka steering valve) that controls the steering cylinder.
Very common to leak at the input shaft seal.

And yes they can be resealed as long as the main shaft is not pitted too bad. Standing water at the outer wiper seal is usually the result of corrosion.