2013 F150s up the yinyang!

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Apr 21, 2012
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Ford dealer in Bellevue WA has a bunch of new 2013s hangin around. Few more months and there will be 2015s. I got a nice STX with locker for $28k, I bet they will make some deals! I didn't look for any other models. I sure like mine.

16 F-150s in this one pic
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I've seen dealers around here with leftover stock and they won't deal as much as you'd think they would. Matter of fact when I bought my 2014 Z71 they had a leftover '13 z71 on the lot and with all the rebates I got on my truck and what they were willing to come down on the '13 it was only a $700 difference between the two. Mine had more equipment on it too even though both were LT packages.
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were those eco boost trucks?
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Yes there were some eco boosts

I guess it always depends on how bad they want to sell them. And whether you are willing to walk away. (Which I should have done but didn't ).