“Disappearing” Lynch Pins

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Nov 24, 2012
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I am inexperienced but it seems to me a lynch pin should not pop out if installed correctly. Two guys were running tractors at deer camp this weekend and had a spreader and rototiller come off the 3PH. One swears he had the lynch pin installed and it must have broken off....that seems unlikely too.

Seems more likely it was not snapped closed

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I lost one with the rototiller once. Luckily I caught it in time as the pin was half way out of its position.

It's like these things always find a way to either pop off and be lost forever or to smack your fingers really bad, preferably with cold hands.

I used to have lynch pins on the backhoe bucket as well but of course, I was constantly losing those. Now I put a piece of wire through the holes and bend the ends so it doesn't come off.
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I have lynch pins holding the spindles in on the caster wheels on my mower, brush cutter, and snow plow. I lose several a year on the brush cutter. So much so, that I buy a half dozen and keep them in my toolbox on the trailer that I haul the machine on. If doesn't take much for a stick to grab them and pop them open, then it's just a matter of time before it's gone.
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I’ve lost a bunch of them especially in my backhoe bucket pin. I was bolting it but one method I discovered by accident that hasn’t failed me yet is heavy gauge wire bent through it and you can undo it by hand. I bought a heavy duty lunch pin for the backhoe bucket pin but it didn’t make it past the first job before it was lost to.
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They get snagged by brush, unlatch, and fall out.

I have replaced some with large cotter pins.
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I guess I have been lucky, never had one come off, done a good bit of farming and tractoring thru the years.
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I have lost a few over the years also.
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Same here with loosing lynch pins, so I finally put some on the drill press and added a hole for a hitch pin, problem fixed.