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    Massey MF80 Plow

    just picked up a 3 bottom MF 80 plow and wanted to find info on it - any help on finding info is much appreciated.
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    2538 - fuel/oil filter cross references with Bosch.

    Courtesy of another poster (don't recall name) here are Wix filter numbers for the 2538/2638. Oil filter: 51324 Air filters: 46489 & 46490 Fuel (1st): 33993 Hydraulic: 51586 (Same # for Duramax brand) Fuel filter with water accumulator and sensor housing: Bosch: # F002 H22 025 anyone have an...
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    2538 HST manuals

    need to find manuals for my gear - its a 2538L HST [2019 ] I have a factory owners manual, the local dealer has only printed manuals and I'm looking for a PDF versions . really would be so thankful for a Service manual. from the Mahindra site I found the following listed 12389400020...