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    Slight thump in front end ?

    My tc55 has a slight thump or loosness in the front end when changing direction . I dont know if the ring gear could be loose or what to think . I have kept the lug nuts tight but will recheck .
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    After Market Cabs for a TC55DA

    Which one is the best . I looked at Simms laurin and Joe Dale Perry . And what would be a good price with heat and air.
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    Oil & Fuel  FUEL TC55

    Well after a good break in my tractor is using less fuel as i expected . Just changed the oil i put Rotella 15w40 and a new filter . It seems to have more power and is doing fine other than a couple of small items the dealer is going to take care of . I still miss the tc40 hydro transmission...
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    Pins in the jack stand ?

    I was using my loader today and a pin was on a dirt pile it matched the pin on the jack stand for the loader . I am asking i only have one in the jack with a hair pull pin now . Has anyone removed the 270tl loader and does it take two pins to hold the jack stand?
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    6' bushhog or disk mower

    I was thinking about a 6 or 8ft bushhog or a diskmower to clip lots off. I know the bushhog would mulch the grass up and the disk mower would just cut it . Any thought's on which would be better? Im going to use my tc55.
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    Help with ehss again?

    I used my tractor again today and it jerk's from time to time when shifting from foward to reverse . I have not got the hang of the ehss on my tc55 .Is there any idea's when to shift and at what rpm and range that is better or worse.Some time's it shift is smooth and other's a not so smooth?
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    Float detent valve ?

    On my previous TC40D i added a self centering remote.I have a float detent valve for my tc55da .Does anyone have the float detent valve and does it self center when not locked into float?I need to install the valve but haven't had the time .And wondered if i should add a self centering valve to...
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    Break tc55da in any tips?

    I just got the new tractor a few weeks ago the book says not to fast or to slow or any steady speeds .Other people says hook to something and pull it like your going to run it .I guess after the 50hr of somewhat taking it easy i thougt i would hook it to something like a mower or bushhog and...
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    4x4 pull over

    With the addition of 4x4 i almost had a rollover last year . I always used a 8n to do blade work and a 3000 for fel work 2wd .I had my tc40d trying to move alot of concreate and rock off a yard .The rock was as big as basketballs or bigger the tractor pulled me up and over with no slip somehow...
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    TC40D VS TC55DA

    Ater using both the verdict is no contest . I miss the hydrostat but the ehss is smooth . Both tractors have there place doing some of the same type loader work.The 55 has more hp and hauls more the 40 gets closer to objects and seems to like stops on hills better. They both manuver good but the...
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    Any new info on tc55da

    I am new here just traded in my tc40d on a new tc55da .I wanted to know if the ehss problem's are worked out.I have less than 1 hour on it seems like a strong tractor plenty of hp. I got it to pull my t6 harley and use the loader .The dealer told me the new 270tl loader is the same as the 18la...