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    470dtc broken frame

    I am the somewhat fortunate recipient of a free tractor. My dad purchased some land in coastal North Carolina and on that land was left a tractor that at the time was non-running. He dragged it out spent a couple thousand dollars on it and decided it wasn't big enough for his needs so he dropped...
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    Most efficient way to clear land

    I have about 2 acres on the back of my land that I wish to clear. Long before me I believe it was pasture that was neglected and now grown up. My intention is to clear and stump to the point I can put in a food plot. The land currently has about 30 to 40 Virginia pines that range from 16 to 20...
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    Should i get a tractor?

    A few years ago I lucked into a friend trying to clear out his shop and purchased his 2005 case 450 skid steer. It is a an 82 horsepower machine with cab, hydraulic couplers, high flow, two speed, and all the goodies. I use it for everything and really enjoy it. I find myself wanting a...