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    Snow Tractor won’t start tonight.

    i had similar erractic starting issues for months and found that a $6 ground cable fixed it .... I found that as the ground cable *looks* good, it is not... the engine will not start as it cant pull enough amps [due to rotting ground wire] - also at times engine power would drop or surge for...
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    Mahindra 2538 won’t start

    did you get a root cause figured out ? i had similar strange running issues and found that the issue was the ground cable was crap wire and a replacement one [w/ factory ends] solved all my issues...
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    Massey MF80 Plow

    its red for sure - It came with CAT II pins -moving to CAT I
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    Massey MF80 Plow

    just picked up a 3 bottom MF 80 plow and wanted to find info on it - any help on finding info is much appreciated.
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    2538 - fuel/oil filter cross references with Bosch.

    Courtesy of another poster (don't recall name) here are Wix filter numbers for the 2538/2638. Oil filter: 51324 Air filters: 46489 & 46490 Fuel (1st): 33993 Hydraulic: 51586 (Same # for Duramax brand) Fuel filter with water accumulator and sensor housing: Bosch: # F002 H22 025 anyone have an...
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    Service manual

    did you have for 2538 HST as well ?
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    mine is a HST - good to know you changed both - I saw someone post that they drained the 1 filter and just restarted to work just fine......TNX again
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    2538 HST manuals

    need to find manuals for my gear - its a 2538L HST [2019 ] I have a factory owners manual, the local dealer has only printed manuals and I'm looking for a PDF versions . really would be so thankful for a Service manual. from the Mahindra site I found the following listed 12389400020...
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    Oil & Fuel Amazon now carries Bosch fuel filter E006018618D1/F002 H22 025

    have a 2538 as well - any update on your post to go otherwise ?
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    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying.

    just wanted to thank you so much - my local dealer 55miles away asked for a haul to them.
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    Hello fellow Mahindra owners - I have a 2538L and just had the 'water in fuel' light come on. just learned that due to covid my 2-location dealer is now 1 locations [1 hour drive] and thought better to ask here before a long haul to fix. what should be the best way forward - order a...