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    Why Can't We Use Trailers Like This?

    I've always wondered why we can't pull trailers like the second one in the picture with our cars and pickups. They seem to work fine behind big rigs. Anybody know why?
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    Oroville Dam Pictures

    I saved these pictures from a video I recorded off an ABC news satellite TV feed. Feel free to post your own if you have them.
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    Diesel Seems To Be Having Problems in Europe

    I ran across this article today. Haven't they cleaned up their diesels like we have? Or maybe they're all VWs cheating on the emissions. Back to gasoline I guess. Amid smoggy days in London, growing calls to clean up Europe’s toxic air - The Washington Post
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    New Way To Restart A Rod?

    Some of the rods I use are difficult to restart after the tip cools off. 7024 and 6011 cause me problems usually. I got to thinking, why not just heat the tip up again? I have a propane torch that goes on and off by pulling the trigger so it was easy to try. It seems to work like a champ. No...