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    JD Model 260 2-stage 84" Snowblower - will it fit my JD 2155?

    The seller tells me "the arms on your 3pt hitch need to be 40 inches wide". I currently have 3pt pallet forks hitched up and there's about 30" between the pins. It seems to me the arms would easily accommodate another 5" on each side but for all I know that would bring the implement in contact...
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    Boom/Rig/Rope attachment for FEL?

    I have 16 pallets worth of XL paver slabs incoming. Each slab weighs 175lb. Once they're off the pallet and on the ground I can drag/walk them into place with slab setters. How can I put my tractor to work getting them off the pallet and onto the ground? I have a JD2155 and if I can use the...
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    Can my John Deere 2155 lift/move 1 ton armor stone?

    Hope to build a retaining wall without having to rent another machine. Obviously it would be easier/safer with a fancy excavator with thumb/sling/etc. attachments (or maybe even just a skid steer with forks) but I just need to know if this can be done. Can my '89 JD2155 handle it? Looking at...
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    Changed fuel filter - now won’t start

    1989 John Deere 2155. Newb here. Changed the fuel filter and tried starting without priming/bleeding (stupid I now know) - definitely put air in the lines. Have since bled it by loosening the nut above the filter (blue circle), and manually pumping until fuel shoots out the top. Then...
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    Block heater cord?

    A new cord end! That did it. Thanks guys.
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    Block heater cord?

    Hi guys, The photos say it all, but I've got a brand new block heater with a snapped power cord (1989 John Deere 2155). Was hoping to just plug and play with a new cord but the side that attaches to the block has a rubber weld and appears to be part of the unit. Obviously I prefer not to...
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    Didn't even think of that - thank you! The first and only option I came across thus far were the tongs - I figured that was the undisputed way to go. Besides the aggravation of having to get a choker chain/cable underneath a log (which is remedied by a timberjack), do the tongs offer any...
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    Well received. I'll be felling with a chainsaw (and a friend!), but yes I'm doing my research and getting the very clear message about the hazards and the safety attitude required.
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    Thanks Ken! The problem is the trees are 30' from the tractor, in the forest, and down a hill. So even if I had a boom the nose of the tree will be in the dirt anyway, at least until the tree clears the forest line (at which point I could back the tractor right up to it). At this point my best...
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    Hi guys, First time poster, still 'green' with tractors - running a 1989 John Deere 2155. Headed into the woods to fell trees for firewood and hope to put it to work. I'm looking at hitching up some 32" Timber Tuff skid tongs (Timber Tuff Tools | Tough Tools for the Forest Industry! | 32"...