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    YM2000 brakes

    Anyone ever see/hear of a YM2000 with OEM "wet brakes"?
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    Don't trust that temp light

    Luckily, my YM2000B has a factory temp gauge. Yesterday I was mowing in some heavy stuff and noticed my temp gauge never even got up to the cold mark when I knew it should be at op temp. Grounding the "push-on" connector should have pegged it on the hot side with the switch on, but did not...
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    HTTP 403 FORBIDDEN error

    Is anyone else getting these errors or is it just me? Getting error off and on for past several days when trying to access any TBN post on 2 computers, both w/AOL/MSFT IE, 1 win98SE, 1 winXP.
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    PTO speeds

    Does anyone have the published PTO rpm's for a Yanmar with a (4) speed PTO, and at what engine rpm, in particular a YM2610?
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    Dealer  Yanmar parts dealers

    I notice the Yanmar web site only lists tractor parts dealers located on the Pacific coast now, for some reason. They want you to call for others.
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    Great, nothing works anymore on this forum.
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    GO DISCOVERY!!, (correction)

    Tried to videotape the launch, but too much cloud cover.
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    Roger-scottie sighting

    How many remember roger_scottie? Check out this post .
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    McCulloch chain oil in cylinder

    Working on a friends McCulloch 16" Eager Beaver chainsaw which runs fine until the cylinder fills up with chain oil, mostly after sitting. There is a metering device on the oiler that actually sends chain oil into the crankcase. With saw lying flat, the oil seeps into the cylinder until it won't...
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    Has anyone ever tried a "leakdown test" on diesel engines the way they do on small gas engines? It should work if you can inject air into the combustion chamber.
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    Roger-Scotty has snuck away again, been 2 months today.
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    Pressure relief valve

    Anybody know where the hydraulic pressure relief valve is located on a YM2000B, or similar tractor, (YM240, YM2000)? I am reading horror stories about faulty, (sticky), valves, and it makes me want to check mine out.
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    eBay/Craigslist  Why buy a tractor on eBay?

    Why would anyone buy a tractor or any other big ticket item on eBay? Maybe someone can clear up my confusion. How can there be any bargains for the buyer when the "reserve price" is in effect? It seems to me that guarantees that the "winning bid" must meet or exceed the seller's asking price or...
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    6N, 12N, 14N???

    No, I know those are not Ford tractor sizes, however, every time I look at pto drivelines, parts, and shields I see them as series #'s but have never heard what they pertain to. What are they and which do I need with a 20 pto hp, Cat 1 tractor?
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    Yanmar's "gray" position

    Yanmar\'s \"gray\" position <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>. Had occasion to click on the Yanmar website and found this notice I had not seen before. Might be of interest to some prospective (or current) users.
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    Where's roger_scotty?

    Where\'s roger_scotty? Has anyone noticed we haven't heard from roger_scotty in a while. He last posted on 10/26/02. I hope he's OK.
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    Vietnamese rebuild owners

    I don't believe I have read one word, pro or con, from the actual owners of these Vietnamese rebuilt tractors. They must be selling them to somebody. Where are you guys, and who are you? We would sure be interested in hearing your horror stories.
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    shifter, range, and pto knobs

    For those of you with entirely too much time on your hands, and are putting your Yanmar in like-new condition, if yours is like my YM2000 it's probably missing 1 or all of the metal inserts in the knobs. I found that the "metal hole plugs" like Home Depot and Lowes sells is a good replacement...
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    Pto driveshaft safety shield

    Can't find the thread at the moment, but a few days ago some guys were discussing the safety shield and the consensus was that it should not turn and should be held in place by the chain, (I guess the one that holds the lower arms together when there is no implement). Well, anyhow, I noticed...
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    Lower link rubbing tires

    From time to time I see posts from new users, such as myself, complaining about the lower links rubbing the tires, even after shortening the check chains as much as possible. Don't overlook the fact that the link will ride to the outside of the hitch pin on the implement, which is 1/2-1" wider...
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    Japanese translation

    Rich101220 posted the following: Re: YM2610D Questions [re: accuratemike] Reply I have a YM1610D and took pictures of all of the stickers on the tractor. I e-mail them to a co-worker in Japan and he tells me what they mean. I then edit the picture to explain in english. Here is the one...
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    Ballast  Suitcase weights

    I just bought 4 (160# total) suitcase weights for my Ym2000. What's the best way to hold them on the bumper without them sliding off. My baling wire keeps breaking.
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    Which dirt scoop?

    I am looking to buy a dirt scoop for my YM2000B and am not sure whether to get a 24" or 30". A dealer recommended a 24", but I see several guys are using 30" on 2000's and even 1700's. Do they work satisfactorily or are they too heavy when loaded for a 2wd?
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    Could one of you experienced members please show a newbie Yanmar member how to use those signature files? The best I can get it to do is show the silly little X in the square. I guess I need to know exactly what goes between the [image]'s. I saw the one example, but that doesn't seem to help. I...
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    Norm's YM2000B

    Norm\'s YM2000B My 2000B right after I took delivery last July. Detailed, fluids, filters changed, greased, fixed turn signals, compression release, looks and runs like brand new, 522 hrs., ready for work.
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    Yanmar paint

    It's been a while since we discussed touchup paint, (red,green, beige), however, Rust-oleum has a "hammered finish", #7219 verde green spray paint that is great for the green parts, undercarriage, toolbox, even works on the engine. No primer required. Sticks to bare metal, old paint, even rust...
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    URL\'s I notice that some guys have discovered how to get clickable URL's in their posts and some have not. I found it in the FAQ section. It is "<A target="_blank" HREF=http://...text...>http://...text...</A>", without the quotation marks. Norm OOPS! that didn't come out right. Look it up...
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    Slip clutch

    After reading the "pto shaft adj." repost, (thanks Brett), wondering if my "overrunning clutch" also has "slip clutch" capabilities, or do you get one or the other? If no slippage, where is the shear pin located for a rotary mower? Norm
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    Unless it is labelled as "repost", how do you know whether it is an old or new post? Seems like either these Yanmars are not breaking down anymore or a lot of owners have not yet found this site. Norm