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    Montana 350E Hydraulic Post Driver

    Notwithstanding that the driver is made in China, the 350E I just purchased is one of the most satisfying devices I have ever bought. Montana's larger drivers are supposed to be made in the US. I bought the forklift frame mount model and it will need a stopper plate to keep the bottom from...
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    Modern Ag Path Slayer Brush Cutter

    I don't post much and only when I think it is something I wish I had known and have something that I would have thought useful to have learned. If you are really interested in this you can go to the maker's web sites and get the manuals and more pictures. I just finished the first job with the...
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    Leaf bucket

    Short post. Lots of leaves to move out of the yard. Like a mountain of them. Pallet forks, two 16' gates covered with field fence, strap them on with some ratchet straps and Voila! You can move big piles of leaves out of the yard pretty fast. A bit awkward and not deep enough to make full...
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    Hydraulic Jackhammer Post Driver

    After years of noodling on how to build a post driver I have finally done it and it works well enough to refine the design. I considered all manner of designs from: A. Reverse block and tackle with a hydraulic cylinder (Fairbrothers, et al type), don't like all the lines and moving parts...
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    Stanley BR72 and BR67 Nitrogen Charge

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced alternative to the Stanley nitrogen charge kit for these hammers or know the proper threat for the charge port and where to get it? I acquired one of these from a combat engineer vehicle. It appears unused and maybe 20 years old. I finally got around to...
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    Roller Chain Pins

    Does anyone know where to buy long, as in 4 or 5 inch #80 roller chain pins? I want to pin a block in between two roller chains. Yes, I've checked Surplus, McMaster and so forth. I can google just like everybody else.
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    Comparison  DX series help?

    Does anyone have a digital brochure for the DX series of the mid-2000's that you would care to share? In particular the DX45 and DX55. I think some of these were actually built in the US then or maybe just assembled per the liberal allowances that allow them to brand the machines made in US...
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    I'm posting here since we run Case-IH now days and Allis does not belong in other. Returned to reality from the farm last night. Back to business. This old girl has been in the barn for nearly 7 years. We cleaned her up, checked and changed fluids and filters, purged the fuel system, cleaned...
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    JCB 210S Skid Steer Adapter

    I just finished building an adapter from the JCB 210S standard mount to SAE Skid Steer hitch. I still gotta paint it. Now I can use my forks, bale hugger, big bucket, tree shear, grapple, 3-point adapter and teleboom on this machine! Yahoo! It all turned out well after three plywood mockups to...
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    Refit Larger Pump on Tractor, JCB 210S?

    Anybody ever found a way to put a larger pump on a machine like this and did it cause problems? I just finished building an adapter from the JCB 210S standard mount to SAE Skid Steer hitch. I still gotta paint it. Now I can use my forks, bale hugger, tree shear, grapple and teleboom! Yahoo...
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    Pasture Plane

    I saved this beam for nearly 18 years and finally found something to build with it. I've rescued it from my brother who tried to make it a feed trough at least twice. Gophers are thick as fleas and we have waged war on them but still have to knock down the mounds. The other project is easing...
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    Backhoe Blade / Ripper / Rake

    First posting of stuff made though I have made a lot of things over the years. Made this for the JCB 210S this afternoon. The first one was too light and I tore it to pieces trying to rip up some iron ore road. Finally found a good source for weld on teeth. These are Fabco 2A adapters and...
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    Quality Hydraulic Disconnects

    Let me and others know what your experience is. Is there any one brand that seem to hold up best? Between the two basic styles, ball and poppet valve does one or the other leak least? Replacing whatever came on my CaseIH JX series tractors with something else but what? Not sure what is on...
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    Rob-bilt did well

    Rob-bilt did a very nice job on our newest barn. Took them less than 10 days to build it in terrible weather at the end of last year. Now almost all the stuff is inside and locked up instead of just being under cover. Yahoo! The construction is straight and true. Materials are very good...
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    CaseIH JX Series Durability

    How are your tractors in this series holding up? Thanks in advance for weighing in. I have a JX95 / MFWD / Cab / Loader and a JX80 / 2WD / Platform, both '08 models. Minor problems so far: just a bad install on the clutch linkage for the JX95, loader bucket has hydraulic slop in it that I...