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    What does "locally grown" mean to you?

    Grown in my back yard! I'm picking peaches right now.
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    New sink drain trouble

    dstig, Ask your plumber why it was set so low? If I did it, I would fix it! That is raise it up
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    Snake(s?) In the attic

    we had flying squirrels in our attic, then the black snakes moved in. We learned rodents will reproduce much faster than snakes can keep them under control. Those squirrels kicked insulation over all the soffit vents and black mold covered the entire underside of the roof deck. Set live traps...
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    Corded Leaf Blower

    Eddie, My wife did the same a few years ago. Same story, i thought it would be junk. Works great for our deck, now 4 years old
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    Attached GARAGE (homeowner) thoughts

    Our garage has a 16 ft and a 10 ft wide doors. truck is parked in the 16 ft bay! It's not just how wide doors are, you also have "stuff". Our layout is end wall/5 foot space/10 ft door/ 3 ft space/16 ft door/3 ft space/end wall. All 24 ft deep It is attached to house at the kitchen door for...
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    Had a bit of easter luck with a rabbit hunt

    Nice, is that a 410?
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    1/2 inch vs 13 mm.

    the 5/16 bolt will go into the threads of an 8mm course threaded hole
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    Amazon Stuff That Doesn't Suck

    I bought a 400 lb/120 gal propane tank, best price and free delivery. That way more than covered Prime cost
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    Farms disappearing at alarming rates

    My father died young in 1965, he had accumulated 100 ac of his own but worked with my grandfather's farm. The farm started in 1860's from a sale of a land grant. My family still has most of it and it's rented out. Because I'm from a big family, each member would get only $5000/year in rent. Or...
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    Cell Phone Outage Today

    MoKelly, Same here. My wife and I are on the same plan, both were out this morning. In ten mins, my came on. Hers didn't come on for 3 hours! It was a pain because she was at the hospital to see her dad
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    How do you sell stuff? I have 21 sheets of Stainless Steel

    The sheets are 13 gage, .089, 304, the sheets are marked. mill finish I'm in Bloomington IN I ventured in to FB Market place. There is a seller listed as local with a huge selection of sheet metal, all looks new and on pallets. but no such business exists in our small town. Is this a sign of a...
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    How do you sell stuff? I have 21 sheets of Stainless Steel

    I have 21 sheets of 13 gage, (0.089 inch), 4 x 10 feet Not sure if anyone would even want it all! yes cash and carry, I think each sheet is 144 lbs.
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    How do you sell stuff? I have 21 sheets of Stainless Steel

    Thanks for all the comments I got the sheets of steel when the factory I worked at closed. The last remaining employees got to take their pick from huge piles. The good part is the steel has an ink ID mark. I might have a contact at a local water jet fab shop. They may know of users of this gage
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    How do you sell stuff? I have 21 sheets of Stainless Steel

    Hi All, I have never been on Face Book and it sounds like Craigslist has gone south. I'm cleaning out my basement shop and I have a few items that are worth far more than scrap. I have a sister in law with a FB account and I suppose she could list it for me on Face Book Market place For...
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    Frost heave?

    pouring a footer and laying concrete blocks under the door makes that go away.
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    Dog stories

    I have a lab dog story from 45 years ago. I wrote it down in 2014 so I wouldn't forget the details. Adventures of Mister Dog On this fine Saturday in 1982, my girlfriend and I had a friend over for a visit, it started with a nice cup of coffee and a joint. As we chatted we played a bit of...
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    Mouse proofing garage door gaskets

    We built a poured concrete home and we were mouse free for several years. Then, the mice began chewing through the garage door rubber gaskets. We have 3 garage doors, one on a walk out basement for my shop. I looked at the shop door and gasket and found the gasket attached via a tract on the...
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    Remove Latex Paint From Clothing

    I second the Xylene to soften all paints. for fun I gathered up several old paint brushes that I had found in bean cans I had forgotten about. A good soak over night and using a brush comb and they were back to life. You do have to wrap they in stiff paperboard to get the shape back. For...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Fuddy, The dragon/clouds/fish are common themes in Chinese art. hear is a photo from China with cloud detail. I had another photo with a fish and rolling waves, can't find it now I used a mini air powered chisel. Like a mini jackhammer the size of a cigar. Today I use Radial Arm saw with a 12...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Thanks MossRoad, I'm in the Bloomington area, limestone is 1 cent a lb. Fun hobby but I wont give up the day job!
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Larry, I'm glad you support the arts. I chose engineering to pay the bills but carve stone as a hobby. Here is a pc I did after a trip to China. two tone Indiana limestone
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    Injection pump replacement

    I watched the video again I think I better under stand. He saw the fuel pump inject plunger for cyl #1 rise. Then he rotated the front crank pully to be in line with TDC. My injector pump does not have an inspection cover like his. So I will pull the fuel lines on the old pump and rotate engine...
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    Injection pump replacement

    my flywheel inspection port is covered by the front end loader frame. Its a big deal to remove it. I recall reading TDC is when both valves are closed and rockers are loose. Then can I look at the timing marks on the gears to get exact?
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    Injection pump replacement

    Thanks guys! If the TDC can be found by the #1 cylinder valves both being closed, then I won't need to remove radiator. Also, if I start the process at TDC, the only timing marks will be the pump drive gear.
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    Injector pump problem

    Bob, The first question I had was relating fuel getting into the engine oil, engine lubrication system. As you know from my previous thread, my pump oil was being diluted by diesel fuel. I recall you speculated the high pressure side was lap fitted and they can leak in to the injector pump oil...
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    Injection pump replacement

    As noted on another thread, I have ordered a new injection pump for my KAMA 454 with a 395 T FD engine. I looked at Circle G tractor parts on line instruction. looks to simple...
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    Injector pump problem

    Just to understand, if the pump in not lubed by engine oil, fuel can't mix with engine oil? If he has an oil reservoir on his pump, can it also be duel lubed by engine oil system?
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    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Follow up. I was able to order the injector pump. It took a lot of back and forth. The pump was about $100 and UPS shipping $80. I understand installing one of these is not real simple so I'll plan the time slot carefully.
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    Online Buying vs Brick & Mortar.

    It used to be a brick and mortar store came with some level of expertise. Now it's just kids that don't know anything. Why pay higher price? NAPA had my Kubota air filter for $69, Amazon had it for $23 we do still have a few old hardware type stores that have 6-7 employees manning the store...
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    Rethinking Asphalt Millings - Addressing Washout

    We fought wash outs for years on our steep hill. Our drive is what we call "53's". It's chip, dust and stone. In southern IN, it's all limestone. It does pack like concrete, but heavy rains can over whelm it and cause ruts. Parks departments use a swale/speed bump system to divert the water...
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    Our company got phished and sent a $150,000. check to a Russian bank! A few weeks later we were asked to an online training. But my company E-mail looked so suspicious that I sent it to IT for review. It had all the calling cards of a phishing scam, 1) Sender was a generic,
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    "Some delay and continue working for the benefit of the younger spouse… at least both grandfathers and dad did this." Ultra runner makes a good point. We we make retirement choices, we need to think "big picture".
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    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, Have you ever bought parts from AliExpress? Though I'm an ME, I have worked my entire career in high voltage substation porcelain insulators.
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    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, when I installed the new ele pump, I did take off the mechanical lift pump and replaced it with a plate a gasket as directed above. I do have compression release and assume this would shut off the run away engine. Though I'm a mechanical engineer, I would likely fall into the novice category.
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    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Follow up. Electric pump still works great. but I see I still have diesel diluting the injector pump oil. Tractor runs great I have only used the tractor for 10 hours in the last year or 2. Yesterday, I pull the dipstick on the injector pump and fuel gushed out. I assume this confirms the...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Speaking of financial institutions, why don't 401k accounts have better security against fraud? We inquired about MFA, Multi Factor Authentication and they don't even offer it! The company I work for requires we load facial recognition apps on our phones just to access our E-mail. The travel...
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    Home cooked but unusual dinners?

    we like Buffalo Chicken flavor but Buffalo Wings are all bones and skin, and expensive. We chop up boneless/skinless chicken thighs and sizzle it up with butter and buffalo sauce. Put a scoop on a wheat taco skin with blue cheese dressing and a hand full of chopped celery. Same thing as...
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    Fed up with the garden

    I agree with gardening is a hobby. A bit like fishing. I do enjoy it so we plant selectively every year. I like to plant things that are either easy to grow or hard to get good produce. We are no till. Just a 70 ft long 2 foot wide strip covered in mulch with irrigation tubes. I can mow right...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Larry, You experience a lot like mine. I "earned" my BS in Mechanical engineering from Purdue U. I was not a natural born student, least favorite was math if you can believe it. I was planning a life of construction/contracting but kept having back issues. I didn't even have trig in high...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I have always thought universities should be required to provide career data on every degree. Numbers below are just examples for my point.. for example, Why borrow money on a 4 year psychology degree if only 2% actually work in the field of psychology? And typical grads make $22/hour where...
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    Shoe Search

    I like my Doc Martins but I don't know where they are made. Real sturdy work shoe
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    Shanghainese soup dumplings (xiao long bao) - any fans?

    Copy, Before the pandemic, I would go to China 2 times a year. It was always special to eat those soup dumplings. The trick was how to eat them with loosing the soup. After many years of traveling to China alone, I brought my wife. her first meal in Shanghai was in a small dumpling shop. They...
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    What is a GOOD hand held pump sprayer for weedkiller and pesticide??

    Newbury, I have several 1 to 2 gallon sprayers, big box store types, nothing special. I have several because I don't mix tanks that could contaminate another. They are all working fine. The only time I had issues was when I bought an expensive type, "made just for acid". From day one I had...
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    Splitting well line

    we had spigot at the well head to water our garden. The pressure is equal on entire line. I would recommend a check valve to keep and back flow out
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Gayle, I agree. I too live surrounded by nature and enjoy being in it. I can keep myself busy after retirement. My father in law retired and bought a bass boat even though he didn't fish much at all during his working years. Took it out a few times and it sit for years. I carve stone and my...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I'm a work from home engineer, 20+ years, for a small-ish global company. I'm 63 so full FRA is 4 years out. We keep building up the 401k. I like my job... I've always said I'd keep at it as long as it's still fun. The pay is good, benefits good and a lot of global travel my wife gets to come...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Gale, My grandfather lived to 108, he was driving still at 105. Retired farmer...Born 1900-Died in 2008 He was still cleaning his gutters at 100. He outlived my grandmother by 35 years. He had a few girlfriends over the years but he lived all them too. We think he died of boredom, very poor...
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    dj1701, I agree. Years ago I would be offered something I thought I'd bring it back to life. When we moved, alot of that junk went to the scrap yard. Every once in a while I'll go look for something I had saved for a decade but ended up scraping it. You'd think I would be kicking myself at that...
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    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    If a truck stays dependable, you keep it. To keep your truck dependable, replace parts that are likely to strand you. I have a 2013 Tahoe with 175k mi. I have changed the fuel pump and the starter because it's a Chevy issue at 150k mi.
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    Should I build a greenhouse?

    As mentioned above, very large compost piles with water filled tubing has been used to heat green houses. The material mix, saw dust and wood chips has to be controlled with water infusion and nitrogen to keep it hot. but a well constructed compost pile can generate heat all through the cold season.
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    Stone/Aggregate Sizing and terminology in your state

    LD1, You are likely correct about our 53's. There are some large rock in there. Once they surface it is an issue. Grading packed 53's is tricky. It must be moist to really get a bite and mix it back up. if to dry, you have a blade full of marbles! Cost for stone here is pretty cheep, Last time...
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    Stone/Aggregate Sizing and terminology in your state

    Here in southern IN, crushed limestone. Below is what I have used #2, clean larger than golf ball, 2 x 3in? new drive way base #5, clean 3/4 in, dustless flat drives, drainage rock #7, clean 5/8 in, dustless flat drives, drainage rock #53's, #5's and down with a lot of dust, well packed...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    No one likes taxes. Property taxes pay for schools, county roads and fire/police. I too built a sawmill to build a home on a low budget. I was shocked, but the taxes are based on value, not how much it cost you.
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Riptide, If they gave you the option of a lump sum, you have a 50% odds to be a winner or looser. The lump sum would be based on assumed growth and that you die at 82 years old for example. Live longer you run out of money
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    California, I had my 3 kids by 25 and then went to engineering school. Good time to have kids is when you can't hardly afford them! My kids have pursued careers first. Two have married Doctors and had kids late. I was an empty ester at 44. Most of the people I meet in China are also "career...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    "According to most calculations I've seen, you only come out ahead by postponing SS if you live beyond 80." Or your spouse! I may die at 72 years old, but have a spouse that could live to 92 at a very reduced S.S. payment. Survivors only get the largest of the two. I think it is this; Both...
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    Ford Car Door Locks

    we had an old hand me down 90's Mercury sable that would "lock the doors for you". because we live in the country, we never take the keys out of our cars. So this happened once with my kids parking it and I did the wedge thing. But when it happened to me while just moving it, I added a special...
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    Managing electric usage for the "Time of Day" rates?

    I would like to have discounted time of use. We live in a concrete house and it holds the cool or heat. So heating any time works. It's called the Flywheel Effect
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    Any bourbon aficionados here?

    CityDude, My wife and I like our bourbon. Enough that when we travel, we pack a bottle. Sam's club is where we buy our bourbon. Good bourbon for a great price; Buffalo Trace, 1792, Eligh Craig and Bullet. All under $27
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    Plugged up drain.

    what size drain pipe? I use 2" pipe to 4 in sewer and 1-1/2 P trap
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    Stone dust for traction on ice

    I had a pile of limestone dust, on ice it was like white mud and did not help much. I'd think crushed stone "11's" would be much better, about the size of small pea gravel
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    Cold hands idea..

    I fight the same issue of cold fingers and toes. Mine turn white and I'm done until I get circulation again. Warm, not hot water helps. But I have found if I flick my hands down for several minuets, it forces the blood to my finger ends. This never happens during hard work, just sitting on...
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    Gas fireplace cleaning

    Thank you Kenmac
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    Gas fireplace cleaning

    All, I'm back. I cleaned the burners. I removed the two orfaces and cleaned them. Cleaned the piolet as well. I did a test fire with out the logs. Front flame is better but I'd think it should be better.
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    Gas fireplace cleaning

    Thanks Jaxs
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    Gas fireplace cleaning

    We have a 10 year old gas fireplace, propane. The front burner has very low blue flames but the back burner has nice natural flame look. This morning, the front burner did not even come on at all. Shut it down and restarted. Small front blue flames returned. Is this just needing a good...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    we have plenty of room at our homeless shelters until it get's bitter cold. They choose the independent living without rules. City parks are now dangerous. Needles and fecal matter everywhere. We ride bikes on the local rail trails, but there are many "blue tarp" camps within view. Also, most...
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    What is this on power poles?

    Interesting to see several members working in the electrical power field. I'm a porcelain insulator engineer. Most of our products are for 245kV and above. The 765 kV insulators are 185 inches tall!
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    Lied to wife about lost billfold.

    RSKY I lost my baby girl one time. I asked my wife if she'd seen her. She said "yes", your holding her! My arm was some numb from holding her so long! I was 25 years old.
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    What and how do you heat your home and possibly shop during the cold winter months??

    Electric boiler radiant heat in slabs. Costs $100 a month per 1000sq-ft of house in winter. house is larger than 1000 sq-ft
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    No online presence in the carving world. I did make an Ester Island head that turned ot good. I'll find a photo. I can give you a bunch of tips how to start carving. But i'm off on a biz trip.
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    empty nesters, and plenty of hobby time! Thanks for encouragement to keep at it
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    high Eddie, My wet stone carving area is a mainly a 4 x 8ft steel table frame with a roof rubber tub below. From there a drain to a 5 gal bucket, then to an outside gray water drain. The bucket catches most of the solids. On the table I have converted a 10 in Craftsmen Radial arm saw to a 12...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    Riptides, post a photo. Years ago, I used a jackhammer to remove an old slab footer combo. There was some steel, but not what you think of. I found old wrenches and other steel iron junk. None of it helped build strength. Did you put steel in it?, yup" One time I found a 30+ year old...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    Thanks all. Riptides, Removing a slab?
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    Have any strange delivery experiences being rural?

    We live 1 mi back on a private road I was waiting for a passport, Fed-X delivered to an unoccupied neighbor's lake house. That took a few day to figure out Fed-X never delivers boxes, claims no one was home. I work from home.... UPS, great service and used to call ahead so we could get our...
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    Carver, Not sure I saw a question. But I would no skimp on your poured wall height. Our walls are 12 ft poured, 2 ft bar joist that makes for 10 ft ceilings. We did have to remove 4 ft of sand stone to get it.
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    Civilian, The handrail around the upstairs hallway blocks off the "cat walk". But I know once kids get a bit bolder, they can climb over the handrail. That ledge serves two purposes, one is a scary place to get to window washing! It's 2 feet wide but feels like 1 foot when your on it. I have...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    All, Sorry for the late reply. Installed the last vents yesterday. But all done without issues. Yes, our house is made from ICF blocks. walkout Basement and two floors above. Flat roof with a staircase to it. Future roof top patio over looking a large Indiana lake. All but some interior...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    I glad to say, I got the vent in. I used a 1 inch drill to make the perimeter and a 1-1/2 drill for rows in the field. With large holes, my drill on chisel mode fit in the holes and busted the webbing. All was going good until I hit a 1/2 inch re-bar. But I exposed it and cut it off.
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    I have to thank my wife for choosing the the extra quite bath fan with a 6 inch vent pipe.
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    ponytug, I'm with you, I don't like cutting holes in my flat roof. That is why I have put this off for 10 years! Amazing we have managed with out vents. I did cut a pc of drywall in my ceiling so I can tweek the pipes. As a side note, removing the webbing between holes using a smaller bit...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    If the roof was just bare concrete and not finished inside, core drilling might be considered. But as I have said, there is 4 inches of foam on top and living space below. So no water and no way I know of core drilling free hand. Like most flat roofs there is no attic, just 24 inch tall steel...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    Eddie, My drill is a Hitachi, DH 38 YE. It's a monster drill, speed to drill is not a problem The hole through the roof is for a 6 inch dia bath vent fan. Our roof was poured and that vent hole was missed. It's a rubber roof so I will be using a Firestone "peal and stick" primer activated...
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    I'm drilling through a concrete roof with 4 in of foam/OSB/roof rubber on top. So back to my question, what drill pattern works best?
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    I have a concrete house and had to drill quite a few holes over time. I have a commercial grade splined shaft hammer drill. Bits from 1/2 in to 1 in I can drill holes quite fast, so that's not the issue. In the past I would drill the circumference and then the long process of drilling...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    How deep is the top of the pipe? I would think a pen light on a cord and this number could be had. Then, is it soil or rock down to that level? Soil, Dig a hole, cut the casing to expose the pipe. Pull well pipe, weld new casing, fill hole? replace pump
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    Marking your tools

    I used green spray paint when a worker claimed my speed square was their speed square.
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    retire now, 5 years early. No other changes
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    Problem with peaches

    To get peaches, the stars need to be perfectly aligned! Here in the mid west we fight everything. First year we planted 3 trees no bigger trunk than your little finger, some how picked two nice peaches. They grew to 6 feet tall and shaped to an open center Year two 1000's a blooms but OFM...
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    Problem with peaches

    What type of peach tree? Some peaches are prone to pit split. I have not noticed any issues with over watering during pit hardening, during that time the fruit does not get bigger. Lack of fruit is more likely caused by a heavy set last year. The tree works so hard to make all that fruit, it...
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    Fake Crops?

    Hobby peach tree grower here. We have 3 peach trees, if I didn't spray 8 times, I wouldn't get eatable peaches. If I didn't apply the first 3 sprays, I wouldn't get a single peach. They just drop after the bugs move in. Peach trees are heavy feeders, so I have to fertilize twice a year. Some...
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    LEATHERMAN tools

    after 40 years I final had to retire my first one. Always had it on my belt. Even took it on business trips around the world. the pliers got a bit too wanky. The new one has a lot more tools and locks the tools in position, so a major upgrade from basic model. I used to carry a Buck 110 but it...
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    I suggested using all thread as a simple gear puller near the beginning of this thread these two balls would have been removed a long time ago. But we would have missed out on all the Darwin award methods
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    very cool cannon. You could have a machine shop get it out or DIY Drill a hole in the ball, looks like a 24 to 30 inch drill bit would do it. To drill the center, you could cut a 12 inch long 4 x 4 to a square that just fits in side. Drill hole down the center. Or just use a flash light try to...
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    Electric fence charger testing

    Ponytug, First, I'll tell you what I have and the critters we had aimed to keep out at the time of building. Our first issue was with the deer. We live on a lake surrounded by deep forests. We had 6 ft dia cages, 5 ft tall. The wire is welded 2 x 4 in openings. That reduced the browsing...
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    Electric fence charger testing

    OP here, I'm embarrass to say it was a faulty tester! The new one was arcing the same at the charger. Both had about an 1/8 spark jump. The tester was erratic. I took the tester and the chargers, new and old to a dark room. The tester lights were very dim, but I could see them in the dark. All 5...
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    Electric fence charger testing

    I see a charger at Tractor supply that is a bit higher energy, I get it and zap the 'coons"
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    Electric fence charger testing

    Peaches are coming on and I'm having electric fence issues. last night I was testing the fence and found I was not getting a pulse every second, maybe every 4 seconds. The charger is clicking/light flashing every second. I used the tester on the fence and "sometimes" I would get a full reading...
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    Bench testing a starter

    I'm a mechanical engineer so I should be able to fix things. I like the challenge. Last year, I had a leaking injector pump. Everyone said "just replace the pump, they are nearly impossible to fix". But $10 in O-rings and careful cleaning and it stopped leaking.
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    Bench testing a starter

    that is what I hoped! I now have a replacement starter. Thanks for letting me know
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    Bench testing a starter

    I had an old starter and decided to take it apart and "fix it" to be a spare. I saw the problem was a broken insulator bushing that secures the contact. I made a new bushing out of fiberglass sheet stock. I thought I had learned a lot about solenoids having it a part. The solenoid has two...
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    Mixing concrete in the FEL Bucket

    I have done it many times. The trick is to use an accurate amount of water from the start. You will find out quickly if the next batch need more/less water. Guessing or keep adding water is a lot of work.
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    Water hose ends

    they come in different sizes, use ones that are relatively tight fit to your hose.
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    Dad Jokes

    man wakes up on Father's day and says to his wife, "we could make sweet love or I could go fishing" Wife says, "I'll pack you a nice lunch"
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    Hose bib leaking.

    OP, Plastic nut or brass? Garden stores sell washers, as well as any big box store
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    Hose bib leaking.

    Not sure why this is so hard to diagnose. Because the OP won't share where it's leaking. let's start with eliminating the components. also, anyone suggesting teflon tape does not know how water hose connection work. The threads only pull the sealing surfaces together against the rubber gasket...
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    Ground squirrels

    I like it, but they have so many exists you might get hit from behind! My trick requires a helper, my 10 year old jack Russell. I have a few 4 inch pipes under my deck. When I let my dog out, he checks to see if there are any critters in the pipe. If yes, he barks. I then go down to do my part...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I started my university schooling while working construction. I never had trigonometry or basic physics in high school, so I just bought the books and sat at the back of the class without signing up. I would not have gotten credit for these because they assume you have had these classes. I got...
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    Flame King 120 gallon propane tank

    Looks like I could go with either. The DOT tank would have a limited life due to the number of recertification's allowed. I thought I read 3 recert's allowed. I assume the ASME tanks cost more. The DOT tank was just $711.
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    Flame King 120 gallon propane tank

    Hi all, Amerigas is making the minimum propane purchase difficult. We need to buy 2 x water capacity to avoid the $177 yearly rental. If you dip below 20%, they can charge for a leak test. We use it for a gas fireplace only I thinking about just buying my own tank and let them have their tank...
  112. P

    Got to love developments in rural areas

    I'll add folks build on a private gravel road and then want everyone to drive 5 mph past their house!
  113. P

    It's Time For Medicare (whether I want it or not)

    even if I thought I would die at 68, I would not draw at 62. Why? Because my wife could live to her late 80's on 70% of what it could have been. Drawing early has big penalties long term Even if my wife started drawing her S.S. early, when she chose to take "half" mine, it is reduced. 70% of...
  114. P

    Cover crop to hold slope

    oldsnio, Thank you. I'll plant the grass shortly and keep an eye on it. It's only 2000 sq-ft If it looks like the rye is crowding the grass, I'll weed-wack it down as soon as I see the rye flowers
  115. P

    Cover crop to hold slope

    I planted Winter Rye, not rye grass but the cereal grain, to stop erosion on a steep hillside. This was last Fall and it did a great job sprouting fast and holding the soil. Once spring arrives the Rye will grow again to make grain and will die off once it gets hot. Now the issue. I now want to...
  116. P

    An American company that stands behind it's products!

    I have 2 buck 110 knifes with broken blades. I'm sure they were not defective. Should I feel bad to get new blades put on?
  117. P

    Trapped four mice right in a row...

    Unless you mouse proof a building, catching mice is an endless job. I had two places that I finally found where they were getting in our house. First was they chewed through the rubber garage door gasket at the corners. To solve this one, I ripped oak sticks and screwed them just in front of...
  118. P

    Finally got power after tornado.

    we live in southern IN and it missed us. But I do wonder how our concrete house would fair. The main structure is poured concrete, floors/walls and roof with 8 tons of re-bar. The garage/porches and some overhangs are wood construction and would assume they would have been stripped off.
  119. P

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    OP, depending on how long your lines are and just how accurate you want to be is the question. We marked our lines by this method. our land was 330 ft by 1300 ft. First, we found the corner stakes by walking with a compass. We knew where one was when we started, at the road. Walked off the 330...
  120. P

    KAMA 454 block heater

    Bob, From RonMar I found on Tractorbynet; "Because of the space limitations on the lower radiator hose this might be easier to install. It looks like it could be connected between the block drain on the left rear of the engine block and a "T" placed in the small recirc hose line that runs...
  121. P

    KAMA 454 block heater

    If I go for the circulating type, would I add a barb fitting where the block drain is and Tee in to short hose that feeds below the thermostat? Or block drain to lower Rad hose, they are about the same height. Where are you located? here in IN, we get plenty of single digits. My oil pan is...
  122. P

    KAMA 454 block heater

    I posted this question many years ago, but maybe someone out there has installed a freeze plug block heater on a KAMA 454. I'd just go for a lower radiator hose heater but the hose is very short. The engine is listed as a 395, not sure if the Shandong engine is used on other tractors. The...
  123. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    I got the pump on and works great. And easy to prime!
  124. P

    Why I do not garden

    we have a small garden to enjoy some fresh vegies. We don't till, just dig a hole in the lawn and plant a tomato, we might have 6 plants. Same with cucumbers but along a fence. For a few months we have all the tomatoes and cukes we want. Only a few hours to plant. No need to weed. The real...
  125. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, I have a Wix 33528 fuel filter just before the lift pump. Thanks again for all your help
  126. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, Thanks again for all your input. I have read reviews of many of the lift pumps, most have pretty bad reviews. Like worked for 3 months, or even worked for 30 min. Then I thought a pump made for OEM might be designed for long life might be better. First look was ACDelco, but they had...
  127. P

    Deer eating my small apple trees

    I tried the 6 x 6, 5 ft tall reinforcement wire making a 6 ft dia circle around each tree. It did keep the deer out but, made it nearly impossible to prune and spray the trees. Also, making a tree grow tall to be above the deer makes it a pain to prune/spray/pick fruit. I keep my peach trees 8...
  128. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    makes sense to take it off.
  129. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, Thank you so much. I suppose I could just leave the old lift pump on and plug the holes.
  130. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, Thanks again for all your help. Your bottom most note; that line comes from my spin on fuel filter. So it looks like I connect the yellow hose to the intake of the electric pump then goes to secondary filter. Then connect the outlet of the 2nd filter to red line. Green line gets moved to...
  131. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Thank you Bob and Jacques, good suggestions. Is the return line shown by the Red arrow? Is the lift pump where the primer pump is? Or on the left side? what line would the electric pump be added? Regards to bleeding, there is a hex nut on top that works fine with the hand primer.
  132. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Bob, The KAMA has a fuel return to the tank off the injectors. The lines on the injectors were replaced early on but are just the way it came. I did add a spin on fuel filter many years ago I will put a pan under the pump and pull the drain with the tank shut off. My gut feel is a lot of fuel...
  133. P

    Injector pump leaking diesel into the pumps oil tank

    Hello all, I have been getting my KAMA 454 ready for winter. I changed the gear oil in the axels and tranny, Changed the engine oil. Filled the fuel tank. Then the bad news came when I pulled the dip stick for the injector pump! Diesel shot out of the dipstick hole. I mean it just flows out...
  134. P

    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    HawkinsHollow, Comments about efficiency is either a truth or not. opinions do not come into play in physics. You made a comment regarding saving money by using such a device. Your friends here just informed you that there are no cost savings. One point I did not see yet was, the Heat pump is...
  135. P

    Stories of how you came about your property

    I was 21 years old, no longer interested in the university degree I was working on. So a rainy fall day I stopped in a realtors office, they had no interest in me. One block later I stopped at another one. Older friendly guy had me sit in his office and he read off a list of 5 to 10 ac lots for...
  136. P

    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    My dog was hit many years ago. It was not the drivers fault. A family friend was staying the night and walked the 1000 ft to our mail box to get the newspaper. My dog followed and got hit. Both were nearly deaf. It happens.....
  137. P

    Chinese Gaming Limits

    I ride the metro in China when I travel there. Everyone is glued to their phones. I see couples eating dinner together, and both are glued to their phones.
  138. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Newbury, What costs dropped? I read an blog that listed the top 10 items where your retired cost drop, no one applied to me.
  139. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Doug, We feel the same. The only thing I see is we will not be contributing 15% of the paycheck to the 401k Down sizing is the only way we can reduce expenses. Big house = high utility, high taxes and high insurance.
  140. P

    Road base / crusher run has too many fines. Mixing #56 or #57 with road base to fix

    same here, last year I got a load of #53 on my hill, almost no fines. They delivered a load of dust and chips at no cost. I had to "work in". Big pain
  141. P

    Road base / crusher run has too many fines. Mixing #56 or #57 with road base to fix

    On our Southern Indiana hills, we need the fines. Otherwise it's like spinning on marbles. The flat areas near the house we use just 3/4 inch rock with almost no fines.
  142. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    See link from AARP. 10 myths about Social Security. Also, there is no income threshold if you are FRA
  143. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Ultrarunner, A key point often overlooked is thinking about spouses. For example; a few years back your spouse could start collecting the reduced payment at 62 while you keep working, then switch to "half" of yours when you retire. But now if the spouse retires early, their payment when they...
  144. P

    Does 4H have garden tractors people have restored?, I have one to donate

    Hello all, I have a 1967 John Deer 112 garden tractor, round fender. I have contacted our local Monroe County, Indiana 4H to see if any young 4H'er was wanting a project. No reply's.. My grand father bought it new and he used it until he was 105 years old, died at 108. Stored inside until 2008...
  145. P

    Cover crop Winter Rye, dies after two weks

    well it looks like I'll need to replant in a month. Lows have been 70 degrees
  146. P

    Cover crop Winter Rye, dies after two weks

    Good day, I had some earth work done and it created a slope that needed erosion control. Winter Rye, not annual rye grass, was highly recommended for it's aggressive roots and fast germination. I dampened the soil, spread the seed, raked it in and covered with straw. Due to the heat and lack...
  147. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Steppenwolfe, Yes, in many cases we can be born in "less than ideal" conditions and by true grit make a prosperous great life. So many people also have made a bad decision and got caught, served their country and came back damaged or grew up in an abused family and so on. Only to image how...
  148. P

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Retirement planning is well documented. Sure, save early. Easier said than done for some. I grew up in a nice neighborhood in the 60's and 70's. Dad was an engineer, so I became one too. Go figure. Life has been great, big house and bigger 401K As I skated through life, doing somethings...
  149. P

    Hauling Insulated glass panels a long distance.

    Mat4644, We have 16 of these and 3 failed after 10 years.
  150. P

    Hauling Insulated glass panels a long distance.

    Wow, all good suggestions.
  151. P

    Hauling Insulated glass panels a long distance.

    Hello, I have 3 large triple pane window glass panels that need to be replaced. The insulated glass panels are manufactured in Denver, 1000 miles from me. And before you ask about getting made local, they are special heat mirror film as the inner "3rd" pane. The life time warranty was lost when...
  152. P

    Check your casement windows.

    Last week my wife was cleaning some of our casement windows and noticed one would not open. It was sagging a bit and I first thought it was stuck. My wife, smarter than me many times noticed the latch handle was not going to the full open position. No I didn't force it and break the handle! I...
  153. P

    Never had pain like this before!!

    RSKY, Wow, what a story. We have a few sets of those knives. Even gave them to all our kids, but with clear warnings, those bad boys are the sharpest knife. I've trimmed a few finger tips, but near as bad. Funny though; when my wife read the knife reviews, one review was very bad because they...
  154. P

    Anything better than wire nuts?

    I think a lot of the problems people have using wire nuts could be eliminated by good planning. I like to run a circuit to each room. The ceiling light has a large box for junctions. I don't like to have the light fixture wires in the junctions. I pig tail makes just the final connection easy to...
  155. P

    Insect spray for apple trees.

    As others have said, the first sprays are often the most important. In the Fall and early spring before bloom, Dormant Oils are useful. Some fruit trees benefit fungicide sprays at bud first pink. Avoid most sprays during flowering stage to let your pollinators do their work. For insects, fist...
  156. P

    O-Rings for injector pump

    I did contact thepumpguysc, he does not sell parts
  157. P

    O-Rings for injector pump

    They sell pumps, but not parts for them. I found a O-ring calculator at; The top O-ring cross section measures small compared to the formula, this likely where it's leaking
  158. P

    O-Rings for injector pump

    Hello all, I have a leak on my Chinese tractor injection pump, KAMA 454. The leak is on the top side at the delivery valves. There are 3 sizes and a crush washer. I can't get parts for this, just a replacement pump. Do you trust NAPA O-rings? Do you think just taking measurements will net the...
  159. P

    Hardwood floor refinishing

    Is the floor stained? if not, sand the surface to hit the dirt. you might need to use a real light yell stain to get the aged color. Then match the gloss level. You will likely need to refinish in the future but this can delay the need.
  160. P

    Concrete Footing PSI

    Pettrix, check codes first. But The point of a footer is to spread out the load. So increasing the width is also a big driver. Use well placed rebar on chairs with minimum overlaps. And make sure concrete is not poured on lose/soft soil. A poured wall will act like a beam vs. CMU wall, and can...
  161. P

    Stihl weed trimmer very hard to turn over with pull cord

    hello, I have a Stihl FS 55 weed trimmer and it's 12+ years old. I have had good performance from this beast. At the end of this season, I planned to run the tank dry to store it for the winter. It was easy to start all season. But it it sat for 2 months before I got around to getting it ready...
  162. P

    Extra long pole saw

    I posted this topic on the Chain saw site, but didn't get any interest. I had 10-15 trees get closer to our house : ) They looked small when I decided not to to clear that far back, had really grown and leaned towards the house. These are oak, cherry and beach that were 50+ feet tall. Two were...
  163. P

    just got my chain back from being sharpened.....

    just got my chain back from being sharpened, and the teeth are nearly ground to the limit! This was a new chain and was just starting to show signs it needed sharpening. normally, I just pull out the dremal and touch it up. Because I'm dropping trees, I didn't want it to cut in a curve. I took...
  164. P

    G 5200 electrical issue

    Hello all. I've got an electrical issue with my old G5200. After resting all winter, I charged the battery ready to cut a bit of grass. Turned the key and nothing. I noticed the fusible link was burned through. With the key off, I jumped the fuse link, but it sparked a bit, so I assumed I had...
  165. P

    China Corona virus

    Anyone cancel travel to China? I was booked to fly to China Fed 15th but will delay until summer. I'm pretty impressed the lockdown of most of Hubei province has kept most of the infected and death to one region. John Hopkins has a good website for tracking. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
  166. P

    Crushed stone with little to know chips and dust, rant

    Around here, southern Indiana, we use what is called 53's for driveways stone with chip and dust. Or # 5's and #7's with about 30% chip and dust. Others call it "crusher run", I recall. In the hills of Southern Indiana, you must use a crushed stone that can be compacted. Last Monday I had a...
  167. P

    G 5200 double PTO pulley

    Anyone know where to get an after market PTO double pulley for the G5200? I can't find a good parts diagram to even get the OEM part number. Or if anyone knows the OEM part number.
  168. P

    Peach trees and Oriental Fruit moths

    Good day First I must say peach trees grow so fast and you can see results of your work so quickly. The first growing season we bought 3 trees 2-3 ft tall Red Havens from our local grocery store. The sticks were about 1/2 inch dia. Read up on open center shaping and the fun began. First year...
  169. P

    electrifying steels deck posts to keep raccoons off?

    good day, I have a deck with steel "painted" posts. The raccoons climb up and cause all sorts of trouble. Yes, I have killed them by traps. But they are getting smarter. I want to place a "hot loop" like a halo at the top of each post. I would run the hot under the deck on insulators. Then I...
  170. P

    Are we ready for the cold snap? Tips?

    I think we know most of the important items, Like don't forget to have plenty of the essentials, like beer. Joking aide, I hate to have my car/truck door gaskets freeze and get ripped off as I try to open the door. So I simple oil them with; 3 in 1, Vaseline, even olive oil! No matter how cold...
  171. P

    KAMA with injector pump leak

    I have a KAMA 454, 45 hp with a 3 cylinder diesel. I have noticed where the lines come out of the top of the injector pump, they are leaking. It's not the nut where the line tightens but under the hex just below. see photo. With tractor off, you can see the leak by using the priming pump. When...
  172. P

    Do Fence laws make sense?

    Local story where a guy is getting a bill for $9000 for his half of a line fence. It's already gone through the Township trustee and will be levied on his taxes. He has only 9 ac. His neighbor wants to start raising cattle and is using Indiana fencing laws to force him to pay half. Some of the...
  173. P

    self monitored alarm system

    Hello all. New to the concept so I thought I'd ask here. I'm looking for an alarm system that requires no monthly plan. I want it to send us a "notification" if; 1 One of the doors is opened. I have wires run to each of the doors now. Due to long distances, I don't think wireless would work. 2...
  174. P

    Anyone replace their fuel pump before it strands you?

    I have a 2013 Chevy Tahoe, former police car, with 160k miles. 99% of the time, when I drive it I'm off to the airport or on a business trip. So any break down would cause me to either miss a flight or miss meetings/and have to have it towed/wait days to get it fixed. The Tahoe is in excellent...
  175. P

    Anyone Fly fishing?

    We were recently in the Tetons and Yellowstone areas and saw a lot of fly fishers along the small rivers. We staoped as a guy was catching a fish. Turned out to be a white fish. I have played with a fly rig, but I roll cast. That is where you get the end of the line out there by whipping the...
  176. P

    Unbalanced Diamond cup wheel

    I have bought two diamond 4 in dia cup wheels in the last two years. Both have been so out of balance they were not safe to operate. The first one vibrated the screws out of my angle grinder, not to mention my hand felt numb. I took it back The second one was today. I was mounting on a 5/8-11...
  177. P

    JD 112

    I have been recently been re-united with my grand father's JD 112. It looks to be from 1969. He died in 2008 at 108 years old. My BIL had it for the last 10 years. But mostly sat under a tarp. Mower deck is real solid and mainly rust free Known issues are engine blows out oil through the...
  178. P

    Is all lost if I see Oriental Fruit moth damage on my peaches?

    I'm guilty of not spraying my peach trees yet, between raining and travel, I missed it. Now I see oozing peaches all over. I'd say most of them. The trees were planted last spring and this year the trees were covered with blooms and soon after the peaches. What should I do? Pick off all the...
  179. P

    Anyone start fruit trees from cuttings?

    I just planted a Nectarine tree and trimmed it up. I have seen where you CAN start new trees from cuttings. The little branches I cut have started to leaf out. I removed the 2 leaf buds on the lower part. Am I too early, too late? There may be a down side to all this even if they grow. Often...
  180. P

    anyone convert a drill press to a lathe?

    I'm looking to mount a face plate where the drill chuck would go. The thread is 1/2-20
  181. P

    first tick bite in Southern IN

    I don't ever remember having ticks as early as March 20th. Then today, 3 in of snow. just not right.
  182. P

    Deer fence ideas

    With our 6 peach and Cherry trees looking good, we are thinking deer fencing. Currently, we have 6 ft dia, 5 ft tall cages around each tree. The deer eat anything hanging out the fence. This year, the trees will out grow the cages. And if lucky get a small crop of peaches. Points to consider...
  183. P

    Peach tree trimming

    To all the peach tree owners. We planted 3 peach trees last spring, they were sold in a 1 gal container and had a trunk the size of a broom stick. They were a bit over 3 ft tall. We trimmed a bit to get the desired open center. With good watering and twice fertilizing, we had good growth. All...
  184. P

    Trap and release Raccoons

    I've had a raccoon arrive "uninvited". I caught it drove it a few miles away. It came back in in 2 days. Turned out the 3 mile drive was only 6000 ft as the crow flies. Today I caught it again and drove it 3.5 miles, "as the crow flies". I hear 5 miles is the minimum but can't think of a place...
  185. P

    Radon gas anyone?

    We did a test in our basement a while back and had high readings. I can't recall what our reading was at the time. But my wife is pushing to do something about it. We ordered a tester; Electronic Radon Gas Detector and Alarm (HS71512) EPA Approved I figured I want to retest in...
  186. P

    air compressor issues

    Hello all, I'm having air compressor issues. I have good tank pressure but I can't regulate the pressure down. When I turn the regulator knob counter clockwise it leaks out the bottom of the regulator. Model, Campbell Hausfeld HJ300101 In the photo, the regulator is a part of a manifold. No...
  187. P

    Had a visitor, Racing Pigeon

    On Friday, my wife and I were enjoying a 5:00 bourbon on the covered back porch. Our Jack Russel, Henry, chased off what we thought was a dove. A few minuets later a pigeon landed on the table and started walking towards us. Our first reaction was to chase it off. But we saw the bright red bands...
  188. P

    Dangers of angle grinders

    I needed to grind some concrete slab edges so I bought a 4" diamond cup wheel. I have one for my 7" angle grinder and they are great. When I first started it, I noticed some vibration. I figured after a bit of use it would settle down. After 5 min of use I stopped to give my hands a rest due to...
  189. P

    Smoothing a freshly laid gravel drive.

    I'm have a truck load of 53's/crusher runs, laid today. I filled in the holes and ruts first so I start with a reasonably flat drive. But normally it's nice to "touch it up" before it's all packed in. If you do to much grading, the bigger rock ends up on top. Racking is the worst. I'm planning...
  190. P

    2 cycle carb cleaning and best winter storage practice

    I have a Stihl FS 55 R weed trimmer. Great machine for the last 10 years or so. But every 5 years or so, the beast slows down, or gets difficult to start. The first time it did this, I bought the rebuild kit and cleaned it. No improvement at all. Tore it down again thinking I must have missed...
  191. P

    Catering, What food keeps the best?

    I'm in charge in providing the Groom dinner the night before the wedding. It's a destination wedding at a ski resort in Colorado. We are renting a large house very near the venue hosting the wedding. So we plan to have the dinner catered at the rental house. This is just immediate family and...
  192. P

    Dip painting

    I'm building a hand rail and will be painting a bunch of the parts before I assemble. I'd like to dip paint for several reasons, quickly paint and to get the inside of the hollow parts as well. There are some tricks like filling a container with water and then pouring the oil based paint on...
  193. P

    Planted Red Haven Peaches, help with cross pollination

    Hello all, I bought two standard Red Haven peach trees. They are technically self pollinating. But they produce better if cross pollinated. I've dug 3 holes and looking for the cross pollinator. The one thing I learned was buying a peach tree that blooms at the same time as the Red Haven is...
  194. P

    Installing a new garage door

    I hope everyone has had a good X-mass. I bought my son a new garage door for Christmas, Ideal Menards 7' by 9' wide. I bought because of the "easy spring winder". All went well during the install other than a bit of needed framing. At the end, we opened the door slowly and the cables jumped...
  195. P

    Non dimmable LED's tricked to dim?

    Has anyone seen the trick where you have several LED's on one switch to make non dimmable LED's dimamble. see link; How to make an inexpensive non dimmable LED light dimmable - YouTube Basically they use one dimmable LED and the non dimmables all begin to dim. The reason I ask; I have a large...
  196. P

    HVAC tech's out there?

    Background; We had an ERV system built into our heating system when we built the house, Trane AERVR300. But we basically never used it. We have a lot of sq-ft and only two of us in the home. For those who do not know what an ERV is, it's a small air handler that pulls out air from the house and...
  197. P

    Fuel system priming

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've had to prime my KAMA 454 fuel system. Attached is a photo of the injector pump. Just to the right of the pump is a banjo fitting with a bleeder valve. I pump with the bleeder valve open until clear fuel comes out? I wasn't getting much after 20 pumps. Or...
  198. P

    Rusted fuel tank

    Hello, My tank has gotten pretty rusty over time and I'm ready to retro a plastic tank. I would use a pour in liner but there are two issues; Deisel tanks are real tricky to get clean. Red Kote recommends sand blasting. How can you do that?? Send issue is that the first tank was "partially"...
  199. P

    KAMA 454 possible Hydraulics oil leaking in to gear box

    Hello all, I noticed my front end loader was slow to respond. I checked the Hydro fluid level and it was low. I topped it off with about 1-1/2 gals. Then I pulled the two dipsticks of the transfer case and transmission and noticed they were very full, 2 + inches above the full line. The gear...
  200. P

    Concrete patch, thin

    Hello all, I have a concrete patio that unfortunately was poured such I have a big puddle at my slider after it rains.This is not a slab on grade that can be jacked up. It's on bar joists. I'd like to add a skim layer to bring it up the needed 1/4 inch to get the proper slope. The size of the...