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    It appears that the B3350 turmoil has subsided recently, and I'm wondering about other owners recent experiences. I have had no issues with mine since the reformer, DPF, sensors, etc., were replaced under warranty about three years ago. I use mine mostly for mowing but it also sees occasional...
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    B1750HST Front Drive Shaft

    Lately, I've noticed noise that appears to be coming from the U joint in the front axle driveshaft. The front drive shaft is enclosed and there is no mention of any required servicing of the U joint in the Owner's Manual. Upon loosening the plastic joint between the rear driveshaft cover and...
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    B3350 Emissions Warranty Extension

    Recently, Kubota has quietly extended the warranty for the reformer and related components for the life time of the machine. There is a brief discussion of this on the Orange Board, linked below. Discussion is well down on page three...
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    Set-Up and PDI

    Many (most, all?) manufacturers pay their dealers for set-up and PDI. I expect that Kubota does as well, but am not certain. Anyone know conclusively? SDT
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    LX Series Oversized Tires

    Yesterday, I visited one of the Kubota dealers where I do business because he had 3 new LX series tractors in stock. All were ROPS models and all had the optional over sized tires, available only on ROPS models. The 3310 had R4 tires whereas both 2610s had R14T tires. Aside from appearing...
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    L Series HST Recall

    Just learned about this on the other board but details are sketchy. I understand that it affects L and MX series tractors. Anyone know any details? SDT
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    Sometime, in the future I plan to replace my Kubota B3350 ROPS with either the forthcoming LX3310 or, perhaps, a JD2038R. The 3310 is the replacement for the 3350 and nearly identical in size and HP while the 2038R is about 500 Lbs. heavier and has about three more PTO HP but appears to be...
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    LX Series Replaces B2650 and B3350

    As expected, the new LX3310 is common rail injected. This should eliminate the regeneration issues that so plagued the B3350. Cab models have LED work lights and optional air ride seat. Both models offer single lever FEL hydraulic connections. Quick connect front hitch similar to BX models...
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    B1550 TLB

    I bought my B1750 HST/MMM new in 1993, still own it, and consider it to be the best major purchase made in my life. I did not buy a FEL or BH. Yesterday two of my neighbors and I worked on a small community project creating a berm of crushed rock to allow over length vehicles to negotiate a...
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    B3350 Latest

    Today I learned from my dealer who learned it from their Kubota representative that Kubota is no longer accepting orders for the B3350 (at least in my Midwest region) and that the common rail replacement will be announced at the dealer's meeting in September. SDT
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    L6060 Stall Guard

    Mowed for about four hours with the L6060 and Woods BB720X HD 6' cutter today. Parcel is mostly fescue and orchard grass, is irregular, some places steep and lots of obstacles. M9960 with either Woods BB840X 7' cutter or, especially 15' BW is not practical here due to the many obstacles. Parcel...
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    1993 B1750 HST First Failure

    Folks, I guess it's time for me to stop bragging about my flawless 1993 B1750. Today, while mowing with the 60" MMM, the spring that returns the hydro pedal to neutral failed. I finished the section that I was working on by returning the pedal to neutral with my hand but decided not to try to...
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    RC72-30B with B3350

    Folks, this has been a struggle. I bought my B3350 ROPS with FEL in June of 2018 but did not buy a MMM because I did not need one. Recently, I found and bought a like new, low hour RC72-30B MMM for a price that I was willing to pay, knowing that I might never use it. It was removed from a...
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    Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower

    Today, I saw a Kubota walk behind lawn mower at my dealer. It had a 179CC recoil start Kawasaki engine with a replaceable oil filter, cast aluminum deck, and three speed transmission for the RWD. Truly a premium unit aside from the recoil start. It had been special ordered for a customer. The...
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    Recently, I stumbled across a very low hour 6' MMM in excellent condition that had been removed from a B3030 trade in. The buyer of the 3030 did not want the MMM so I bought it with all hardware and owners manual. One does not find these things separately, let alone in pristine condition. I...
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    Hard Rubber or Poly Cutting Edge for V5060 Snow Plow

    Though late, I'm finally getting around to finding a hard rubber or poly cutting edge for the V5060 snow plow on my RTV-X1100C. Kubota does not offer such cutting edge. Anyone Know where I can get one, hopefully, but not necessarily, pre-drilled. SDT
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    72" MMM From B3030 For B3350

    I believe it will fit without modifications or different brackets. Anyone know with certainty? SDT
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    R14T Tires

    I just returned from the Louisville show where I learned that the R-14T tires are now available . Both Good Year and Titan had displays and Kubota had two or three models with R14Ts mounted. They look to be just the thing for those who cannot decide between R-1s and R-4s. SDT
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    R 14s Have Hit The Market

    I just returned from the Louisville show where I learned that the R-14Ts are now available . Both Good Year and Titan had displays and Kubota had two or three models with R14Ts mounted. They look to be just the thing for those who cannot decide between R-1s and R-4s. SDT
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    Kubota Warranty Appeal/Review Procedure

    Does anyone know the procedure to appeal the denial of a Kubota warranty claim? Issue is complicated and lengthy so will not try to explain details here but certainly something that Kubota would not deny if all of the details and the sequence of events were known by a person having the...
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    Kubota Warranty Appeal/Review Procedure

    Does anyone know the procedure to appeal the denial of a Kubota warranty claim? Issue is complicated and lengthy so will not try to explain details here but certainly something that Kubota would not deny if all of the details and the sequence of events were known by a person having the...
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    B3350 Prediction Confirmed

    This week I learned that, as predicted, the mechanically injected 1.5 L 4 cylinder engine used in the B3350, F series and high end ZTR mowers is being replaced with a common rail design. This should eliminate issues with regeneration just as Kubota has apparently resolved such. I've expected...
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    Kubota Regen Warranty Policy Change?

    It appears that Kubota has recently changed their policy regarding regen warranty claims. I will not go into details at this time but it appears that Kubota has decided that they are spending too much money for regen issues submitted during the warranty period, and is aggressively looking for...
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    RTV-XG850 Sidekick

    My dealer recently received their first RTV-XG850 Sidekick. It's the "Special" (black, aluminum wheels, etc.) version. I have a RTV-X1100C and am not in the market but I had not seen one so I looked it over. It's an 850 cc twin DOHC 4 cycle water cooled engine producing 48 HP. Brochure says...
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    Rubber or Poly Cutting Edge for Kubota V 5060 Plow

    I would like to replace the steel cutting edge on my Kubota V 5060, 60" snow plow with a hard rubber or poly cutting edge . This plow is used on my Kubota RTVX-1100C. Kubota does not offer a rubber or poly cutting edge for this plow. The OEM edge is 1/4" flat steel 72" long X 6" wide and is...
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    Rubber or Poly Cutting Edge for Kubota V 5060 Plow

    I would like to replace the steel cutting edge on my Kubota V 5060, 60" snow plow with a hard rubber or poly cutting edge . This plow is used on my Kubota RTVX-1100C. Kubota does not offer a rubber or poly cutting edge for this plow. The OEM edge is 1/4" flat steel 72" long X 6" wide and is...
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    Land Pride RC3712

    Does anyone have any information on the new RC3712 HD 12' bat wing? I believe it has been released for sale but do no find it on the LP website. SDT
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    B3350 Front Weights

    Today I finally mounted the 5' cutter on the B3350 to try it out. (Love it!) As expected, I will need front weights to use it in all the places where I plan to do so. I have a complete set of 5 front weights and the front weight bracket for it (great CL find about a month ago) but have not yet...
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    Nice Kubota CL Find This Morning.

    Currently, I have 4 Kubotas including an L6060 and a B1750. I am currently shopping for a B3350. Serendipitously, I received two quotes for a B3350 yesterday. Included in my quotes was a front weight bracket and 5 front weights, as I plan to use a 600 Lb. 5' rotary cutter with this tractor...
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    Considering replacing my M9960HDC12 ROPS with a 2011 M9540HDC24. This is a long story so I will not go into the rationale for potentially doing so. The 9540 in question has about 400 hours and appears to be in excellent condition. My 9960 has about 40 hours and is definitely in EXCELLENT...
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    Recently, a new shop opened up in my area owned by an acquaintance of mine. He sells Kioti tractors as well as other brands of mowers, etc. This is the first and only Kioti dealer in my area. I'm a long time old Ford and modern Kubota owner but am open to Kioti now that there is a nearby...
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    12' Bat Wing With L6060

    Still shopping for a BW mower and one alternative that I'm considering is a 12' BW so that I could use it with my L6060 if I sell my M9960 at some time in the future. I've seen the Woods BW 12, the Land Pride RC2512 and have a brochure for the Bush Hog 1812 but will not see one for a couple...
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    M9540/9960 PTO Brake Problems

    I own a 2015 M9960. Today, I was at my local Kubota dealer investigating bat wing mower options. While there, I noticed a split M9540 in the shop. As it turns out, the 9540 had been split to repair/replace the PTO brake. I inspected the damaged parts and learned that the failure was...
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    Shopping for a Bat Wing

    I'm shopping for my first bat wing mower. I plan to use it with a Kubota M9960, 90 PTO HP FWA ROPS tractor (do not use cab tractors due to propensity to drive beneath tree limbs). I mow only my own property, and the parcels are relatively flat to rolling with a couple of exceptions of steep...
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    Hard Rubber or Poly Edge for Kubota V5060 Snow Plow

    So far I've been unsuccessful finding a hard rubber of poly edge for the V5060 snow plow on my Kubota RTV X1000C. Anyone know where I could find one? SDT
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    A close friend of mine is planning to buy his first new Kubota early in 2018, and has asked me for advise. He plans to operate a HD 6' rotary cutter, 6' tiller, 2 bottom plow, small three point mounted disc, as well as a FEL mounted (or, perhaps three point) fence post driver. Some of his...
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    RTV-X1100C V5060 Snow Plow Poly Blade Edge

    Anyone know where one could find a poly or hard rubber cutting edge for a V5060 snow plow used on a RTV-X1100C? Kubota does not offer one for this plow. SDT
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    M9960 with 12' or 15' Woods Bat Wing

    I'm finally getting around to replacing the Woods BB840X 7' mounted cutter that I have been using with my M9960 ROPS that I bought about 2 years ago. Ground is clean and most of the areas where I will use the BW are not steep but there are some areas where I can allow a BW to ride along a...
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    M9960 Gear Howl

    The two year warranty on my M9960 ROPS will expire in about 6 weeks. The tractor has less than 50 yours on it so is not broken in. I've noticed that the transmission howls upon starting under load, e. g., uphill, etc., until the tractor builds speed. It does so whether the start is a reversal...
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    L6060 Sway Links

    I bought an L6060 in Jan 2016 for mowing duty with a Woods BB720X 6' cutter. This is a heavy cutter and I use it on steep ground with many trees. I am routinely turning sharply and reversing direction to mow around and close to trees. I'm very good doing so so rarely hit trees with the mower...
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    Mounting/Dismounting V5060 Snow Plow on RTV-X1100C

    Recently, I took delivery of a V5060 snow plow for my RTV-X1100C, assembled and installed it. Looking for suggestions for mounting/dismounting the assembled plow to the RTV. I need to be able to do this unassisted, and have not figured out how as yet. Anyone have any suggestions? SDT
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    Plowing Snow With RTV-X1100C

    Yesterday, I bought a RTVX-1100C with worksite tires and 72" electric over hydraulic snow plow. Currently, I plow my nearly 1/4 mile asphalt driveway with my B1750HST and 6' back blade. The driveway is steep and the B1750 plows it well with chains but will plow going downhill only without...
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    L6060 with Woods BB720X Cutter

    Yesterday, the bolt attaching the telescoping stabilizer to the right lift arm on my L6060 sheared. The tractor has less than 50 hours on it. The BB720X is Woods middle duty series 6' cutter and weighs over 1,200 lbs. with rear chain shielding. I use it on steep ground. Kubota recommends rotary...
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    B3350 Wity 60" Rotaty Cutter

    I am considering a B3350 to replace my 51 Ford 8N for medium duty 5' rotary cutter duty. The 3350 is small and light but I do not like the 3301/3901 tractors. I use the 5' cutter only for certain parcels that do not look good if mowed with one of my larger tractor mower combinations and the...
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    L6060 Fuel Usage

    When I bought my L6060 I was aware that, being a hydrostat and a large one, it would be thirsty, and it is. Moreover, it appears to make little difference how heavily it is loaded as about 2,400 engine RPM is needed to maintain 540 PTO RPM. What king of fuel consumption are you other owners...
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    L6060 ROPS

    My dealer delivered my new L6060 ROPS tractor yesterday, and I spent New Year's evening reading the operator's manuals. The manual states to engage the front wheel drive "with the tractor stopped." Certainly, Kubota did not incorporate a mechanical dog clutch to engage the FWA??? I will be...
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    New L6060 ROPS Arrived Today

    My dealer delivered my new L6060 ROPS today and hauled away my 2007 MF 533. I've never before traded a tractor but could not wait to get rid of my both of my Massey Fergusons (larger 2012, MF 2635 was replaced with a Kubota M9960 about two months ago) so I decided to do so in this case even...
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    L6060 ROPS Price Check

    I'm working on a deal with my local Kubota dealer for an L6060 ROPS (cannot use cab tractors for multiple reasons) CUT. My local dealer has priced an L6060 ROPS with R4 tires, LA1055 FEL, Kubota 60" (don't want a 72") 4 in 1 bucket, third function valve, single lever hydraulic manifold for both...
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    Kubota L6060 vis a vis JD 4066R ROPS

    Soon I will be buying a large hydrostat CUT to replace my 44 PTO HP MF 533. The tractor will be used as my "first round" tractor to pull a heavy Woods BB720X 6' cutter. I spend a great deal of time cutting in my various irregular, some steep, parcels due to continual reversing to back beneath...
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    GAS Engine Cuts

    Why is the thread on this topic below closed? FWIW, the federales are driving multiple markets back to gasoline. Like most cube dwelling federales, they have no idea that they are doing but will no doubt attack the gasoline alternatives once they realize that such alternatives are becoming...
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    MF2625 DL250 FEL Selling Price

    I've decided to replace my MF 2635/DL250 with a larger Kubota. I'm not one to trade cars/trucks/tractors, etc. Rather, I've always done better selling my item before/after buying a replacement. My 2635 is a 2012 with about 95 hours (more put on by the dealer than by me). It has the MF DL250 FEL...
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    M7060HD12 and M9960HD12 ROPS Price Check

    I'm working with my local dealer about either an M7060HD12 or an M9960HD12 ROPS to replace a MF tractor that I bought two years ago that I have lost confidence with. My local dealer is only 4 miles away, is a good dealer and I trust their work but they are not known for the best prices around...
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    2635 Owner Feedback

    Today, I used my 2635/DL250 FEL with grapple bucket for the first time. I'm building a new 1000'+ driveway this summer and need to clear cedar trees from the roadway. Last fall I bought an Edge 66" grapple bucket knowing that this unit was designed for a skid steer and at nearly 800 Lbs. it...
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    4600 Series

    I'm still considering a 4600 series open station tractor to replace my 2635 (with FEL) and (hopefully) 533, both of which are used primarily for mowing duty. I like some of the features of the 4600 series, especially the 6 speed synchronized transmission. I've read all of the available published...
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    Kubota L5740/L6060 vs JD 4720

    I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks. My local Kubota dealer has a 2012 non Tier IV cab L5740, while my local JD dealer has both open station and cab non Tier IV 4720s. Being an engineer, I've thoroughly digested the specs. The prices are competitive. I will not buy Tier IV...
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    4720 Early/Current

    I'm considering both new and used 4720s. Are there significant changes between the 2007 version and the 2012/2013 version? I have heard that the earlier versions were rated at lower PTO HP but have not heard if/when this change was made. SDT
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    50+ PTO HP Hydro

    I'm in the market for a 50 - 55 PTO HP tractor with hydrostatic transmission. I've shopped NH, MF and Kubota but there are no JD dealers in my area and the JD website is dismal. The Kubota M5740/M6060 is the closest that I've found to my needs but I'm uncomfortable with the 148 CI/2700 RPM...
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    2635 Update

    Not good news, folks. Today, I took the 2635 and Woods BB840X 7' mower out to tackle one of my tougher mowing jobs. The tractor had about 21 hours on it when I started. I had previously used it only for a couple of less demanding mowing jobs on flat ground with no obstacles and much lighter...
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    MF Breaking With Iseki?

    I've recently learned that a forthcoming line of MF CUTs will be made by Mitsubishi rather than Iseki. Has anyone additional information regarding this development. In particular, is MF breaking with Iseki? SDT
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    T4050 Rear Wiper/Washer Install

    Has anyone out there installed a rear wiper/washer kit to a New Holland T4050 Deluxe? The instructions with the kit are woefully inadequate with respect to hose routing for the rear washer nozzle. Frankly, there appears to be no way to route the hose as directed and as is necessary. Any help...
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    2635 Update

    I worked the snot out of my 2635 the last 2 days. The owners manual says to operate at full load for the first 50 hours or so, so I used it to bush hog some heavy grass that had not been mowed yet this year. I used a Woods BB840X 7' cutter set as low to the ground as possible without leaving...
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    60 Series Hitting Dealer Lots

    My local dealer recently received a 9960. I looked at it briefly yesterday but did not have time to ask about pricing and the dealer does not yet have literature. SDT
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    MF 2635

    Though I held off nearly all summer, the incentives finally became too great to resist and I bought a 2635. I will use it mostly for mowing duty with occassional miscellaneous duty. I bought the Synchro-shuttle, independent PTO,a FEL since it was nearly free, HD bucket, 4 rear weights for the...
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    MF 563

    Does anyone know of a very good, low hour, FWA 563 with synchro shuttle transmission for sale in the midwest? I would be interested in buying the right 563. SDT
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    MF 2635 with FEL

    I'm considering buying a 2635 FWA primarily for use with a very heavy 6' rotary cutter in sometimes tough conditions and on steep ground. I will likely buy it with a FEL as I plan to sell my only other tractor currently equipped with a FEL. I've heard that the MF "free loader" program ended at...
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    MF Customer Service (Long But Worthwhile)

    I bought a new MF 533 in June of 2007. The tractor has been used only to operate a 6' rotary cutter (bush hog), and has been well maintained by an extraordinarily particular engineer/mechanic owner and never abused. Last fall, the left lift arm pin broke at the axle trumpet at a time when the...
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    Price Check  L5740 TLB

    I'm window shopping for an L5740 TLB open station with R4 tires and, maybe, an optional front blade. I would also want full F & R weight packages, 2 rear remotes, third function loader option and swinging drawbar. What kind of selling price should I expect in SE IN? SDT
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    B1750HST Bi-Speed Turn Clutch

    Has anyone adjusted (shimmed) the bi-speed turn clutch in a Kubota B1750HST. Mine does not pull like it once did and I would like to adjust it. I do not have a manual for this tractor but know that it is adjusted by shimming the clutch fork actuation shaft. It appears that it can be done from...
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    T4050 Questions

    Today, I bought a T4050 Supersteer, which will necessitate disposal of at least 3 or 4 of my (very good) vintage red and grey Fords sometime in the not so distant future. With the 4050, I bought an 820TL FEL as well as a front weight package (6 weights) to counter balance a 10 or 10 1/2 foot...
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    Ballast  MF-533 Front Weights

    My new 533 was delivered Saturday. Seems to be everything that I expected. I already had a spare set of the old style front wheel weights for Ford and Ferguson front wheels and planned to use these on this tractor as it has the 4 bolt holes in the front rims for mounting them, and I will need...
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    MF-533 Grill Guard

    I bought a new MF-533 last weekend but passed on the MF grill guard because the dealer priced it to me at $235. Apparently he must order it through the parts department as a spare part for the FEL package. The newer MF small utility tractors use a different front axle than the older ones like...
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    MF 533/543/563

    Hi, folks. I have been shopping for each of the above tractors but am having difficulty finding representative pricing. Has anyone out there bought one of these lately? My local dealer seems unwilling to talk bottom line and I will not buy until I can determine a basis for comparison. Thanks...
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    MF 1560/533

    Lately, I have looking at new tractors including the MF 1560 compact and the MF-533. My dealer does not have either in stock so I have not been able to see and drive either but have devoured the brochures. I need to be able to pull a six foot bush hog through just about anything on sometimes...
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    Price Check  Kubota L5740 Opinions and Price

    I haven't been to the forum lately but am looking at new tractor models that I am not very familiar with and would appreciate the advice of owners and shoppers. I have been looking a several models including the Kubota K5740 and the MF 1560. The Kubota has lots of bells and whistles that I do...
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    I am considering buying a TN70 or TN75 with FWA to operate a 7 or, more likely 8, foot three-point cutter over varying terrain, some of which is quite steep. I am also considering the Kubota M6800 with FWA. Anyone have any helpful comments regarding these machines? Thanks, in advance. Dean
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    B1750 Bi-Speed Steering Clutch

    Hello, all. New registrant here with question about Bi-Speed steering clutch on B1750. Seems I may need to adjust mine as unit seems to slip more than it did when new. Tractor now has nearly 300 hours. Been a mechanic for many years but do not have a manuel for this tractor and don't know just...