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    Stick welding aluminum

    Figured it was a good thing for a newbie to try. Here's the broken wheelchair ramp. Probably about 20 broken or cracked welds. And the hobart 4043 stick rods that I got on amazon for $15 delivered. It took 2 and half rods to fix the ramp. So about four bucks. Saved over $150 vs having to...
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    SSQA build using Bob Tach rebuild kit

    I've wanted to add a ssqa to my tractor for a while. But my metal working tools consist mainly of a grinder, stick welder and a BFH. My tractor isn't common (honda 6522) so no off the shelf solution is available. So I ordered a couple rebuild kits off ebay for a bobtach. Total cost was $145...
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    Cat 1 lift pins

    Cat 1 lift pins... Should be 7/8" Diameter? I just got these "cat 1" pins that are 1 1/8" with 7/8 thread delivered from amazon.
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    Harbor Freight now excludes predator engines from coupons

    I'm not sure how long they have been adding the exclusion for predator gas products? Not such a great deal now that they effectively raised prices by 25%.
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    My 3rd and hopefully last log splitter

    I started out with then typical H/V splitter which worked fine but I saw some room for improvement. So I cut it up and turned it in to a horizontal only with log lift. Much better!!! But I needed/wanted to build a faster and stronger splitter. So last fall I sold my splitter so I could fund my...
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    'Real world' hp required for 28gpm log splitter pump

    I want to build a log splitter with a 2 stage 28gpm pump. I have a question about how much engine I really need (haven't bought anything yet) I'm looking at using a cylinder with a max psi of 2500 Using the formula Gpm X pressure/1714(efficency) Or Gpm x pressure x .0007 High flow...
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    Everlast plasma?

    So I know there is a loyal everlast welder following here. I'm interested in getting a plasma and have been doing some research for a while. It seems hypertherm is the gold standard. And have, until recently, had the price tag to match. But the powermax30 can now be had for under $1000. The...
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    Modify 2 stage pump?

    Any way to modify/adjust an 11gpm 2 stage pump to stay in low pressure/high flow mode until 1750psi? The pump I have is preset at 650 and is adjustable from 400-900. I'd like to use it with a Chonda 420cc to speed up my log splitter cycle times. 1750*11/(1714)85 = 13 hp Right now I have a...
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    Log splitter -- is this going to work?

    I have a northstar 30t splitter (slow). I'm modifying to have a log lift and an auto cycle valve... As a hydraulic novice I think I understand the plumbing but figured I should make sure. My plan is to use the existing splitter valve for the log lift and add a prince auto cycle valve. The...
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    Newbie looking for 1st welder

    I am looking to get a stick welder to learn with... Been thinking about the the everlast powerarc 160 or 200. But then started looking at the 3in1's and multi process welders. And have confused myself as to what I want/need. To make matters worse I now realize the everlast imig 200 also...
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    Ford 1715 -- part of real estate deal?

    Hi -- I am looking at a house that has a Ford 1715, 4wd, FEL, 1200 hours parked out back. It has not been run in a few years, tires are good. It has been under cover. I'm thinking I can get it thrown in with the house purchase :thumbsup: Anything I should know or look for?
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    Online AD for Kioti UTV

    So I just saw an ad for the Kioti UTV here on TBN. So I clicked on it figuring that they finally were available. The link took me to Kioti Tractor website where I can't find any mention of a UTV :confused: Anyone have any new info?
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    Alternative for hydraulic toplink on pto cement mixer?

    I have a small (cheap) stand alone cement mixer for the occasional sono-tube or other odd job. Problem is has plastic gears that strip to easily. I want to replace it with three point mixer like this: King Kutter 3-Pt. Cement Mixer, Model# CM-U | Cement Mixers | Northern Tool + Equipment It...
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    How do I get neighbors to stop feeding wild animals?

    I've never had a deer problem. But now my neighbor is leaving out corn and grain. Because they like to "see wildlife" -- They are from Mass. Another neighbor had the nerve to complain that my barn cat was eating the cat food she was leaving out for the raccoons :mad: I've tried explaining that...
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    Tires  DIY foam filled tires

    Anyone try this? Country Lore: Avoid Flat Mower Tires For small lawn tractors it might be ok. I'm going to try it in my wheelbarrow.