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    You're probably right. Once they establish a nesting spot they tend to return. I built a huge "dovecote" house years ago in NY where I never had seen a bluebird. Was more of a decoration than anything. It violated every "rule" on bluebird boxes but to my surprise it attracted a pair of bluebirds...
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    I don't use mesh. I make them in batches using the plans from the bluebird society (the one with the swing-up side, ventilation gaps between the sides and roof and corners of the floor trimmed for drainage. Doing batches makes sense because of all the different pieces. Here's my last batch.
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    Post "moved"...

    Was a thread here earlier about a mistake made by a senior citizen on an IRA withdrawal. All was civil (I thought) but now the post shows as "moved". My ID is still linked to an e-mail address that I haven't used for years (and can't seem to change) but I checked it and see that somebody might...
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    Something I saw today...
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    How to murder sub-terrainian rodents!

    We have 2 of those dachies... They do LOVE to dig (and are relentless in their pursuit).
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    Side by side UTV's

    Decided it's time...getting to the age where climbing onto the back of an ATV to get to a deer blind is painful. Plus I live close to where we can get onto a state trail system that will take us for hundreds of miles if we decided to do that. So looking at side by sides. I have local dealers on...
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    More radio stuff

    I will apologize in advance for not searching/appending older threads on this topic. I find that I listen to much more radio now than I watch TV. Just me. So here's my story. I have a metal shop building (inside and out). I have 2 long strips (24' each) of T8 fluorescent lights on separate...
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    You don't have a high speed Internet connection??

    Of course it always is a requirement to call Digger's hot-line in advance so you don't hit your power lines (usually plowed to a depth of 3' or more). Telephone/cable don't need to be trenched that deep (guessing 18" or so). Years ago I did accounting/tax work for a true entrepreneur that...
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    Any Electricians out there?

    Not public shaming! Just trying to encourage you to jump off the diving board! You of course will have to work "live" in the trouble shooting phase...just be careful with the probes on your multi-meter. If you find the offending problem, I'd suggest you go "dark" (take a flashlight). Just...
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    Curious Deer

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    Close Call "DEER"

    Ok one more try then I'll cry uncle. Was your deer this close?
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    Water to outbuilding

    Probably addressed already but I'm lazy...when we built the house I also built a shop building 100' away. I had the well driller run 1" poly water pipe to the shop since the trenching guy was on site twidling his thumbs (I ran 100a electrictic service at the same time). I didn't have to worry...
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    Super Heating options

    You live in Minn, I live in Wis. My shop is a woodworking thing that I use a lot so I bite the bullet on the LP bills to get the comfort of the warm floors because so many things require a lot of time on my feet. Radiant is expensive and backbreaking to install! My wife and I did that in...
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    County says no camping on your own land !!

    From what I can tell, Oregon is where you go when California gets too conservative for you. As for Texas,
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    Mowing Dilemna

    My old 1250 Cub Cadet is in tear-down mode waiting for me to change out a few seals on the hydro pump before I put everything back together. So yesterday I picked up a new zero turn mower (a Raptor Hustler, selected mostly because of the welded vs. pressed deck). The problem is that it is so...
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    Birds of a Feather

    I recognize the orange one (we had them here 2 years ago but last year they checked it out and left) but what's the yellow bird? These guys showed up last week Bluebirds are here also and the hummingbirds arrived just this morning.
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    Hydro pump rebuild...1250/1450/1650 QuietLines

    Hate to start a new thread but the search of old threads didn't reveal much (thus I started with what I hope is a very pointed title). So here we go...I have an old 1250 that was leaking bad and getting "goofy" in forward and reverse. Doing some reading and posting on a dedicated Cub site, I...
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    JD gas 2020 circa OLD

    Hi all...for some stupid reason I bit on what I think is a 1965 JD 2020 gas (SN NT 5H1C030704T). It sat in a field for several years with the rear hood AWOL but I stripped what I could to get at the fuel tank to de-varnish it (old fuel really smells like varnish doesn't it). With the guts out of...