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    Pedal sticks

    My b7800 has a grease zirk beliw the. Pedal, my be a solution
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    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    I have put split ring tires on my hydraulic press as a safety device, yours looks good to me as well
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    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    you need a flow through valve inflator that will blow air out even when not connect to valve stem
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    M6800 got hot, small pop noise, then lost some coolant and steamed.

    seems like you will need to fill in and get a pressure tester that you can pressurize the system to rad cap value and look for leak. or you can make a tee that goes in the hose that has a shreader that you can fill with air with a tire chuck to the radiator cap value and search for that source...
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    Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc

    I tried it for fun by putting a washer with a wire around the tip a ran to ground and had a pilot arc when torch was turned on. On my cheap plasma I just bought a pilot arc torch complete for about $25 run the extra wire at plug to a ground of the machine, works fantastic
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    Lubrication additives for Diesel Fuel in older tractor

    I use TWC3 motor boat 2 cycle oil at 1 oz. per gallon. for my older Dodge diesel
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    B7800 front axle leaking

    just curious if you are running the UDT oil in the axle or gear oil, if UDT I would try the heavier gear oil. Gear Oil is what I run in my b7800
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    Kubota starting after sitting for 1+ year

    Just last year picked up a 7800 sat outside for six years, I put a new battery in and did as above and checked and added all fluids and it fired up right away and died. needed to drain water out of the fuel line and when diesel was running I put it back and started it and drove it home from the...
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    Bought a new Lincoln Mig 211i

    I have an older model 211 and the auto setting works for me 90% of the time.
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    BX23D Remove Main ('Ignition') Switch

    On my b7800 the ignition has a flat on it to orient it a help prevent it from Turing.
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    Tire loses inflation when turning.

    if you can break the bead, I like to spread bead sealer on the rim and reset.
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    Can we mount 12 16.5 skidsteer tires on 10 16.5 wheels ?

    My case 1840 skidsteer has 12x16.5 tires where 10x16.5 tires should be hard to change since they are near new. BUT the 12x16.5 tires makes grading harder because the bucket is not flat on the ground like they would be with the smaller tires, something to think about.
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    Whats wrong with my Land plane build?

    I made my cutting edge height adjustable and put it about 3/4 in lower than the skids
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    Work lights for welding?

    Just did that to my helmet a few weeks ago and it makes a great difference. I t has help a lot.
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    Follow up with fix- B7800 no fuel stop solenoid activation. Crank, no start.

    I agree thanks for the information, I have the same tractor and it is filed away.
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    Kubota B7100 B219 Loader

    thats how I do it. if it does have loctite heat before removal
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    add plate to 3 pt lift arms

    might run a length of angle iron, doubt if spring steel but maybe some extra carbon versus cold rolled. no expert
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    MX6000 seat switch

    I think I would spray switch with contactor spray cleaner
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    Welding 16ga stainless exhaust pipe

    I am no pro hobbiest. Will need some on the side practice and will want to purge the tube with argon while welding the outside or it will be a mess on the inside. YouTube is your friend
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    B7800 wont start

    The first step for me would to check battery connections and starter connections and load test battery. maybe first try to jump start with a good source battery.
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    Kubota B7800 oil maintenance kit

    That is what the b7800 uses
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    Silver bearing soft solder strength

    That sounds like silflos that was only good, very good for copper to copper not dissimilar metals.
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    Should i get a tractor?

    I have an older/smaller case 1840 and thought I did not need the tractor and was doing everything with it, they got an old Kubota B7800 for very little, it is my go to for ease of getting in and out and I now drag and fix my road with the box blade and the landscape rake and love it. at 74 it is...
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    Kubota B7800 Cranks but won't run

    When I first picked up my used b7800 filled with fuel and started ran about 3 minutes and turned off not start. Pulled the in hose to the filter and drain off about a cup of water reconnected and start and has run great for the last year. Now this tractor sat for 6 years next door to my place in...
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    L4310 steering cylinder

    there are some seals that require a plastic guide to stretch them over the part. but on my kubota I put the seal in some hydraulic fluid that was heated to 200 degrees and it softened it. then put the seal on part then lightly put a hose clamp on it for a half hour and it was fitting nicely over...
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    Using oil in a diesel engine that doesn't say for a diesel.

    Use a diesel oil not a regular Automotive oil.
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    Hydraulic cylinders on L4400 are dripping

    Depending on cost in your area, you can do it yourself. for me they wanted about $225 so I ordered the kits and did it for I think $60 for the B7800 I have.
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    Tractor vs Skid Steer Loader Specs

    Think about getting in and out of a skid steer not the same as a tractor. I have older both units. The skid will out lift the tractor and an offroad fork lift with beat them both.
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    landscape rakes?

    I just purchased a new rake at Ignite Attachments 84 Inch Tine Rake for Tractors. I wanted a 5.5 to 6 foot wide one and bought the 7 foot one was thinking I would cut it down for the spare tines. But find it nice to have the rear wheels away from the drive way sides and still do the raking. I am...
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    Kubota La402 Loader Bucket Cylinder Leak

    Easy to rebuild and the kit will have extra parts you do not use. Nothing wrong with having it done, but in my area they wanted $250 to do it and I think I paid about $100 for both cylinders. I only did the leaky one. The other has not leaked for the past year. I bought mine at Coleman tractor parts
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    3-Point Hitch Telescopic Stabilizers for B2920 - Where to Buy?

    this guy built mine custom for a good price and he is a machine, reliable and prompt.
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    DIY Fire Starter’s

    I have a bag of wood pellets from last year that turned powdery from humidity, I will put them in a paper cupcake container and poor melted wax over it and let it solidify. best I have found so far. I just melt old candles. Burn for about ten minutes.
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    Repairing cracked HDPE plastic tractor cab roofs?

    even with the plastic heat glue gun I like to imbed some stainless screen and the hot stappler is a game changer. and you can make your own staples the way you like them out of .030 Mig wire works perfect.
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    Thanks Forum, B7800 restarted - safety switches

    maybe you can give more detail on the safety switch bypass thanks.
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    Thanks Forum, B7800 restarted - safety switches

    might try this site Kubota workshop manuals free download I also have the b7800
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    Tig machine cooling

    water in hose and water out is through the power cable is the way I see it.
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    New 2021 Kubota BX2380 w/MMM & FEL- first impressions and any problems/issues....

    I was told that the knob under the seat(at least on my b7800) that control the down speed of the 3 point should be closed and its purpose is for road travel to prevent the 3 point from lowering.
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    Rear Electrical

    do not see a blue/white black seems to be ground
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    Kubota B7800 - hard starting, lots of smoke, low idle

    my old ford 3500 must have had a leaky injector, I found the oil level to be way above normal. on that old junker I changed the oil and then made sure to shut fuel supply from the tank. BUT that led to several times starting without fuel and having to reprime the tractor ( a real pain). Just a...
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    Kubota B7800 - hard starting, lots of smoke, low idle

    I also have the b7800 just a guess but a leakt fuel injector loading the cylinder.
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    Loader LA402 loader quick attach for B2910 or B7800 with Kubota factory parts SSQA

    I have a b7800 and now 8 years later the L2230A is $510 at Messicks. That is still a significantly lower price then other choices. How has this all worked for you. I will probable machine a plastic bushing for the spacing. How has this worked out for the past few year?
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    After rain B7800 will not run?

    I have a b7800, I am thinking they have a fuel shutoff solenoid that I would check. Loose wire or bad solenoid. Just a thought
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    Kubota l3800 horrible seat replaced

    my seat had a tear in the corner of the back and bottom and I super glued it and then put black liquid tape over it and it has held for about a year now. This tractor sat out in the elements unused for 6 years.
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    loader curl cylinder leak?

    no expert just did mine and did some research. My particular cylinder for y B7800 required not tools. I did heat the piston seal in 200 degree hyd. oil to soften and make it easier to install and then lightly put a hose clamp on the now loose ring to set back to shape. No tool was needed for the...
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    B7800 FEL leak

    I just did the one on my b7800. Easier than some. I made my own spanner wrench but the gland nut was not tight. No special tools needed. The hard seal was the only difficult on and I soaked it in 225 degree hydraulic oil so it would stretch easily. After it was on in was extra sloppy fit. I put...
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    2004 B7610 will not start

    I think I would start with the battery charge and for good connection. Check voltage drop through the cables. maybe for ease just put volt meter on battery and see if if drop excessive with the key turned on to start.
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    Hobart 160i questions

    Get a primeweld 225x and have tig and arc welder
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    Quich Hitch for B2320

    like to know what material you found that fits into itself like that. thanks
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    Starter problems

    You need to check all battery connections, ideally do a voltage drop test accross the wires to see where the voltage is lost.
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    Kubota B7800 No Power At Fuel Stop Solenoid

    I do not understant the Controllers function delay timer to hold fuel cut signal from controller to fuel cut solenoid for 1 second.?? unless that is for the off the seat fast to run stationay pto equipment.
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    B7800 shop manual & electrical diagrams

    If still available would like a pdf copy thanks Ed
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    M4900 Part Question - Pics Included

    My b7800 has a dip stick in that area. Maybe look on Messick website for your dip stick and location
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    Oil & Fuel Kubota L4600 ran it out of diesel, emptied fuel filter bowl... won't start...

    On most diesels I will crack open all the lines at the injectors OPEN THROTTLE and crank till I see fuel coming out of the injector line. I like to close them while this is happening (sometimes it will start then) then close them all up and start it (here goes the haters) then a light spray of...
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I was working on my b7800 and found a coiled tube in the engine compartment that attaches to the firewall Tha looks like the breather for the gas tank
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I am new with my b7800, but I would start with tank drain valve. Any water in fuel, if you remove hose from filter take a sample in clear container.
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    Loader Where to put Hooks on M7060 bucket?

    I like the angle iron directly in line with the bucket cylinders.
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    Kubota BX2670 cranks but won't start, fuel system seems fine

    I just picked up a B7800 sitting 6 years, put fuel in started right up, 5 minutes later died woul not start. Pulled hose from filter water and oil came out then had to start with the dirty word ether. Has been running great since.
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    L3250 has some new paint

    very nice job, I am picking up a fixer upper B7800 next week and may use the info.
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    any chance of getting a copy of the shop manual for the Kubota B7800 just bought one need to...

    any chance of getting a copy of the shop manual for the Kubota B7800 just bought one need to haul it home. Head through mojave on the way to Red Rock all the time and have done the mojave trail several times. From Agua Dulce
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    blew the hydraulic filter off the filter base.

    splitting wood about 50 degrees and all of a sudden the filter with the filter body threads blew off. destroyed the filter base. The filter body appears to have a by pass that is free. filter is not that bad. What would cause this?
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    Kubota b7100 versus the Kubota b7100 hst

    What are the advantages and disadvantages between the b7100 with and with out the hydrostatic transmission models. I have someone that want to trade me a b7100 non hydrostatic for my 53 chevy project. thanks for your advice .
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    2003 Kawasaki Mule 3010 lever pops out of hi and lo gear

    2003 Kawasaki Mule 3010 lever pops out of hi and lo gear. I have to hold it in place so it will not pop out andy suggestions on what to check first.
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    use of a heater plug in the intake manafold

    My Ford 1969 3500 tractor uses a Heater Plug C5NE9A436A a large heater plug in the intake manifold. I would like to know if anyone knows how it is used. Is it energize through a relay while the key is turning over the motor. Or is it to preheat the manifold prior to firing up the motor. I...