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    Looking for Discontinued gasket

    Long time no post... I'm in a bind. I'm looking for a cross reference for Bobcat PN# 6697252, Gasket, for the hydrostatic assembly. It goes between the Front Cover casting and the pump body. Bobcat CT235 SN# A9JY11001 & above. Hopefully Kioti still carries the part, but I don't have a...
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    If you have forgotten what older trucks were like

    An older chevy on the gauntlet
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    Fiat caught in Dieselgate

    Looks like the Ecodiesels have a software code similar to VW in order to pass testing. EPA Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Emissions Cheating on EcoDiesel
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    F150 Powerstroke announced.

    Ford Brings 218 F-15 Power Stroke Diesel to Detroit Auto Show
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    Gas & Diesel Titans go head to head on the Gauntlet

    Surprised this hasn't been up here yet. Not sure what Nissan was doing when they tuned the diesel, but it got smoked by the new version of the 5.6 Gas motor... Over a minute faster up the hill with the same load! Plus they had to keep lifting to stay under the speed limit.... hmmm....
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    I hate grease guns

    That is all I have to say...
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    Brutal tractor accident

    This is not for the squeemish, but it shows just how quickly things can got wrong. I will give you a heads up, do not follow the link to the first photo on imgur. - Tractor driver's head split open by steel cable in towing malfunction
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    House flies and ladybugs

    It's war :censored:!! Never get used to the onslaught of the little fellas at this time of year. :muttering: :bumblebee:
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    Wheel Hub Stud size, M Series

    Does anyone know what the stud size is on these machines? And can you confirm that the bolt pattern is 8 x 8".
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    Dog Owners >> plaque removal

    Has anyone used the plaque removal products they sell now? Seems too good to be true....
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    Fittings backing off... suggestions

    I have two -16 JIC fittings on a machine that are constantly backing off due to vibration and hydraulic pulsing. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to lock these down? I've looked at jigs to drill the fittings for safety wire, but the ones I've found only go up to -12. Loctite makes a...
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    Ford Transit < > RAM Promaster

    Anyone have any experience with these in a cutaway chassis? Both would be max payload and fitted with the base gas V-6's. Can't go diesel because of long idle time requirements. Are the 3.7 / 3.6 really up to pulling around a 10,000 lb vehicle.
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    Stihl 4-Mix tuning

    Hey, So last year I bought a new FS90R trimmer with the 4-Mix motor. I have to say it has not been a great experience, and this coming from someone who has always owned and used Stihl powerheads. From the factory, it had no mid range. It would idle fine, but you could not ease into the...
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    New Diesel F150...

    Amazing what you can do with a laser scanner these days. Diesel-manual-shameless-f-150-knock-off
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    Springs here and just in time.

    For five bucks I'll translate for you. lol.
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    Detroit Big 3 to Adopt common towing standard in 2015....

    The bench racing this is going to cause in the coming months will be epic. Detroit-3-adopt-common-standard-for-tow-ratings "Ford surprised competitors in 2012 when it decided not to adopt the towing standard for the 2013 model year and said it would wait for the 2015 F-150...
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    Kill it with Fire taken a little too seriously

    :reading: GARRETT, Ind. - Authorities say a northeastern Indiana man set his house on fire while using a blow torch to remove spider webs. ne-indiana-house-fire-blamed-on-torching-spider-webs :laughing:
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    CT235 Moving some snow

    ...failing at these attachments.....
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    New trucks >> sellers market this year.

    Have been looking for a new rig, and was hoping to find a suitable 2013 for a good discount. Last year at this time the lots were half full of previous years models. This year, virtually none, and no salesman following me around the lot. So I drove a new 2014 Sierra 1500 crew with the d.i...
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    RAM 1500 Diesel...

    Thought it was supposed to be out by now. Haven't even seen a pre-production test or review.
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    How not to set a well casing.

    Make sure you watch right until the end for the coup de gras... You're doing it wrong...
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    An acquaintance of my sister in law just passed away from this nasty little virus. Now everyone in contact with his property is being tested including the SIL and her partner. Be vigilant in cleaning up your shops and barns and keep the critters out as much as possible. If you have seldom used...
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    Interesting mileage tracking site

    Browse All Cars | Fuelly One of the few sources I've seen for actual data on 3/4 ton and higher light trucks. Have fun looking around.
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    Alternate garage wall materials.

    Would like to close in my 2 bay garage, and would like to hear ideas for something other than drywall. It will not be heated continuously, nor cooled in the summer. Thanks.
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    Chevy Volt autopsy

    You have to click past the advert to get in. Design News
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    Ok, which of you loons is this..??..

    When you have just a little bit too much time on your hands....
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    Repairing cast suspension knuckle.

    Broke a rear suspension knuckle from my Explorer pressing out a bearing.... :thumbsup: One of the ears that the the lower control arm bolts through has a crack in it. No idea if this is cast iron or an alloy. Should I even think about getting it welded? It's a holiday of course, so I couldn't...
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    Terrible tree felling accident

    We've had a number of strong wind storms here this summer, leading to a lot of blow downs. A local man was helping his neighbour cut up a large tree, and he didn't realise his young son was playing in the hole left by the root ball. When he cut the trunk away, the root ball rolled back into the...
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    15hr CT235 ign switch failure.

    So it poured rain here for about 12 hours, which then turned to snow, leaving an accumulation of about 12". Went out to start the machine this morning to blow the snow, which had spent the night outside in the rain, and the start position on the switch does nothing. Went through all the safety...
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    Old School, Old Country

    Who needs a 4x4