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    74 hp skid vs 74 hp hoe for building tiny acreage?

    No doubt the Cummins is a good engine but I would not get hung up on it, there are others and it puts you in the category of a pretty large piece of equipment if your place is small. I wouldn't get hung up on it. If you get a machine that doesn't have a computer, DEF or regen a diesel is a...
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    74 hp skid vs 74 hp hoe for building tiny acreage?

    I don't usually reply to these debates, just a waste of time and a whole lot of opinioneering. One post that said to make a list of what you want to do and candidate machines to see what fits best is a good suggestion. You did not say how big your place is and what else you want to do. I have...
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    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    What about a high capacity mid-rise scissor lift? it is portable, you can build a welding table for it when not lifting cars, all four wheels are suspended so you can do brake work and tire rotation, the front is open to access the bottom of the engine. Yes, the tracks or rails do restrict...
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    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Doors on the side are best to me. I have one barn with end doors and one with side doors. Unless you just want to see outside the end door on the end with the side door and lift will be more trouble than benefit. You'll want that wall for tools and such with your work benches along the long...
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    Looking for inexpensive AW46 - Hydraulic Oil

    You have already gotten more detailed replies than necessary. It is a huge subject. Strangely, hydraulic oil is more a manufacturers spec and not SAE or API standard such as motor oil. Check with your local jobber / fuel supply. Ours is a Chevron outlet and they sell what I call a house...
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    Montana 350E Hydraulic Post Driver

    Notwithstanding that the driver is made in China, the 350E I just purchased is one of the most satisfying devices I have ever bought. Montana's larger drivers are supposed to be made in the US. I bought the forklift frame mount model and it will need a stopper plate to keep the bottom from...
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    The cylinder bores look lousy from what I can see of the picture. Not honed or cross hatched in the least little bit.
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    Nope. Not at all normal. Should have at least 30 to 40 psi. Never should have oil running out of the exhaust. I have built more than a few and never had this happen. 40 over is a lot in my book. Not saying this is the problem but that is a lot to bore.
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    It seems the truck stops are more prone to running a little bio diesel around and I hate the stuff. It truly is a box of chocolates. I buy offroad red diesel for the equipment. It was still the good old higher sulfur diesel and you didn't expose to lubricity problems. I agree with some, a...
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    Just like about anything these days you'll get a lot of answers but in this case there are only two options; treat or not but then with what? If you store fuel for very long the treatments are probably more indicated. As for boosters and cleaners and such I don't use them. My son has an older...
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    Tractor Colors~ What Would You Pick?

    Because it is branding and trademark and that is the way it has always been and for some people tradition counts. That said, most paint jobs on tractors suck. Must not be very proud of their branding / trademark. NH has done relatively well but the family lines have not rubbed off at all to...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Question

    I have to offer a correction / retraction about travel of the wing cylinders as the wings flex up and down. Many, perhaps most batwing mowers have some sort of mechanical flexure mount for the rod end of the single acting lift cylinder (double acting cylinders can be had but I still don't see...
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    Workmaster/CASE IH Farmall A de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed

    Computers, most solenoids, proportional controls, relays, plastic body work, most hall effect sensors and such do not belong on tractors of any kind. I guess some kid engineer thinks they are cool. I don't. Did anyone know there are usually ZERO two wheel drive, open platform Case IH JX80...
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    throttle issues 2017 workmaster 60 4x4

    I have a '18 model year 50A that I bought new in early '19. It now has 500 plus hours on it. It to has the throttle issue and I just do the restart. Wish I had a stealer to press the issue with. I think nothing of warranties and figure it is easier to fix myself than to screw with the...
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    99 problems and my tractor is every one of them

    There is generally nothing wrong with S. Korean tractors nor any other tractor that is reasonably well engineered, assembled and built with quality components. There is nothing mechanical or electric or electronic that will not fail sometime or somehow. There is also nothing that can't be...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Question

    Everybody else has had a piece of this so why not me? Wear and leakage. In operation the spool is in float. The wing goes up and down and the piston wears in the cylinder in just one region all the time. It gets worn at that spot and leaks into the cap end when the piston moves by the worn...
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    hydrostatic drive warn out! Heavy oil yes or no

    Old thread, you may not still be around. I have a related problem. Little Schaeff loader with RexRoth pump and motor. The hotter it gets the slower it gets. I think someone put the wrong oil in it and it is also getting a little old at 7,000 hours. I don't use it hard often and so have just...
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    Broken Seat Spring.....HELP!

    I fixed my spring seat suspension and the air ride seat in the big tractor. There are two types of spring attachment points in these scissor spring suspensions. One has slots cut for the spring hooks and the other used socket head bolts and some kind of plastic or nylon hook for the spring to...
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    CASE IH Farmall 55a won't crank

    The problem was a relay. Not just one but three relays were found to be failed as they had no coil resistance. One was on the work lights and the other two on the starter safety circuit. The problem remains though... I don't know how they failed. Scorched it appears, the caps inside were...
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    2016 Case ih 50A won't start

    The problem was a relay. Not just one but three relays were found to be failed as they had no coil resistance. One was on the work lights and the other two on the starter safety circuit. The problem remains though... I don't know how they failed. Scorched it appears, the caps inside were...
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    2016 Case ih 50A won't start

    Same here. Running fine and dandy two weeks ago and today, nothing. If it is that relay or some other one wiring all the safety interlocks together will do no good. How about just one wire from the ignition switch to the starter and just do away with all the stupid switches and interlocks? I...
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    CASE IH Farmall 55a won't crank

    I went out to start my 50A this afternoon. Turn the key, instruments light up, flashers work but nothing else. Thought it was the battery BC I got a black empty battery symbol with an arrow point up. Put on a charger. I have bypassed the seat switch for ages with a jumper. Ditto with...
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    Broken Seat Spring.....HELP!

    Been down that road before too. They don't make replacement parts they intend to sell. They mean for you to buy a new suspension.
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    Broken Seat Spring.....HELP!

    These seats are not made for us. I've broken three now. The scissor designs are just no good since the scissor multiplies the forces. Trying to suspend 300 lbs with lateral force on a low angle scissor is just stupid. I tried air ride, the compressors fail. The best bet so far has been the...
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    Broken seat suspension spring

    Seat springs and seats just don't last long enough. The scissor type seat suspensions have far too much tension on them compared to the old JD design with the springs supporting your weight nearly vertically. They don't break. The scissor suspensions are force multipliers. I have broken two...
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    What glue should I use to repair my New Holland hood?

    Looks like a nice job. I'm trying to avoid the rivets. The hood on one of my CaseIH JX series tractors separated / broke along the seam right near the cab. So far the panel has not come off and the break is about 10" long. Closing the hood one day and then it happened. Did you ever figure...
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    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    I would not let them near my land in the first place and if I did it would not be without them posting an irrevocable bond to remove the mess when the whole enterprise goes **** up.
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    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    NEVER ever talk to the gooberment unless you have to. Never take gooberment money either or you'll have them in your business until you die.
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    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    PS, a guy I know here has some land up on the mountain. He bought a D6, then a D5 and then another D5. Wore them all out. About 80 to 100 acres of oak timber with hickory and so forth. What he ended up with was 80 to 100 acres of eroded rock strewn ground not fit for much. He tried to grow...
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    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    Why? if you want to be a farmer go buy some farm land that is already cleared. If it is not cleared already and it is in a farming area I suspect there is a reason. Unless you have money to burn you're better off buying cleared and productive land. Frankly, this is a multi-year project...
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    Removing poly twine from fields

    You called it and your are dead right: It is due to lazy uncaring a-hole farmers who cant be bothered to remove twine from the bales when feeding.
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    Removing poly twine from fields

    Note: Good herdsmen don't just throw hay out for the cows. They unwrap the bale, stow the twine and dispose of it properly. I keep a little barrel on the front end loader for twine trash. You are probably stuck with this stuff for a very long time. I still find it in spite of lots of...
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    Kubota F2880 Out Front Mower

    Two trips broke me from long distance hauls. One was an Allis 190XT from up near Springfield, Missouri and the other was a 13,000 lb loader from Columbus, Mississippi. Never again for anything so heavy and tall. Thought about buying a dragline but the shipping and getting it sold when I...
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    Kubota F2880 Out Front Mower

    I have a 3680, it came from Iowa 13 years ago and I gave 10.7 grand for it with 545 hours. It is an '07 model. It now has like 1,400 hours. The worst that has happened is someone (hired hand) didn't grease the pto shaft slide splines and the stress wiped out the mower gear box; nearly a grand...
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    Modern Ag Path Slayer Brush Cutter

    I don't post much and only when I think it is something I wish I had known and have something that I would have thought useful to have learned. If you are really interested in this you can go to the maker's web sites and get the manuals and more pictures. I just finished the first job with the...
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    Leaf bucket

    Short post. Lots of leaves to move out of the yard. Like a mountain of them. Pallet forks, two 16' gates covered with field fence, strap them on with some ratchet straps and Voila! You can move big piles of leaves out of the yard pretty fast. A bit awkward and not deep enough to make full...
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    Hydraulic Jackhammer Post Driver

    After years of noodling on how to build a post driver I have finally done it and it works well enough to refine the design. I considered all manner of designs from: A. Reverse block and tackle with a hydraulic cylinder (Fairbrothers, et al type), don't like all the lines and moving parts...
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    Stanley BR72 and BR67 Nitrogen Charge

    Does anyone know of a reasonably priced alternative to the Stanley nitrogen charge kit for these hammers or know the proper threat for the charge port and where to get it? I acquired one of these from a combat engineer vehicle. It appears unused and maybe 20 years old. I finally got around to...
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    Roller Chain Pins

    Does anyone know where to buy long, as in 4 or 5 inch #80 roller chain pins? I want to pin a block in between two roller chains. Yes, I've checked Surplus, McMaster and so forth. I can google just like everybody else.
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    Comparison  DX series help?

    Does anyone have a digital brochure for the DX series of the mid-2000's that you would care to share? In particular the DX45 and DX55. I think some of these were actually built in the US then or maybe just assembled per the liberal allowances that allow them to brand the machines made in US...
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    I'm posting here since we run Case-IH now days and Allis does not belong in other. Returned to reality from the farm last night. Back to business. This old girl has been in the barn for nearly 7 years. We cleaned her up, checked and changed fluids and filters, purged the fuel system, cleaned...
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    JCB 210S Skid Steer Adapter

    I just finished building an adapter from the JCB 210S standard mount to SAE Skid Steer hitch. I still gotta paint it. Now I can use my forks, bale hugger, big bucket, tree shear, grapple, 3-point adapter and teleboom on this machine! Yahoo! It all turned out well after three plywood mockups to...
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    Refit Larger Pump on Tractor, JCB 210S?

    Anybody ever found a way to put a larger pump on a machine like this and did it cause problems? I just finished building an adapter from the JCB 210S standard mount to SAE Skid Steer hitch. I still gotta paint it. Now I can use my forks, bale hugger, tree shear, grapple and teleboom! Yahoo...
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    Pasture Plane

    I saved this beam for nearly 18 years and finally found something to build with it. I've rescued it from my brother who tried to make it a feed trough at least twice. Gophers are thick as fleas and we have waged war on them but still have to knock down the mounds. The other project is easing...
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    Backhoe Blade / Ripper / Rake

    First posting of stuff made though I have made a lot of things over the years. Made this for the JCB 210S this afternoon. The first one was too light and I tore it to pieces trying to rip up some iron ore road. Finally found a good source for weld on teeth. These are Fabco 2A adapters and...
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    Quality Hydraulic Disconnects

    Let me and others know what your experience is. Is there any one brand that seem to hold up best? Between the two basic styles, ball and poppet valve does one or the other leak least? Replacing whatever came on my CaseIH JX series tractors with something else but what? Not sure what is on...
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    Rob-bilt did well

    Rob-bilt did a very nice job on our newest barn. Took them less than 10 days to build it in terrible weather at the end of last year. Now almost all the stuff is inside and locked up instead of just being under cover. Yahoo! The construction is straight and true. Materials are very good...
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    CaseIH JX Series Durability

    How are your tractors in this series holding up? Thanks in advance for weighing in. I have a JX95 / MFWD / Cab / Loader and a JX80 / 2WD / Platform, both '08 models. Minor problems so far: just a bad install on the clutch linkage for the JX95, loader bucket has hydraulic slop in it that I...