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  1. lancem

    Ym2000 help

    I went out to crank my tractor and all I got was dash lights. The tractor would not turn over or click. I thought it might be a dead battery but the battery seems to be ok. The turn signals and grad lights work. Can someone walk me thru bypassing the ignition switch? Thanks
  2. lancem

    Ym2000 corn

    With the help of my trusty YM2000, we had a successful Indian corn harvest:
  3. lancem

    Indian corn

  4. lancem

    Extra weight on a scrape blade

    When I use a scrape blade with my ym2000 it just bounces along on top of the dirt. I am thinking about adding a bracket on to the blade so I can hang a few suitcase weights on it. Any thoughts?
  5. lancem

    Seat time

    Tomatoes,squash,peppers,okra,sweet potatoes,cukes,beans and a test patch if cotton.
  6. lancem

    Seat time

    I have been tilling, mowing, plowing like a madman lately. It sure is nice to have quality seat time. Summer time! Woohoo
  7. lancem

    Ym 2000 coming out of gear.

    I was tilling the garden today with my ym2000 and rs1400 tiller. As i was tilling the tractor acted like it came out of low gear and into high gear. As soon as i got stopped it returned to normal. It did this two times today. Does any one know what is going on with it? I checked the transmission...
  8. lancem

    suitcase weights

    I have been looking high and low for some new or used suitcase weights. I found a lot of them but the shipping cost was was very high. I finally found some at the Home Depot with FREE shipping! They are 42lb John Deere weights and fit perfectly on the front of my YM2000. I don't know how long...
  9. lancem

    Last mow

    I am cutting grass today for the last time this season. Kinda sad to be taking off the bush hog for five months. Anybody with me?
  10. lancem

    In the clear

    I bought a ym2000 about two years ago. It was showing 20hrs when I got it so it was obviously a vn rebuild. I have put about 100hrs on it with no major problems. I feel like I am out of the woods as far as getting a lemon. At How many hours would you breath a sigh of relief?
  11. lancem

    Ym 2000 mpg

    I am curious as to what kind of mpg our Yanmar's would get if driving over the road. Any idea?
  12. lancem

    what tiller is this?

    I found this tiller on CL. He says its 52' long tilling width and 57' long overall. He does not have a pto shaft or links for it. I have a ym 2000. How hard would it be to get this tiller up and running on my tractor? Thanks Yanmar Garden Tiller
  13. lancem

    ym2000 question.

    Can anyone tell me if wile my tractor is running and I turn the key to the off position will the alternator still charge the battery. Thanks:)
  14. lancem


    I am looking for a tiller for my ym2000. All the dealers I have talked to are asking around $800 for them. If you have one or know of one for sale let me know . Thanks
  15. lancem

    garden tilling

    I am going to plant a 3/4 acre garden this year. To get the ground ready for planting, I am thinking of getting a Middle buster and a cutting harrow for my Ym2000. Do ya'll think this is the best way to go? The ground is good old Georgia red clay. Thanks
  16. lancem

    ym 2000 battery

    I need to replace the battery in my ym2000. Can someone tell me the correct battery for it. Thanks
  17. lancem

    Vn recon

    I bought my Tractor (ym 2000)In May of this year. So far I have put about forty hours on it. As I have fixed a few little things I have come to the conclusion that it is a Vn recon. So far it seems to be well built, .....I hope i still feel this way a year from now. Wish me luck!:)
  18. lancem

    I got a lot done today

    ym2000. Changed the oil,flushed and cleaned the radiator( it was nasty), new ignition switch,new radiator hose, new fuel filter, new battery cables and I fixed the lights and turn signals. Now it is time to cut some grass!:)
  19. lancem


    I was mowing a few acres of thick grass today and when I shut off the engine I noticed the coolant in the overflow bottle was boiling. The over temp light did not come on. Was the engine overheating? After the tractor cooled down I tried to restart it and the starter started smoking, I turned...
  20. lancem

    ym 2000 smell

    I have A ym2000. After it runs for about 15 min, I can smell transmission fluid( I think). I can not find A leak and It does not seem to using any extra. Any ideas? thanks:)
  21. lancem

    ym 2000 smoking

    I am a new owner of a ym2000. So far this has been a great tractor! I do have one concern , When I go from a medium rpm up to a high rpm the tractor puts out some smoke while it is going up in rpm. Once it get to the higher rpm the smoking stops.Is this something to worry about? Thanks for your...