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  1. arlen4720

    Possible Crank/Cam gear Timing Issue C-113

    Well, I'm mildly panicking...hopefully for nothing. I'm rebuilding a Farmall B, and have had my share of struggles. It seemed fairly obvious to line my cam gear up with the punch on the crankshaft gear. I noticed at the time that #1 was not at TDC, but a few deg past TDC on the intake stroke...
  2. arlen4720

    Gator 865r

    The Gator 865r that I ordered has finally arrived at the dealer, and I was able to play around with it for an hour or so around the dealership. Some of the "bling" is back ordered (like the work lights), but they will have most of the goodies installed before the weekend. There's not much to...
  3. arlen4720

    Gator Prices

    What % off list do you think a dealer would reasonably go on a new 835r/865r Gator. just wondering what the norm is these days
  4. arlen4720

    Are the diesel Gators underpowered compared to the gas ones?

    I’m probably going to get either a 835r or an 865r this spring. My preference would be a diesel, but I’m wondering if the 23hp diesel would be underpowered considering the AC. The slower top speed of the diesel does not bother me, as long has it has adequate power to pull things and climb hills...
  5. arlen4720

    Yard Hydrant Problem

    I have a Woodford Iowa Y1 yard hydrant installed in my barn. My wife used it this morning, everything was fine, but this evening the handle won't come up...the rod is locked up tight. My first thought was that it didn't drain back and froze, but I can blow air through the spout, and the only...
  6. arlen4720

    Technical Manual For New 4R?

    Anybody got a technical manual for the new 4R's? There is a thread over on GTT, where the OP is having trouble running a hydraulic motor for a snowblower chute rotation. They seemed to have changed the regen function on the valve. I'm starting to wonder if it's ALWAYS in regen on the dump...
  7. arlen4720

    Haying On Shares...What's Customary

    I have a couple hundred acres which is a mixture of woods and pasture that I run beef cows on, and about 100 tillable acres that I rent out. I'm wondering what is a fair deal for share cropping hay ground. I vaguely remember a simple arrangement that sounded fair. I think the property owner...
  8. arlen4720

    John Deere On Most Ethical Company List

    This may or may not affect anybody's buying decisions, but I thought it was interesting. John Deere was on the Ethisphere Institute's 144 most ethical companies in the world for the 8th straight year. Here is a link to the whole list. Looks like JD is the only Tractor manufacturer on the list...
  9. arlen4720

    MFWD Axle Oil

    In the last several years, I've noticed that many tractors are calling for hydraulic oil in the front axle. This seems odd to me. What do you supposed the logic is? I would think 80-90 gear lube would be better, and not as likely to leak. Even though it seems odd, I'm not going to go put...
  10. arlen4720

    X700 series 3 point

    Do any of you guys have a 3 point on your X series tractor? I've had a 3 point on my X748 since it was new 7 years ago. I don't use it much, but I do have a 647 tiller, a disk, and a sprayer. I've always noticed that it seems too wide. The arms have to be pulled all the way in to make it the...