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  1. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    After a couple week wait, the replacement parts has arrived. Installation was pretty straightforward and easy. Seems to work as expected and overall I'm pleased. It's been a 7-8 month wait but that's to be expected considering how crazy things are now. Im happy.
  2. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    Thanks for the photos. Looks like I have it installed correctly aside from the parts I don't have. I called yesterday and the dealer is sending out the missing parts. Hopefully it doesn't take 6 months to receive like the rest. Thank again.
  3. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    Don't worry about it. They did send the correct kit but it's missing parts. I'll have to call Monday and get the missing parts shipped to me. Thanks
  4. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    Do you have any photos of it installed? The brackets holes are not in my deck as the manual shows it should be. The instructions aren't worth a dang and I'm hoping they didn't send me the wrong kit. I can't find hardly any photos online to assist.
  5. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    Well obviously everyone opts for the Advanced type chute.. After waiting over 6 months, the Kubota kit has arrived. I will give a review after Install for those who maybe interested in purchasing.
  6. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I have Kubota's Chute system ordered with delivery sometime next month. I'll give an honest opinion after trying it out since I haven't found any information online.
  7. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I have been impressed. Glad I spent the extra money on the diesel.
  8. kubotacres

    What is the cheapest kubota zero turn diesel?

    Not true. Paid 12k last week for a Brand New Kubota Diesel. Was previously looking at a gas burner that would've cost more.
  9. kubotacres

    Kubota ZD6154 Chute Deflector

    Has anyone purchased the Kubota operator chute kit? I can't find any reviews online Looking at purchasing for my ZD1011. I'm interested in some photos and opinions before committing. I have researched the ACS but like the setup of the factory one. Thanks.
  10. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Another Kubota to the lineup!

    After alot of research, I pulled the trigger on the ZD1011-54. Added the maintenance lift and will be ordering the chute blocker. This thing is a beast compared to the Badboy I owned. Even though I'm smaller in width (54 vs 60) I will more than make up the time because of speed and power. This...
  11. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I was worried about not getting the dual fuel tanks at first. So for comparison on fuel usage. My Badboy had a 6.5 gal capacity and the Kubota has 6.1 gal.Normally I could empty a 5 gallon jug after mowing with the Badboy.. This is how much I used this morning mowing. Pretty impressive machine.
  12. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I can't find enough info on the OEM Kubota brand. The ACS has plenty of info although it's very hard to decifer which one fits my mower. I wanted to have it ordered in time to install on my mower but doesn't look like it will happen. Guess I'll call them to verify the correct one.
  13. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Does the lever get in the way? How hard was it drilling the holes in that thick deck?
  14. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I'm waiting on a quote for the Kubota brand but I can't find reviews or detailed photos online. The ACS has plenty of reviews.
  15. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    In regards to the chute, what are y'all's opinions on the Kubota chute blocker or the Advanced Chute system? Pros/Cons to each one?
  16. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Same here. I have a very good mower now 60" Badboy with a Kawa engine. But I figured in the long run and while I can get some money back on my current mower, that now is a good time to trade up. I think I'll be pleased. Should make delivery next week.
  17. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I always like to buy something with the intention of owning for a long time. With the hours I see these things going, I should have it many many years.
  18. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Last question, how many of you with the ZD are strictly residential? Would it be considered an overkill?
  19. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I got them to "throw" in the lift. The chute I'm fairly certain I can build something. I think Ive made up my mind though.
  20. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Oh I definitely will. I did the same for my tractor and my sxs. When I make a purchase, it's usually for the long haul. I will definitely be getting a few extras such as the lift kit and chute lifter.
  21. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Yep the ZD comes with it. Kubota says it's supposed to provide 22% better fuel economy. Not sure if it really does. I will for certain be adding the lift kit for easy maintenance on the deck. That's seems like a good feature for $100+.
  22. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    That's the answer I was looking for. I had initially looked at buying the ZG series but later found out the "Kubota" engine was a rebadged Kohler. I tend to lean more on Kubota built engines whether they cost more or not due to reliability. Which is why I started looking at the diesel. Probably...
  23. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    With my current 26 hp Kawasaki I'm using around 1.5 gallons an hour and stuck with a 6.5 gallon tank. I'm trying to justify atleast some savings in fuel although I know it won't make up the difference in amount I'll be spending.
  24. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    I guess the ZD1011 isn't a popular mower.
  25. kubotacres

    ZD1011 Fuel Consumption and Compare to Z724KW

    Looking at purchasing a ZD1011 and the lack of fuel storage is a disappointment at 6 gallons. The Z700 series has dual tanks but is a gas burner. I know I can step up to the larger Diesel for more storage but it's not practical considering this will only be for residential use only. My question...
  26. kubotacres

    Bucket Level Indicator Adjustment for Grand L

    I've never adjusted the indicator rod since owning but being such a laid back day I decided to. I've read the manual and for no reason at all can explain why I'm unable to make this work. The indicator rod i can get adjusted but the plate I can't. Its almost like the plate isn't long enough...
  27. kubotacres

    L3560 Idle Adjustment location

    Where is the idle rpm adjustment located? I've always noticed that my tractor idled rather low compared to my previous tractors. I need to idle at 800 RPM and Max at 2600 according to my dealer. Thanks!
  28. kubotacres

    Are these geniune Pat"s Quick Hitch?

    I have an opportunity to purchase a used set of Pat's quick hitch. However they are either of an older design if Pat's or not genuine. Can anyone identify these? Im not happy with my current quick hitch I bought from HF so I would like to give these an opportunity depending on what I find out...
  29. kubotacres

    RTV Windshield Suggestions

    I wanted to get opinions on those who have windshields on their RTV especially the 500 since I'm looking at purchasing one. I would really prefer the fold up however I'm worried about vibration and cracking at the hinges. The only other options are the two piece windshield which come with or...
  30. kubotacres

    RTV 500 Rattling Front Brakes

    I've had enough... I'm curious if I'm the only one with a 500 that rattles like crazy from loose front brake pads. Every bump sounds like a jar of coins. This was noted when I brought it in for recall work and the dealer said it was fine. However If nobody else is experiencing this, then maybe...
  31. kubotacres

    Need to upgrade to a 6' Rotary Cutter. Opinions?

    The Landpride rcr1860 that I bought for my l3200, and was well suited for that tractor is lacking with my l3560. It's not covering my tracks and a 6' cutter purchase is in order. I received a quote of $2150 for a RCR1872 which is identical to my current cutter only a foot wider. Before I make...
  32. kubotacres

    Built Canopy for the L3560

    I've never owned a tractor with a canopy but now I see what I've been missing. About 4 years ago I acquired a piece of shiny Kubota Orange aluminum that I "planned" to install on the L3200. I tucked it away in storage and forgot about it. I found it a couple days ago and decided to spend the...
  33. kubotacres

    Cannot Load Tires without Unseating Bead

    So a very long story shortened. Several weeks ago when I bought my l3560 the first thing I decided to do was load the rear tires. I have done this several times on my previous tractors and it's fairly easy....Until now. What I thought was to be a 1 hour job for both tires ended up being 4-6...
  34. kubotacres

    L3560 12volt Power Supply

    From what I've read, the L60 series comes with a 12 volt harness behind the seat. I'm assuming that this is the cab only tractor since mine didn't come with one. I'm wanting to add a few small accessories and will need a 12 volt source. On my l3200 the power tap was under the rear fender. Can...
  35. kubotacres

    Tiller Tines Replacement

    I just completed a overhaul on a recently bought tiller.Installed a new slip clutch pto shaft,fresh oil change,adjusted chain tension and completely sanded,primed,and painted.Overall the tiller is in great shape with the exception of the Tines. Seems to still till well but I'm thinking I could...
  36. kubotacres

    The Time has Come. New L3560 Ordered

    After much "in depth" research, test driving, used tractor searching and lots of question asking I pulled the trigger today. I think I will be well pleased and hopefully it will surpass my needs. I had been used to a Grand L before I bought my own tractor which was a L3200. It was a great...
  37. kubotacres

    Which Bucket to buy for LA805 loader

    So I've researched and still haven't found the answer I'm looking for. I was quoted a LA805 loader with a L2236 bucket (72" QA). The bucket is considered "light material". The other bucket I'm considering is the L2235A which is the Square back bucket at only $40-$50 more. However I can't find...
  38. kubotacres

    Sold L3200, Time to Upgrade. GST Opinions?

    Well after much thought and lots of looking, I decided to put the L3200 up for sale. Within a day I got my asking price and the tractor will be picked up tomorrow....The l3200 is a very good tractor but I'm spoiled on the Grand L luxury. I went looking at the L60s knowing good well I despise the...
  39. kubotacres

    Kubota RTV Recall Notice

    Has anybody else received a Recall notice for the steering shaft?I'm going to call the dealer shortly to schedule a date to bring in. I haven't had any issues with mine but it must be a problem. According to the Recall its for the entire steering shaft replacement.
  40. kubotacres

    Kubota RTV500 Noise while in 4wd

    So I've had my RTV a little over a month now and I've used 4wd quite a bit with the rain here in the South. I've noticed more noise from the front end while in 4wd compared to 2wd. The noise doesn't sound bad but I'm curious if this is common with the RTV 500's? If not I'll bring to the dealer...
  41. kubotacres

    Kubota Rtv-500 Front Accessory Box

    Does anybody have this? Just curious if it's worth the $160+shipping? I'm leaning towards making my own, but wanted to get opinions first from someone who owns the OEM box. Looks to me like a cheap thin plastic box worth $30. I noticed all the room under the hood would be good for storage thus...
  42. kubotacres

    RTV 500 Buying Questions

    So after many weeks of looking at various models, brands, golf carts, I've decided to purchase a RTV 500. I plan on test driving it next week and possibly purchasing if it pleases me. I'm almost certain that it will meet the demands of what I will use it for, but I have a few questions that I...
  43. kubotacres

    Changing to a Grand L Seat

    Well like I don't have enough projects to work on, I've been thinking about changing out my seat for a Grand L type seat with arm rests. Of course after seeing the $1000+ price tag Im looking at other options. Anybody changed out their seat whether old or new to a better fitted seat? Or at least...
  44. kubotacres

    Bad Boy ZT Elite at TSC

    Actually the 2014 has the New Kohler 7000 series engines on them and a few updates to the overall mower as well. The 2013 models if you can still find them have the older courage which is why you can get $500 off them from TSC. I'm buying one (from the dealer) tomorrow but I think i'm going to...
  45. kubotacres

    Had my LA524 FEL installed today.Pics

    So after much discussion and at one point thinking about selling, i decided to install a new FEL on my tractor. Initally I didn't buy one with the tractor because I had one "handy" next door on the L3240. However over the past couple years I'm tired of borrowing. Seems to operate smooth as on...
  46. kubotacres

    Adding FEL to my L3200..Opinions on Brand

    So I've decided to add a FEL to my tractor. This decision comes after not being able to sell my tractor in time to purchase a NON-Tier 4 engine Kubota. I'm stuck between two brands of loaders, the Kubota LA524 and Ansung 2540C... There is about a $1000 price difference between the two. The...
  47. kubotacres

    Opinion on price for a L3240 I found

    So I had a L3240 fall into my lap sort of speak and I'm thinking about selling my l3200. I love my L3200 but I've somewhat been used to my dads L3240 since buying it, and it's no comparison between the two. With that said, the tractor is a 2012 model L3240 4wd FST with the La514 loader. It has...
  48. kubotacres

    Loaded Rear Tires Without Loader

    Can anybody shed some light on the Pro's/Cons of loading the rear tires on my L3200? I don't have a Loader but the extra weight would come in handy especially pulling/boxblading. I know the old Jubilee I owned was loaded and I didn't have any issues. A little weight wouldn't hurt my L because...
  49. kubotacres

    50 Hr Oil Change. Oil Question

    Like coutless others, I'm performing the 50 hr change in the coming week. I will be using all Kubota brand filters with the exception of the oil. I had actually wanted to stick with the same brand oil i use on everything else (castrol) but I don't know enough about their Castrol Tection Oil to...
  50. kubotacres

    Non Syncro Tranny Savings and question?

    I'm not a transmission expert by no means. I know how to perform maintenence and know the overall functions of how the transmission works. However I'm trying to understand why Kubota opt for the "NON" syncro transmission instead of having a syncro? I own the New L3200 with the manual...
  51. kubotacres

    Red Barn Paint. Suggestions??

    So I've just recently finished my new barn and now all it needs is a good painting to finish the job. I'm certainly going with the traditional Red color however I'm having a time finding paint intended for metal rather than wood. I'd like to keep the cost low on and need around 5 gallon's. I did...
  52. kubotacres

    New Goodies installed on the L3200

    Well since my lift jerk has been fixed,I've actually felt like adding my goodies to my L3200. Added a new Front Guard with weights (weights i made), Stabilizer Kit for the 3pt hitch, and installed a Work light. I included pics of them below... About to put it to work finishing my barn.
  53. kubotacres

    Jerky Hitch Fixed!

    Well I got my tractor back today with a smooth operational 3 pt hitch. No more jerkyness when lifting items and when grading. It took a little help from my dealer and a call to Kubota Corp but it all worked out. My jerk was sloppy as heck and hopped the front of my tractor off the ground on...
  54. kubotacres

    Best place online for parts/accessories

    I need to order a few accessories for my tractor and I'm curious if i might be able to save a few $$ ordering online as opposed to going to the dealer. First thing I need is the Stabilizer Kit for the 3pt hitch..Anybody have a part # handy and a place to order one? Thanks
  55. kubotacres

    L-Series Grill Guard

    Has anybody bought the grill guard that comes with the loader package seperate? I want one for my new L3200 and I was given part # MX8190 which I have no idea if it's correct.When i searched the part number it came back "guard", but without pictures. I was hoping to pick one up online and save a...
  56. kubotacres

    Missing Fender Handle on L3200

    I just purchased my L3200 on Friday. But I couldn't help to notice the missing right side fender handle that comes standard on the Grand's... I'm pretty sure it's saving money related, but I don't understand why Kubota would leave it off. I already purchased one that's made to fit a 3240 even...