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  1. MagicMM

    Thinkin about..

    I would look toward the dealer availability and reliability.
  2. MagicMM

    Smaller rear tires to lower tractor ROPS so I can fit into my trailer when hauling

    I have no concern regarding the ROPS Police so I drilled more holes in the bottoms and lowered it. They are a "fit all" anyway and I ain't 6' 6" tall.
  3. MagicMM

    What To Use For Front Shields ON Brush Hogs?

    Used round hay baler belt.
  4. MagicMM

    What creates "bad diesel" fuel ?

    I would suspect that algae is your problem. I would drain/clean the tank and always use a Biocide
  5. MagicMM

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Getting the carport done is looking good Brandi if you can keep Luke from lying down on the job. Will the chicken coop be like a "chicken tractor" with no bottom that can be moved periodically? I don't miss raising rabbits but I do miss the fryers. ;)
  6. MagicMM

    Chain hooks on Bucket or just use pallet forks? (For misc chain hoisting)

    I am well pleased with having my hooks on three links of grade 8 chain and bolted to the top corners of the bucket. The chain allows them to swivel as needed.
  7. MagicMM

    Anyone use an electric mower blade sharpener?

    Metal has been worn off to dull blades. Grinding only takes off more metal. I take my blades to a machine/blacksmith shop where they are heated cherry red and a trip hammer is used to hammer the cutting edge sharp. No metal is removed. I didn't find a video sharpening a blade but this is a...
  8. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    7102 board feet of mostly 2X6 & 2X8 Longleaf Pine framing lumber that I sawed for a customer this week. I am approximately half through sawing this job.
  9. MagicMM

    Loose hay

    Our hay was cut with a sickle mower, side delivery rake rowed it up, hay rake gathered it into piles, we pitchforked it into the wagon, pitchforked it up into the barn, and then pitchforked it to the back of the barn. Thankfully pitching it back down into the wagon and then to the cows was much...
  10. MagicMM

    Moving Cordwood

    I am well pleased with my 48" Thumb from
  11. MagicMM

    “Disappearing” Lynch Pins

    Don't buy the cheap pins, but rather use the ones labeled "heavy duty" etc. If you don't have to be careful to not snap your finger when you unlatch it, it ain't good enough.
  12. MagicMM

    Zero turn vs hst tractor reliability

    Be sure to pick those fallen Pecan limbs up because a ZT doesn't like grinding up limbs. Bits of Pecan limbs will cause you misery with the belts/pulleys. I know, I have to mow around Pecan trees. :(
  13. MagicMM

    bush hog recommendation

    Did the OP give any indication that he would be mowing saplings??
  14. MagicMM

    bush hog recommendation

    Yes you can handle a single spindle 6" cutter very well as long as you keep sharp blades under it. The gear box rating will have no effect regarding your tractor's ability to handle it, and you certainly would not have to be concerned about it's strength.
  15. MagicMM

    bush hog recommendation

    Your limiting factors are your hp and your relatively small acreage. A 6' single or an 8' double is about all that your hp will handle, and the 8' is $$$. My situation is almost a duplicate of yours with a 45hp 1530 JD and a 54hp M4900 Kubota. I have a 6' single and a 3008 Bush Hog which is a...
  16. MagicMM

    Bucket level indicator rod---useful?

    I find it even more useful when I have the forks on. And Hello my Friend. ;)
  17. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    I finished sawing framing lumber for a new home yesterday; 2X4's, 6's, 12's plus 10X10 posts. A total of 13,907 board feet. The stack in the back is over 12' and the next is over 11'. :eek: All of the lifts are 48" wide. The Red Oak posts are 9' and the framing lumber is up to 20'.
  18. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    The stickered stack of lumber that I pictured in Reply #239 has grown quite a bit (it's now over 9800 board feet) and will increase next week when I saw the 2X4's. This will be the framing lumber for the customer's new home.
  19. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    There are other options if your building codes allow. Here is 4910 board feet of 18'and 20' framing lumber that I sawed this week for a customer's new home. That was 194 ea. 2X6's and 28 ea. 2X12's; his cost $1473. I will be sawing additional 2X6's and 2X4's next week plus 10X10 Red Oak for...
  20. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Here is a little stack of ten 16' X 2X8's and two 12' X 2X8's, all treated. $403.00 !! And I don't know why it turned my picture over??
  21. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    My last customer won't be concerned about lumber prices for a while: That's 10,439 board feet of mostly Red Oak lumber.
  22. MagicMM

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Rising/uncertain lumber prices has my protable sawmilling business going crazy. Here is over 7500 board feet of 2X4's, 2X6's, and 1X lumber that I have sawn for one customer during the past week. That plus 36 more logs to saw the first of this week. Did I say crazy?