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  1. Dwellonroof

    Who hauls their tractor in a bumper pull dump trailer?

    As post states but looking for ideas.
  2. Dwellonroof

    Generic Seal Kits

    Will any seal kit work on Terramite backhoe cylinders? I have 1 1/4" rod and 2 1/2" bore but $50 plus seems quite high to me considering.?
  3. Dwellonroof

    Horse drawn wagon

    I purchased this wagon to use to place my chicken coop on to move around my property but would like to clean it up some and grease the bearings but not knowing anything about these how would I go about greasing them?
  4. Dwellonroof

    Milwaukee hedge trimmer

    Anyone have one? I'm thinking about purchasing one since I have quite a few 18 volt Milwaukee tools.
  5. Dwellonroof

    12 Volt air compressor

    What 12v compressor would be for portable remote use for tractor or zero turn tires just to top them off or to stager back to trailer or garage?
  6. Dwellonroof

    Cultipacker value

    I picked this double cultipacker up the other day thinking I would have a need but decided maybe not so I thought maybe someone else could use it but not sure what would be a fair price. They would need reworked and either new wood block bearings or?? They are 8’ long.
  7. Dwellonroof

    Allmand TLB

    Anyone here with an Allmand 425 or 535 backhoe I'm looking for the Eaton number off the gear pump and maybe a picture or two. I'm thinking someone installed the wrong pump in mine.
  8. Dwellonroof

    Donut for air intake

    Anyone with information or ideas about replacement donut for this setup? The hood closes on it to make a seal but I can’t find anything like it tried to google it but no go. It has2” center opening and about 4-1/2 outside and 1” thick. It’s for my 425 Allmand backhoe.
  9. Dwellonroof

    Mid mount grader blade ??

    What tractor(s) would I look for that would or could have a mid mounted blade ? Also pictures would help.
  10. Dwellonroof

    Kellogg American Compressor

    I’m going to look at a old compressor but it’s 3 phase and not hooked up so what should I be looking for? Anything particular? I know I would need a single phase motor to replace the existing.
  11. Dwellonroof

    WiFi Thermometer

    Anyone have a wifi thermometer set-up? My wireless are to far away to pickup but I have extended wifi in my pole barn where I want to place one.
  12. Dwellonroof

    Hobart 150

    My Scag Turf Tiger mower was cutting lower on one side the last couple times I mowed and couldn’t see the problem until today when it got much worse. I’m asking for advice on welding it back since I have it alined but I only have this Hobart Handler 150 wire welder that is 220volt plus gas. The...
  13. Dwellonroof

    Palm nailer which one?

    As stated but I want to use for pole barn spikes then whatever project that comes along.
  14. Dwellonroof

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    I'm thinking about building a small pole barn 30x40x10 but wondering if I should wait until prices go down or just bite the bullit and order the kit. For now it would be dirt/gravel floor with no insulation, build it myself the kit would be around $14,000
  15. Dwellonroof

    Floor anchors

    I used to have a garage with chains in the floor that a auto body man had installed but now I have moved and would like to install some of these. They look something like these but probably a different brand. Do any of you have any suggestions?
  16. Dwellonroof

    Kubota 3 Point

    Genuine Kubota 3 point hitch arms with stabilizer bars. I could possibly ship. $1200.
  17. Dwellonroof

    Hub repair help

    I found the problem with the rear hydraulic dive wheel to a vibratory roller that I purchased which at first I thought was the wheel motor but after dismantling it I found that the hub is wallowed out at the keyway. Does anyone know how to go about getting it repaired since the part is no...
  18. Dwellonroof

    Lawn Roller

    I made this lawn roller a few years ago and used water to fill it with and drained it before winter but now I’m thinking about putting my used motor oil and hydraulic fluid in it and leave it that way. What are your thoughts about that? It’s 24”X 65” long not counting the frame.
  19. Dwellonroof

    Jump Starters

    I’m thinking about purchasing a jump starter box but I had one about 15 years ago that was purchased from Meijer and placed on a shelf in the box until I needed it but to find out the compressor side would turn on but no air so I took it apart to find the gears were stripped so I gave it away...
  20. Dwellonroof

    Backhoe bucket

    I'm wanting a 12' or smaller backhoe bucket to fit an A322 Ditch Witch backhoe attachment.
  21. Dwellonroof

    How many are deleting your Facebook accounts and going to MeWe

    I thought I would ask especially since the concern about privacy. I only had a facebook account for the last 6 months mainly for the marketplace side but I deleted my account yesterday because of the other agenda it trys to throw at me.
  22. Dwellonroof

    Aquilon debris blower

    I’m looking for information about an Aquilon pro blower I purchased today. It seams to run ok but looks to have a small oil leak at the gearbox seal, it’s a Comer gearbox and I really don’t want to take the whole thing apart to see the model and serial number but there are numbers on the casing...
  23. Dwellonroof

    Sidewalk repair

    I have a couple sidewalks that are sunken and/or shifted that I was thinking about renting a concrete saw and cut them at the joints, lift them with my John Deere 2720 and reset them. Any other thoughts or ideas?
  24. Dwellonroof

    Stump Chipper

    Just wondering if anyone has purchased one of these A-Fab stump chippers and what your thoughts might be, would you buy again or a better brand? Is it worth the cost? New A-Fab Inc. Stump Chipper - YouTube Tree Stump Chipper, Grinder, Remover, Shredder, Mulcher Tractor Three Point PTO | eBay
  25. Dwellonroof


    I've been planing to purchase a Titan toothbar for my JD 61" bucket and kept putting it off, so about 3 weeks ago I noticed the 60" bars are no longer available/out of stock except ebay had a used 60" only one left but by the time I decided to purchase it was gone also. After doing more...
  26. Dwellonroof

    Ditch Witch

    I'm thinking about buying a ditch witch with trencher and backhoe combo it's probably an older model 3610dd I don't know the year but he guy said it is under 1000 hours. Any thoughts on these ? What to look for prier to purchase ? It is a diesel 3 cylinder he said so is it air cooled or water...
  27. Dwellonroof

    Sewer Repair

    I have a problem with sewer backup/running slow so I tried to auger it but hit a dead end @ about 45' from clean-out so I purchased a 1/4" jetter hose with nozzle for my 3700 psi power washer which went through but with a lot of giggling in and out. When I removed the hose it had clay marks on...
  28. Dwellonroof

    Rural Internet

    I thought I seen a post about getting internet for a vehicle and using it at home but I couldn't find the post. I have a pole barn at another location and would like to get internet access but the only option is Hughes Net so I thought I would ask here what you are using. BTW I'm wanting to...
  29. Dwellonroof

    Safety glasses

    Now that I'm getting older it seems to bother me more from the grass and dust while mowing, what is a good pair of tight fitting safety glasses maybe even bifocal but I need a tighter fit because the fine particles seem to get behind regular safety glasses. Also I started to wear one of those...
  30. Dwellonroof

    Mowing  F2000

    I purchased it to tinker with, has 2-72” mower decks but one has a bad gearbox I did some research and found they are extremely rare and am wondering if anyone found an aftermarket box for one of these or had parts made, my concern is the other one will go out. I’ll take possession of it...
  31. Dwellonroof

    Ice on heat pump blades

    We had a new heat pump installed about a year and a half ago which the insurance company paid for a new one because lightning hit the old unit and burnt almost all the electrical components in it and the air handler. The old unit was a Trane with the factory hood/ cover over the top to protect...
  32. Dwellonroof

    New Front Tires

    Well since I am so hard on my tractor tires I am replacing the 2 front ones on my John Deere 2720. 2 years ago the one snagged a rock and cut the sidewall, I had to put a tube in it and now I used the tractor to clean-up the roof shingles that were removed from the barn and they are full of...
  33. Dwellonroof

    Cat 1.1 oil leak

    I recently purchased a Scag turf tiger with a cat 1.1 diesel (28 hp) and noticed an oil leak at what seems to be a bolt or plug, I'm afraid to remove it thinking it might be holding the cam shaft. Does anyone know if I can remove it without removing the valve cover? Does it have an o'ring or...
  34. Dwellonroof

    JD 2720 pops out of 4 wd

    I know a few people had this problem with their 2520 but I can't seem to find the real fix except that there is a spring and 2 balls to replace. 1 Has anyone ever fixed this themselves? 2 What are the part numbers to from John Deere