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    Mowing  So there I am mowing away

    in a little 2 acre undeveloped lot in the middle of town early on this Saturday morning. I finish first and the other tractor is still going. I'm hooking up and I look up and there's a big balloon with about 10 people in it. I wave, they wave back. pretty cool. I finish hooking up and look up...
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    Rotary Cutter  I love changing bush hog blades

    Not it's always something. I do this a lot, it's the same thing for all of them (although I did notice that Woods has a different setup that looks WAY easier) Jack the cutter up, turn the blades around so the hole matches on top. Get out the great big 1&13/16th socket, get out the impact...
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    Is my pickup a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

    From JJ Keller: You can’t be serious! My pickup truck might be a CMV? - IOTW2315 - J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. You can't be serious! My pickup truck might be a CMV? Did you know that your company pickup truck just might be defined as a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) according to the...
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    need a tandem truck side dump body maker

    Want to put a side dump body on my tandem dump truck. (class B) I know of Smith Co in Iowa. I've seen other bodies, but don't know who makes them. google is exceptionally worthless on this (more than usual) ideas? someone must know.
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    TC45 + 8' rotary cutter?

    possible, not possible? rhino (spit, puke) 6' cutter has destroyed where the blades attach to the stump jumper and I utterly refuse to put another dime into the POJ. But I need another cutter that's bigger than my (still working fine, never had one issue, 4 years older, $700) 5' Bush Hog I've...
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    So, you wanna use your tractor commercially

    Well, I just found out a joyous law here in Colorado, but I'm sure there are similar laws in all the states (esp in tax happy northeast and Kali). It's called the special mobile vehicle decal/plate, SMM plate If you want to use your self-propelled equipment commercially you have to get this...
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    You knew it couldn't last

    the new TC45 (that replaced the lemon TC45) broke at 81 hours. Saw some markings on the inside of the rear tire. Umm, honey, what have you been doing? (it's her tractor most of the time and we've been working HARD this week) Uhhh, nothing. :rolleyes: Look closer, Oh, I see what's wrong, the...
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    how do you spread lime?

    Seriously It's never come up before. Our soils here are are very akaline and I've never heard of someone having to spread lime. (although I hear you guys/gals talk about it back east). So, went up to bid this lady in the mountains (about 8500 feet) and she says "nothing grows" I say "let's do...
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    Dear trailer manufacturers

    It's 2007, almost 2008 Cars have had sealed bearings for almost 30 years It's time to get a clue There's only one part on a trailer that needs regular maintenance. It shouldn't take hours to do it. Minimum all trailer should come from the factory with bearing buddy style things, but really it's...
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    Last straw for this dealer

    i.e. HOSED AGAIN. I'm so mad I could spit. I took the TC45 back in to have it's radio and rear remote put on. They were part of the original deal although with the switching of lemon tractor for this one, they ran otu of time, and it wasn't a big deal I didn't need them anyway. Figured I had...
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    Well, put it in the ditch

    Actually, not me, the wife. Doing this nasty bushhogging job today (luckily bid enough for it). Along ditches, 5 to 10' high, nobody knows what's under there, etc Took both tractors and put the wife to work on one side and I went to work on another. AFter about 2 hours, the cell rings, it's...
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    Mighty tall weeds

    That's not a trick of the camera, that's a 8' tall TN75 going thru those weeds. Those weren't the tallest weeds, but the easiest place to take the picture I just did one yesterday just like it, the wife from a hill could only see the blue top of it. You just go real slow. Kinda underbid it a bit...
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    Mowing  32 acres with a 4' mower

    Went out to bid this job, 32 acres, old dairy farm being renovated. crap everywhere and 3 to 5' weeds/grass. Some of it had been mowed (3 acres or so?) but the guy apparantly got frustrated hitting all the rocks and stuff and quit. That's the business. I did bid it high (because there was...
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    Hive Mind opinion wanted on dealer issue

    So, I stupidly left the gas cap off my TN75 and mowed for 4 hours. (this is really bad, DON'T DO THIS). It began to miss and died (fuel starvation). Kicking myself, replaced the fuel filter (which was clean BTW) and still nothing. Loaded it, drove it to the dealer. Dealer got to it in about 2...
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    Rotary Cutter  Rhino Rotary cutters

    junk I've had it with this junk. I've had a cheapie bushhog squeler (5') for years and nothing has ever happened to it. I've owned a 6' Rhino (2000 dollars) and a 8' Rhino (5000 dollars) since May and as of today, i've now busted ALL 3 WHEELS on those (the 8' has two). (it bends the fork, how...
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    DO NOT BUY TC40/45

    What a piece of junk It broke again (no rabbit/turtle) JUNK poorly designed, poorly built JUNK 17 hours on it, 30 days I've had this piece of junk and it's been in the shop 20+ of those and now it's going back again and it's never coming back to my house ever There's no way that I'm ever...
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    NH 5030

    Got a 5030 as a loaner today They said about 60hp, feels like. Big LONG tractor (2wd, turf tires) Turns really well, nice ride, mongo power. PTO power was at like 1500rpm (which threw me for a while), but it just plugged right along. Any idea when these were made? horrible ergonomics, had to...
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    Guess what?

    I took the TC45DA (cab) out again today and guess what? for the 3rd straight time something broke (less than 10 total hours on it, half of them by the dealer trying to figure it out) What a Piece I took it back to the dealer, I told them to get a hold of the New Holland rep, cuz I've had it...
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    TC45DA (Cab) issues, problems and things you should be aware of

    First, does anyone know where this is built? Cuz I"m NOT impressed with their quality control. Purchased it brand new, it's torn down to the axles with a grand total of 3, (yes three) hours on it and been at the dealer for 10 days now. So, anyone, it needs an entire new wiring harness. Yes...
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    The gall of some people

    Get a phone call today for the business (sweet, money!!!!) wife answers Some guy asking how much for 60 acres? We tell him He says "thanks, I've got this job to do and I don't know what to charge" and hangs up :eek: a. I hope he's got a 5' cutter for that 60 acres b. I would have called him...
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    Do you know why people work on their own tractors?

    Because all the dealership service departments *(&^&^$#%&)_! I'm so mad I could spit. :mad: There is no point in getting a warranty because the stupid service departments can't honor them. (oh sure, in 2 to 3 weeks, what good is that?) Let's just say that New Holland's warranty is worth...
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    my TC45DA runs hot, ideas

    used it twice and hey it's summer, but it's not arizona hot and the screens are clean and there's no humidity here. Within an hour of bushhogging (and it's not working hard at all) it sneaks right up to the red/green line. Unless the screens are plugged, the other two tractors don't move at...
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    TiNy and TaCy

    Ok, at least one little pic the TN75DA (mine) and the TC45DA (hers) Apparantly 2nd wedding anniversay is his and hers tractors. :D
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    chipper, chainsaw, chaps, allergy meds and 85 degrees

    are a BAD mix Yesterday went out to chip some brush piiles for a customer. we've done this a few times, but usually cut it ourself. this time, the ditch company had come in and cut everything down and just left it. (I know, unbelievable, i would have come unglued) and it's actually been down...
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    TC45DA thoughts

    So, (skid steer vs compact thread in owning/operating), went off to play with a TC45DA today. The wife drove it around the other day and really liked it, she feels the TN75DA is too big for her. (and it is too big for a lot of our smaller jobs), but man is that cab great. Makes just a massive...
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    Let's do the math

    Since there isn't a business forum (HINT), I guess we'll have to put this here. To decide what you can charge and stay in business you need to know what your costs are. If your costs are more than what the going price is, you can't and won't stay in business (and neither will anyone else over...
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    Penny wise, pound foolish

    so, the last couple of years, we've mowed this pasture across the street from some of our friends. (in fact, they got us the job) Now, this is an 8 acre property, it's a VERY OLD farmhouse and has tons of crap in the yard. they've been "cleaning it up" for years. (just get it done already)...
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    Cabs are for wimps

    I mean, i've been on and off tractors since I was 16 years old (20+ years ago), never had a cab, never needed a cab. Just put on a hat and be a man. But, this winter, while removing snow from the big blizzards, it got a wee cold after being on the tractor for 8+ hours. So, when I ordered my...
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    skid steer or compact?????

    So, we're expanding the business (aka putting yet more money into it :rolleyes: ) and adding manure removal. We've done a couple already and purchased a dump trailer and added height to it (manure doesn't weigh all that much). For the first couple we rented a skid steer and well, a skid steer...
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    The run of bad luck continues

    The wife takes the little tractor (03 MF 1433) out to finish off the chipper yard story below. I get a call from the wife "tractor is broke" "also I broke a tree :confused: and i hit the fence and broke a rail" :mad: Unbelievable Go out to the site PTO doesn't come on. gotta be the switch...
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    I'm a Maroon

    Turns out my wife is much smarter than I am I had a laborer (older guy from church, but he works hard) helping me yesterday and we’re cutting out dead trees and branches and dragging them over (thru 2’ high grass, she mows it today) to the chipper (on the tractor) and then chipping them. No big...
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    Took the loader off last night

    TN75DA, 32LC loader So, after having a wee issue with a hose coming undone on a job and finally have some time and energy to take the loader off, we went after it last night. This was one of the reasons I wanted a utility so I could easily remove the loader and not have it there (and i bought...
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    exploding trailer tires

    Ohhh, it's been a joy of a week. :mad: Driving down the freeway, wife is behind me, I lost her somewhat in traffic but she knows how to get home. She's freaked and says "tire blew up" what? This trailer was brand new in 04, it has less than 15,000 miles on it (probably less than 10,000) and...
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    The joys of bidding work

    So, We're out today bushhogging. it's a long way away, I probably barely break even on the mowing, but I"ll make out ok when seeding, etc in the fall and spring. (everybody mows, you can't charge more than everyone else). so, finishing up and loading the big mower (little mower is already...
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    Yes, here is your weekly public service announcement from the school of hard knocks. Straw cowboy hats and rotary cutters do not mix. That is all. :D
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    It blew up

    :mad: Yes, my 5 day old TN75DA blew up today It has a itty bitty leak on the hoses going to the heater core in the cab where they were pinched (installed incorrectly or not long enough) and it pretty much spit out the entire radiator. I look down about 30 minutes into this job and IT'S IN THE...
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    ahhhhhhhhhhh darn, lost the wheel to my new rotary cutter

    bought a 6' rhino rotary cutter a few months ago wife said it was turning hard yesterday, went out and took all the mud off of it last night and greased it, still on the tractor, on the trailer. she goes off to do a $130 job. She calls me up and says "there's no rear wheel" what? :confused...
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    LC's unabridged reivew of a TN75DA

    Well, I got my new TN75DA (cab, with about all the options) on friday, took it out on sunday and monday and put 20 hours on it. hard working hours. So, let me say up front, this is one impressive machine, took everything I could throw at it and spit it out in perfect comfort. I ordered this...
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    IT'S HERE, TN75DA arrived today

    Finally ordered in late February, arrived via truck (in less than 3 days from Pennsylvania) today. Had to take it off the flatbed, so that was exciting. Driven it back and forth to the dealer to pick up my implements and a couple times around. First time I"d ever driven it (or any TN) was off...
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    I did a bad thing last night

    But not on purpose Went off doing manure removal. put the small tractor (MF1433) in the dump trailer, chained it up and went off. Loaded up 3 loads (where is my skid steer???? this thing is so slow) and dumped it. Came back and put the tractor in and got paid. It's now about 7:30pm, I've...
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    Need a tarp cover for a dump trailer

    Hauling manure now, gotta cover and uncover a couple times a day, a regular tarp isn't going to cut it. Suggestions?????? links?
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    tell me about NH skid steers

    smaller ones, 150's, 160's, 170's or so used to run lots of them back in the early and mid-90's, but not much since. thinking of adding manure removal to the biz, best way is with a SS.
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    tilling clay soil after a big rain

    baaaaaaaadddddd idea. Friday night, ripped up (with my fancy scarifiers) about 2 acres of weed infested pasture to till and replant in the rain. Made a mess of the tractor but worked fine. Rained hard saturday afternoon and didn't get back to it until sunday morning. got the tiller all set...
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    My new TN75DA is now in America

    The dealer called to say it's in Baltimore today, waiting for customs then a truck to the dealer, then a truck to here. it's getting closer Too bad, I really could have used it the past 2 weeks. soon, soon.
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    17 hours on the tractor since 3pm yesterday

    I'm exhausted 2:30pm to dark thirty yesterday up at 6am, back at it until finally got rained out about 5. That's a long time to sit on a compact, it barely shut down 2 full tanks of fuel Where is my cabbed, heated TN? :mad:
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    TN60, TN70, TN75 with cab/4wd owners I need a favor

    a really easy one If you have ag's or preferably R4's on your TN series with a cab (and 4wd) Can you measure how tall to from the ground to the top of the cab????? I see the numbers in the brouchure, I want real world. Getting ready to have a steel building put up, want to make sure it fits...
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    New Trailer arrived, Econoling 25' GN TILT trailer

    It's Econoline, not ling, I can't spell, sorry, it won't let me edit the title So, it finally arrived (and it's 24 degrees with freezing rain, i'll get your pics tomorrow :p , good thing we have global warming) So i went down to pick it up I bought this particular model because I needed a 25'...
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    tell me about cordless grease guns

    my grease gun after only 10 years :mad: gave up the ghost today and pretty much exploded grease. I go off to the store, i see cordless grease guns. :D cool I don't know nothing teach me. TIA
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    Herd Fertilizer/Seed spreader for ATV's

    Ok, having gotten the ATV and doing a lot of seeding this spring and some fertlizing. For pieces smaller than 2 acres or so, it's much faster just to use the ATV than hook up the big one on the tractor. So, I bought a cycle country spreader from the local shop for about $380 dollars including...
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    Road Boss Road Grader

    Ok, so someone on this site (sorry, forgot who), told me about this. It looked really cool, made sense with the business (Road Boss Grader - Road and Landscape Grading, Surfacing and Leveling, and Material Spreading and Reclamation so talked with the guy. You order one, they bring it out, hook...
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    Price Check  TN75A Cab pricing (yes, again)

    Ok, I know, it's the guy with TN's on the brain. :o Went to the dealer, he did a quote for me (to compare to that used one that's a million miles away) So, tell me if this sounds good or bad or what? Brand new TN75DA (cab) R4 Industrial tires, radio, block heater, 3 rear remotes, air ride...
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    TC55 vs TN60

    A couple current threads have large compact vs. small utility discussions in them. Doing a little daydreaming, I found that I have both brouchures. So 4wd vs 4wd ROPS model Without further ado ...........TC55 ......../......... TN60 PTO hp.............. :: 47 /...
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    NH/Rhino loader for 07 TN's

    so, went by the dealer today, and had him price out a TN75 both cab and non cab. One thing that caught in my head was that he said the new NH loaders suck. They are quick attach, but only for NH attachments only. (which pretty much defeats the point) He said they are ordering everything with...
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    Price Check  2005 TN75DA price check

    Looking at the above for sale, not sure about value so under 100 hours includes FEL, 6' box scraper quick attach bucket and forks. Ag tires, mechanical shuttle, 3 rear remotes Looks very clean What say ye????
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    Got a new one for ya

    Now, I used to be into boating, and boating has some stupid SOB's with trailering, but I may have topped it. A JD 4110 (which given is a pretty small tractor) on a tandem trailer being towed by a ...... wait for it ..... Subaru wagon:eek: There is no flipping way that's even close to...
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    My wife got the tractor stuck today.

    So, after plowing our streets with the FEL on the tractor, we went over to the church to do the sidewalks. After the first big storm, the plow guys did a TERRIBLE job and built huge piles everywhere they shouldn't be. So, the wife is ok on the tractor, but isn't so hot on the FEL. Me, I...
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    Plowing the street with a FEL

    or Eddie Walker is the man. In the last 15 days we've gotten over 50" of snow. The average for the whole season over the last 10 years has been like 44. Suffice to say there's a lot of snow and I live on a private dirt road. The neighbors and I have been removing it with our tractors. I'm...
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    Unloaded trailer weights

    Ok, looking into gooseneck utility trailers. There are double axle single tires and double axle duals. The duals obviously haul more, but the singles (7k axles) shoudl be fine. What I need to haul weighs about 9000 to 10,000 lbs What does an empty 20' gooseneck with 7000lb axles weigh and...
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    AGCO in 2007

    I think there may be some truth to that. The local JD dealer here carries Hesston, but not Massey But now, in the last couple weeks they are running big ads on all the Massey tractors they have for sale. So, maybe Hesston is going away. Something is going on for sure.