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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    I would look the property records for your parcel. In my case the easement that was granted to the pipeline company required them to provide a farm tap if they crossed your property. But, that only applied to the parcel crossed when the line was put it. That is, if they crossed a large...
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    Help with 3-Point Hitch Adjustments [Kubota B3200]

    I heard it is possible to actually bend the threaded portion of a top link if you put it in a bind. Then it becomes very hard to screw those threads in and out of the link. A close inspection might be in order. Doug in SW IA
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    Wood working:Dry fitting?

    I tend to use a lot of dowels. Part of that is because I have an old, 1902, double spindle horizontal boring machine. I also have some 25/64th bits for those dowels that are a bit oversized. Doug in SW IA
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    When I was in the Air Force they opened my career field to women. I worked on Minuteman missiles. Every time we entered a site we had to follow a back out checklist when we left. Part of that procedure involved verifying the position of several valves on a diesel fuel transfer system. The...
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    Home electrical question

    I was under the impression that a circuit breaker is sized to protect the wire between the breaker and the outlet. Doug in SW IA
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    I love search engines. :€

    Search engines are part of the problem. The other part is trying to figure out what the websites are calling the item you are looking for. We have the name we generally call something, but the website may call it something completely different. Once you find the correct term the searches go...
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    I hate to see this...

    Or does that eliminate all mothers by adoption???? Doug in SW IA
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    BX25 front axle clunking sound

    Check your steering cylinder. It is held in place with two snap rings, one at each end. One of them may have failed. It may be hard to spot as when you turn the right direction the cylinder may appear to be in place. Doug in SW IA
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    Laying a pipe under a driveway

    I had to replace a water line that crossed an asphalt driveway. I elected to route the line next to the garage door. That way I only had to make one cut. It also meant I didn't have a patch in the middle of the drive, which I figured would never be quite right. The patch I did make was the...
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    My attached garage and house sit at a 45 degree angle to each other. My little John Deere 318 and later Kubota BX24 would sit in the corner. With the BX 24 attachments, loader, backhoe, box blade etc. it was tight and required removing attachments and a game of tetris at the end of each day...
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    Adding a "T" to a buried black poly water line?

    I would open a trench and working hole larger that you think you need. A longer trench will give you more upward flex. A hole where you will be working will make it easier. It could be a tough job, do all you can to give yourself a break. Doug in SW IA
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    Lets make a Quick release front rake....04-14-2024, it works great!

    Looks good. Pretty gutsy move testing it out in a thicket like that with a ratchet strap. My luck would be, it would fall off in the middle of the thorniest part. Will you make provisions to easily add weight, or do you think it is heavy enough? Doug in SW IA
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    Kubota BX24 Bogging Down

    The only issue I have had with my BX24 not running right is when I do a lot of log winching at idle. I mow at 2700RPM or more and never have any issues. Doug in SW IA
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    An EV??????`

    Amazing (or sad). A thread starts with one picture of a car on fire at a gas station, title of EV? and it goes on for 27 pages arguing about electric vehicles. Maybe we should have a forum of just EV "discussions" to clear the rest of the forums. Doug in SW IA
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    Need a recommendation: log splitters

    I bought a 25 ton? Husky from TSC 25+ years ago. It has a Honda engine on it. I burn 5-7 cords per year so it has seen a lot of use. I replace the hydraulic filter every other year and change the engine oil yearly. I did have to replace the main cylinder two years ago as it sprung a pinhole...
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    MX5400....I hate the seat safety switch

    Maybe you need to do a little reengineering of the switch. Bypass the switch built into the seat. Then mount a new switch in a different place that would allow you to adjust the sensitivity. Doug in SW IA
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    BX 5450 Snow Thrower Reduction Gearbox Problem

    It looks like there is a master link on the right side just down from the top. But messing with a master link in those tight quarters could be fun. How does the sprocket fit on the shaft. If it keeps coming loose the shaft could be worn. That might be part of the problem. I would replace...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I was stationed on a mountain top in Korea in 1982. We got two arcade type video games. The officer in charge set them up to be free. He said it was much easier to just make them free, rather that try to comply with all the Air Force regulations on handling the money from them. One of his...
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    Zero Turn Mower Problems

    How difficult is it to replace the clutch? If it is hard, I would go with the better clutch. If it is a fairly easy task I might take a chance on the cheaper version. Doug in SW IA
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    What safety equipment do you have when running chainsaw?

    I guess I could put my logging winch into the safety equipment category. In my forest I have issues with trees getting hung up. Now I can use the winch to pull them until gravity finally wins. Doug in SW IA
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    I know very little about EV's. But a thought hit me the other day. Do EV's have an interlock to prevent them from being driven while being charged? Or will we see people drive with a charging cable ripped out of the wall, just like you see people (once in a great while) driving with a gas...
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    Question on vehicles timing belt

    On my Subaru's I have the belt and water pump changed at 100k. The reason for the water pump is the difficulty in getting to the water pump. While you are dismantled for the timing belt, it is much easier to change the water pump. Doug in SW IA
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    Paint storage -how cold is too cold?

    I worked at a manufacturer that stored 55 gallon drums of paint outside in an unheated shed (Nebraska). The paint lines were notorious for waiting until the last minute to call for new barrels. Purchasing couldn't figure out why the thinner costs skyrocketed in winter. Doug in SW IA
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    Calling all residential electricians

    Rather than add a night light to the switch, I would change the overhead fixture. We have bathroom fan/light fixtures that include a night light. It is amazing how well a small night light in the ceiling fixture lights up the room. Doug in SW IA
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    Non Traditional Projects (What have you done with your tractor?)

    Just curious, how do you fill the bin? Doug in SW IA
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Talking about the swaying of skyscrapers reminded me of the wing flex of B-52's. From a google search: How much does a B-52 wing Flex? 26 feet The B-52's wings span 185 feet and are designed to vertically flex as much as 26 feet in flight. Small wheels are mounted near the end of each...
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    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    I had to get rid of my flip phone when they shut down the 3G networks. I switched to an iPhone to match my wife's. Some issues on the initial set up. Too many things out there requiring a smart phone. Decided not to completely fight it. The biggest advantage for me was the free App called...
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    BX25D belly mower

    I did a quick search using "Kubota RC60-B". Found a couple of "For Sale" ads that indicate it fits B series tractors. Whether it could be modified to fit a BX25D is another can of worms. Doug in SW IA
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    No forward or reverse

    Gear shift in neutral most likely. Next thing I would check is the linkage. Unlikely, but it could have lost a bolt or pin and became disconnected. Doug in SW IA
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    loader to counter weight calculator

    There was a discussion of this picture some time ago. As I recall, there is some part of the John Deere that is extending out in front of the wheels and is hooked under the edge of the bucket. Doug in SW IA
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    Non Traditional Projects (What have you done with your tractor?)

    When I rebuilt my retaining wall I used my backhoe as a small crane. I removed the middle tooth on the bucket and replace it with an eyebolt. My blocks were Keystone's which use fiberglass pins for alignment. You can connect two eyebolts with a short piece of chain, drop them into the holes...
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    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    Netflix has biography on Yogi Berra that I really liked. Doug in SW IA
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    Well… that was stupid…

    I have had a couple close calls with my table saw. The "worst" one (no loss of digits or function) was my own stupidity. It involved a narrow rip cut without using the zero clearance insert I had sitting on the shelf. Doh! I think switching from using a table saw to a circular saw is a...
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    Compact Tractor Fixes Overgrown Bank CX2510

    How long did it take, from initial clearing to watering in? I also back drag sometimes with the bucket pointed straight down. We both know it isn't a good practice, but at least you point that out in your video. I am impressed with the effort it took to video this project. It is hard to take...
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    stuck pin

    I do believe in keeping my equipment maintained. But before I would go to a lot of effort, step back and look at the function and use of that pin. It is an outrigger. You put it down and it doesn't move. If it were a pivot pin that is in constant motion and stress I would get concerned. On...
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    Question for you wood workers....

    If you made the box wide, so the bible could be opened up to a significant passage, then when you closed the bible it would easily have enough room on the sides to lift it out of the box. Doug in SW IA
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    Somewhat related to contrails. When my kids and grandkids were young, if we were driving by the power plant I would point to the steam coming out of the stacks and tell them that was the "cloud factory". Doug in SW IA
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    BX 2660 FEL Won't Dump

    Glad it is back up. Probably not an air bubble, more likely that an errant branch partially released a fitting. Doug in SW IA
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    Playing bill collector

    To me this is the fishiest part of the whole deal. It sounds like a lazy person hoping it would just go away. Or by doing it this way, it wouldn't highlight that the billing department made a mistakes. Doug in SW IA
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    A few (probably) dumb questions.

    The risk of damage is too great to assume the dealer supplied shaft is the correct length. It is pretty easy too figure it out. Unhook the shaft from one end. Collapse it as far as it will go. Make marks on the shaft or the safety cover. Reconnect the shaft. SLOWLY raise the three point...
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    BX Parking Indicator

    I have a BX24. I had the same issue of being able to drive it in low range with the parking brake on and not realize it. I felt like the parking brake wasn't holding well enough when I needed it to, so I adjusted the brake shoes. It make all the difference in the world. I can still move it...
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    Real questions that you would like to get an answer…

    Given that you can't buy single rounds, and assuming ammo is available to replenish after an attack, one box for each weapon should be enough. Doug in SW IA
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    BX22 Power Steering Hydraulic Hose

    Thank you ptsg. This is one reasonwhy I come to this forum, I learned something new today. I had no idea such fittings existed. Hopefully I will never have to use this knowledge, but it is very good to have. Doug in SW IA
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    Southern auto owners

    Small claims court might be an option. Collecting the judgement might be a problem. But, in Iowa if the claim is auto related and the person doesn't pay they lose their license. Pretty good incentive to pay up. Doug in SW IA
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    Loader bx24

    Thanks for the update. Funny how time gets away from a guy, problem starts in Feb, but final answer isn't till December. Doug in SW IA
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    Remove Latex Paint From Clothing

    scissors Doug in SWIA
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    Can fire wood be too dry?

    I am using a WoodGun boiler from Alternate Heating Systems. When you get the boiler there is an EPA plug in part the the draft system. When I talked to them about it they said the testing done by the EPA is done using kiln dried 4x4s. The only way to get the furnace to meet the EPA specs at...
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    How do you do roof work?

    I am uncomfortable at height unless I am in a lift basket. But it is all in the perception. When I was much younger, I helped my brother do a remodel/addition on his house. I was very leery then on the roof, especially near the edge. This project involved removing the entire roof. My...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I wonder sometimes how many pages this thread, the warning signs thread, and the groan thread, would be if you only had the pictures and no commentary? Doug in SW IA
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    Putting a drain pipe through a retaining wall

    I built one small wall using fabric. Then I saw a video by a landscape contractor vehemently criticizing the use of fabric. It got be to rethinking the use on my second larger walls. I think landscape fabric is designed to lay on top of the dirt and let water through. If it is under the dirt...
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    Tree cutting accident

    It might be photoshopped, but I highly doubt it was staged. What would be the purpose of trying to stage and risk a tractor like that? "Here, hold my beer while I try to hang my $30,000 dollar tractor from a broken tree" I think it is real. Doug in SW IA
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    Steering bx 1860

    I had a steering issue with my BX24. Like you I was told it could be either the steering cylinder by the wheels or the pump/valve?? on the end of the steering column. Not really an easy way to isolate the problem to one or the other. I took the gamble on just replacing the steering cylinder...
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    Grease around fittings. . .

    I find that the best way to remove grease is to walk near the equipment wearing something that I don't want to get grease on.;) Doug in SW IA
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    Dumb question on a cat

    We had a small (11lb) toypoodle mutt that quit using one back leg after being spayed. It didn't slow her down at all. When she was at full run it would be almost three feet between her tracks in the snow. Doug in SW IA
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The story of the railroad tracks makes for a good read, but neither Snopes or TruthorFiction verify that it is a true story. Snopes has it as a mix of fact and fiction and TruthorFiction rates it as fiction. Doug in SW IA
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    Drywall lift might be the way to go. It would probably be worth practicing the process with a similar size piece of plywood first. Get all the mechanics and bugs worked out of the process with something that won't be damaged if dropped. Doug in SW IA
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    Which paint for covering up smells

    I would do a meticulous inspection to make sure that there wasn't something left behind that is giving off the odor. Doug in SW IA
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    Strange Symbols Painted on Ground

    I don't know if it would work, but could you call the locate number and find out who asked for the locate? Doug in SW IA
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    Medicare Question

    My wife and I retired in 2019. She retired in Jan and I continued to work until August, carrying the employers health insurance. We signed up for Medicare in advance and gave my exact retirement date. We found out that I had to contact them on the retirement date to confirm that I had...
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    creating a culvert

    Any chance the electric company can contribute to this project?? Doug in SW IA
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    Box scrapper lift up on a turn?

    I use a box blade in my forest, grooming trails and clearings. I am actually using a Cat 1 box blade with my BX24. I have added a couple concrete blocks for weight. I do a lot of turning with my box blade and once in a while back up using it, although I am extra cautious when doing that. I...
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    Fasteners per pole barn header, am I thinking about this right?

    My head is spinning from the math. But, aren't those screws going to be in shear mode rather than withdrawal mode? Doug in SW IA
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    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    Do those tires have flat spots? The old big wheel trikes with hard plastic tires always got flat spots where the kids figured out how to lock them up and skid. Doug in SW IA
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I believe Mark Cuban was a big advocate of NFTs. But for him the losses probably are just a blip on his spreadsheet, or he got out before they went down. Doug in SW IA
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    And some of us have rear panniers on our bikes that are very good at blocking lights. Doug in SW IA
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    Interesting the difference in perspectives. I took the post about being needy as referring to the post above it, getting stuck in ditches. Yes, there are trolls on this site, but they aren't always after you. One thing I like about your posting is that you report back. My pet peeve is...
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    Pulling Trailer with BX

    I occasionally haul my log splitter out of my woods. It is up quite hill and I did notice the rotating of the draw bar. This is what I made. The block of wood is hickory, because that is what I had. With the sway bars I have, the drawbar can't come off even without retaining pins. Doug...
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    Hydrolic fluid level

    You could measure the level with all the cylinders extended and then with everything retracted to see how much difference shows up in the level. Let us know, I would be curious, but not enough to go check on my own BX. Doug in SW IA
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    Overhead Door Openers

    I think it was a smart move to just replace all five at once, given their age. When I finally added a third stall I had three new openers installed. The most difficult part was deciphering the process to change the codes on the openers, get the remotes to work, and then get the mirror buttons...
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    Any suggestions how to get this tree on the ground safely?

    Any chance of getting a bucket truck or lift near the top to release it from the other trees? Doug in SW IA
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    Shear Pin Question

    While you are picking up the bolts, you may want to get a punch to drive out the broken bolts. Doug in SW IA
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    John Deere blades not turning

    I would triple check the diagrams and videos first. Look closely to make sure the drive belt is not on the outside of any of the guides. I did that once on a 318 and shredded the brand new belt before I realized what was going on. Next step would be to remove the drive belt from the engine...
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    Grading Tightening Kubota Mower Blade Bolts

    I have had my BX24 almost 20 years and never had any problems removing or tightening the blades using a block of wood. I do use an anti-seize compound as insurance. You might try cleaning the threads of both the bolt and spindle. While doing that make sure the hole isn't packed with debris...
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    Septic tank and leach field

    Locating the tank should be fairly easy. Once you know where the tank is it should be obvious which direction the leach field are. I think you could get access to the line and then run a metal sewer tape down the line. Using a metal detector you should be able to map out the exact location...
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    Rollover paranoia

    I am finding that as I get older, my sense of balance is changing. It is a little frustrating to know that a few years ago I would mow some side slopes with not problem and now I am very leery of those same slopes. In one case it was a slope down to a low retaining wall. I recontoured the...
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    Towing a Log Splitter (NY)

    How old is the log splitter? Right after I got mine I towed it twice. Once to get it home and once to a canvas shop to get a cover made. Now after many years I would not consider towing it unless I repacked the wheel bearings and put on new tires (the original ones are weather checked). I...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Ran across this on another forum and had to share. This is what happens if you land on the wrong aircraft carrier. The full story: ... ft-carrier Doug in SW IA
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    Backup for wood boiler

    Are you planning on air conditioning? If so, just use a forced air gas furnace as backup. We built our house with a wood boiler and radiant floor heat. We were on a very tight budget and ran the ducting for A/C but could not afford to install it when we built. When we could finally work it...
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    Hydrostatic Tractor

    It might be worth checking with a business that does handicap van conversions. I worked for one briefly and they did some practical engineering to make vehicles drivable for people with limited mobility. Your are looking for a place that has a shop, not one that just sells vans with wheelchair...
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    Watch out where you eat.

    It really goes back to the integrity of the local manager, and there will be good and bad. I found a bone in a chicken sandwich at Burger King. I reported it to the manager and before I left I overheard instructions being given to pull that entire lot number out of inventory and they were on...
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    I just have to point out, how do you know a different brand dealer would be any better? And I don't think the problems you have brought up would make me consider switching. Doug in SW IA
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    Best gutter leaf guard? Thanks!

    I had some leaf guards installed. I specified that I wanted a 2' section above eave downspout. The theory was, if I needed to get access I would only need to remove a short section, not the 10' piece they came in. They complied and the initial installation had a 2' feet piece above each...
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    Selling a house, real estate commission

    I would do some research on the agents before picking one. Make sure you get a selling agent, not a "listing" agent. There are some realtors out there that are very good at getting listings and then do very little to actually get it sold. They depend on other agents in the office selling...
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    Need Help

    What happens if you manually move the linkage right at the carb? Doug in SW IA
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    I think women would go extinct

    When my youngest son started mowing he was on the light side. So, when he hit a rough spot he would bounce up and the PTO would disengage (John Deere 318). Sometimes it would take him a couple rounds before he realized he wasn't mowing grass anymore. Years later he let me know that the Deere...
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    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    If you could afford it, I would consider radiant floor heat. Doug in SW IA
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    Finding a post

    If I am looking for one of my posts I click on my user name in the top right corner. In the drop down from that I click on: "Your content" That shows all your threads, not just the ones you started. Doug in SW IA
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    Why some people are too stupid to own a car

    I tried to teach my kids basic life survival skills. My daughter was upset when she didn't get a tool set for Christmas (she got it for her birthday a month later). She also "knew" what was going to happen for her driver's ed homework assignment. She was supposed to "talk" with her dad...
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    Anybody remember these babies?

    I owned the Dodge Rampage version of that. I put over 200,000 miles on it. It was the perfect "truck" for me. I don't know what the payload was, but for my needs it was fine, a few sheets of plywood, etc. I would be willing to bet that the majority of trucks on the road today don't ever come...
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    Double Chipping? And MDF?

    When the power company trims trees I try to get some of their chips. The chips are not pretty or consistent and I do wind up with some real stringy stuff. But the price is right, I spread it thick and it does seem to break down and makes nice walking and driving path. This year I hit the...
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    Which machine would you use?

    I have only used a trencher once. I am having a hard time envisioning how you could make two passes. Wouldn't a lot of the the dirt on the second pass just fall into the first trench? Doug in SW IA
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    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    There are numerous references, here is one: Minimum Threads Protruding Beyond NutEngineers Edge › hardware › minimu... The last few threads on a bolt are tapered to ease nut starting so you need to have some protruding to ensure all the threads in the nut are fully...
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I decided to switch the pins. Pins are now pointing out, box blade has almost completed the project, life is good. Thanks for the input. Doug in SW IA
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    My bad, it is cat 1, just my clumsy fingers doing their own thing. I corrected the original post. Making the sway adjustment is not an issue. I bought the three point stabilizers from Mark Hodge at StabilWorks where you just drop a pin in a hole, one of the better purchases I have made...
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I am abusing it somewhat. I have added some extra weight and it is doing a decent job for this project. The pins are the correct size. Don't remember if they came the correct size or I replaced them. Doug in SW IA
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I was just using a box blade that I bought years ago when I had a John Deere 318 with a cat 0 three point. The box blade allow you to mount the pins facing in or facing out. I had to mount them facing in to fit the Cat 0 three point. Now I have a Kubota BX24 with a cat 1 three point. I can...
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    Why some people are too stupid to own a car

    Two stories My brother and I worked at a gas station in high school. He and a friend went out to wait on a car (remember those days), and his friend who was "Mister Know It All" checked the oil. He found it a quart low and went and got a quart. Pretty quickly he was motioning for my brother...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I was talking with friend about rebuilding carburetors and he told me about the first time he tried. He took it apart in a pan full of solvent, got it all cleaned up and then threw the solvent out....... along with all the small springs, balls and clips. Doug in SW IA
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    BX 23, sputtering and hard/won't start

    Trouble shooting electrical. Start simple, make sure every ground connection is good, don't just look, remove, clean and reattach. Doug in SW IA
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    Thorny bush you must die.

    I am on a similar program to eradicate the thorny stuff in my forest. About four years ago I realized that the first thing to green up in my forest were the very things I was trying to get rid of. It is a battle, but I can tell I have made some progress. I can't use chemicals because my wife...
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    B21 has slowed down in reverse ?

    Please turn off the caps. I'll second looking at all the linkage. On my BX24 I had a similar issue. There was a ball socket type connection that was held by a nut. The nut was coming loose. While both forward and reverse were affected, it was more apparent in the reverse mode. Tightened...
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    Are there any good veterinarians anymore?

    Somewhere I heard or read that: The difference between a doctor and a vet is, a vet's patient can't describe the symptoms or pain. Doug in SW IA
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    Variable Frequency Drive questions

    While you could switch a VFD from motor to motor, keep in mind that you are not supposed to have a switch between the VFD power leads and the motor. The potential exists to "fry" the VFD. Has something to do with feedback to the VFD. I am currently running a 3hp planer on one VFD and a 1 HP...
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    Dragging trees out of clearing, best method?

    Once the sawyer squares up the log, if you just cut it through and through you will have a mix of wood with the boards near the middle showing quarter sawn grain. You might have an issue finding a sawyer that is proficient in quartersawing. While you have the sawyer there, have him saw up some...
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    I'm proud of my Niece!

    I can't imagine building a truck that cool and not taking it out for a spin. Will they try again next year? Doug in SW IA
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    Publishing Loader Capacity Numbers That Far Exceed The Capacity Of The Axles

    Since I rarely have the occasion to haul weights in my bucket, I would like to know what a bucket full of dirt, sand, gravel, and firewood weighs. Those are the things I haul in my bucket. It is some information worth considering. I didn't watch the video all the way, was there any mention...
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    another hiccup to going solar?

    Paying solar user wholesale price for what they produce isn't quite right either. Why should they be paid the same price when they can't be depended on to produce? Think of yourself as a purchasing agent. You have two suppliers. One consistently provides what you need when you need it. The...
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    Building a Mezzanine - QUESTIONS

    A metal plate, maybe, but I can't think that flashing would add much to the equation. Doug in SW IA
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    Subaru Automobiles

    We have two Foresters, a 2017 and a 2021. Both have lane assist, but I don't use it on the 2021. It seems like the newer Forester has a much tighter criteria for lane assist. So if you aren't exactly in the middle it is correcting. As a result I feel like I am fighting it all the time. Other...
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    To the basement, or to the scrapyard? My attempt to resurrect a Tarm Excel 2200 Wood Gasification boiler

    I had an HS Tarm with natural gas backup. I bought it in 1993 and replaced it with a Woodgun in 2016. I also started springing leaks on the reinforcing stays. If you look, you can tell that they were robotically welded. I had several that started weeping, all in the same place. They leak...
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    Kids gocart, ATV or bike recomendation?

    Why not start with BMX bicycles? I am bothered that electric and gas powered vehicles are a first option. Kids should be pedaling and using muscles, not sitting and pressing a button. But keep in mind this is posted by a dinosaur that probably remembers the "good old days" better than they...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I can't fathom risking a classic fully restored pickup on something that sketchy. Doug in SW IA
  113. D

    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    Back to the drawing board. I went back to the rental company and to get measurements for adapting to my tractor. I also looked up the specs on a BX24 three point. The heaviest implement that Kubota lists for my tractor is a box blade at 375lbs. Looking up the soil pulverizer it looks like...
  114. D

    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    Last summer the pipeline company tore up over a 1/4 acre of my property. Their restoration was not to my satisfaction so I was able to negotiate a cash settlement and I will finish the work. The site is a very slight slope with a broad drainage swale and some other slightly rolling areas. I...
  115. D

    Business Leadership/Career Advancement

    Make sure you understand the difference between leadership and management. Never forget the value of your employees, without them you have nothing. I worked at a manufacturing company that did not have the highest level workforce. Heard one of the office ladies bad mouthing the plant workers...
  116. D

    Propane installation - Above or Under Ground?

    What about inspections? If you switch suppliers I would think they have some kind of inspection criteria to make sure your tank is safe to fill. How do they inspect an underground tank? I am only basing this on my little grill tanks. When I get them filled they are somewhat inspected. I...
  117. D

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I think the key is to live within your means. Doesn't matter how much you make if you flit it all away. When I got out of the service I thought about starting a business, like custom milling. The best thing I did was read Bruce Williams book "In Business For Yourself". It was full of common...
  118. D

    Wood cutters, wood burners and woodworkers...Question:

    I burn a variety of woods. I got tired of splinters, don't know which species. Now I wear gloves anytime I handle my firewood. I have an inside wood fired boiler and radiant floors. So six cords a year is not unusual. Doug in SW IA
  119. D

    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    My first thought was they used gasoline instead of diesel. But I didn't hear the whoosh that gasoline makes just before it explodes. Since the spokesman was so adamant that the same fuel and safety precautions were used, I would put my money on a high school prank gone bad. Luckily no one...
  120. D

    Surge protector woes

    My brother worked for a power company. Those outages where the power flashes are due to automatic re-closers. They detect a short and open up. Then they try to reapply power. They are set for three tries and then they lock open. That way if a something temporarily shorts a line, like a tree...
  121. D

    Kubota Backhoe

    I have a BX 24 and the backhoe mounting looks very similar. I have the two holes mentioned. But my manual does not specify which hole is to be used. My main pins are a very precise fit and it takes some fiddling to get them in. Sometimes I give up and use a hammer. So with my tractor the...
  122. D

    Car battery. I am confused

    5 years old? Just replace it and move on. For me, any battery over four years old that hiccups, gets replaced. It just isn't worth the hassle. Doug in SW IA
  123. D

    What Lowes free delivery cost me.

    I worked receiving for a manufacturer. Had a truck come in with two pallets for us. One was in the back the other was in the nose of the truck. I would routinely move a few pallets to get at a load, but I refused this one. As I told the driver, once I start loading and unloading that freight...
  124. D

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    No pictures. Today on the interstate I passed a pickup truck towing a car with a triangle shaped tow bar that mounts to the bumper of the towed vehicle, and is then connected to the tow vehicle's ball and receiver. No problems, but wait, there was a second towed vehicle connected with the...
  125. D

    Watering Cattle from a Pond

    What about a windmill? Doug in SW IA
  126. D

    Safety Features for a Barn

    Escape ladders for second floor? Doug in SW IA
  127. D

    Well this is different............USA made BX vs BX231 in the UK

    Is it a rear discharge mower? I don't see a discharge chute. With the square corners on the deck, I have to assume there are some curved baffles(?) on the underside. Otherwise those corners would really get packed. Doug in SW IA
  128. D

    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    The line crossing my property is much deeper than 36". But when the lines cross waterways they are sometimes elevated and fully exposed. Just the thing for my son and his friends to rappel off of. Doug in SW IA
  129. D

    B3030 Stalling Problem Solved

    What caused it?? Could be as simple as typically when you back up you shift around in the seat. Could have put a different pressure on the switch. We will probably never know for sure. Doug in SW IA
  130. D

    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    The land I bought for my "retirement" home is crossed by two pipeline companies. One is Northern Natural Gas with two 30" cross county pipelines and the other is OneOak with two LPG? lines. Because of the lay of my property, my best building site was over 100 yards away. But in any case I...
  131. D

    Adding a storm shelter

    I am thinking if you were stuck inside you could pop one of the vents and shoot a flare or stick a bicycle flag out and wave it. On the sump pump, I realize sheltering from a tornado is a reletively short time. But, depending on your water table do you think a manual pump would be worth...
  132. D

    Have a dog that eats to fast for it's own good?

    I hate to think of it, but are there more strays in the South for the same reason there are more homeless people in warm climates? The sad fact could very well be that there are just as many dogs turned loose in the north, but they cannot survive the winters. My hat is off to you for caring...
  133. D

    How can I hook this up to my tractor

    Watch your turning radius. If you turn too sharp it may be possible to bind up the hitch, then something has to give. Whether that means the trailer skids sideways, the tractor tires churn up the turf, or the pin bends/snaps is anyone's guess. I have a small cart I sometimes hook up to the...
  134. D

    Another backhoe question

    I think the only project that would be questionable is the pond. Quite some time back the question was raised about using a Kubota BX series for a pond. Someone did the math on the volume of the pond, the volume of a BX loader, travel times etc. When it was all said and done, it cleary made no...
  135. D


    Do you not use clothes pins? Or will your line be at such an angle that the clothes are in danger of all sliding to the end? Doug in SW IA
  136. D

    I had to use the laundromat tonight... my house STINKS!

    For years my mom would only buy washers with the "suds saver" feature. Not sure why, but I think it may have to do with not wanting to overload the septic tank field. Yes, I know that a properly installed septic field can handle the output of a an automatic washer. But, the house I grew up in...
  137. D

    L35 - no hydraulic power to backhoe

    No doubt in my mind. At some point murphy's law will raise its ugly head, and it will be at the most inopportune time. Doug in SW IA
  138. D

    Self driving cars will get their drivers killed

    I think self driving cars might have a place under special circumstances. But I think the biggest obstacle for them to overcome is the liability issue, and insurance companies are going to play a big factor there. I will move forward and use new technology. But, in the back of my mind, I am...
  139. D

    I was snookered!

    This happened to me years ago. The wife answered a call from someone posing as At&T with a very convincing line about our bill status. Had to do with by answering the questions we could continue to receive one bill instead of one for local service and one for long distance service. We didn't...
  140. D

    Have any strange delivery experiences being rural?

    I had a logging winch delivered by UPS. I got a call the day before. According to the young girl on the phone the only vehicles UPS have with lift tail gates are 18 wheelers. I pressed her on the issue, no straight trucks? She also tells me they won't be able to deliver to my house since I...
  141. D

    BX2350 MMM for mulching

    I have trouble with the search function, probably related to the keyboard actuator on my computer (me). But I do recall a thread from several years ago. The poster built a discharge blocking plate controlled by a lever that he could activate on the go. I think it had something to do with NOT...
  142. D

    This is from Australia...always let somebody know where you are going and when you expect to be back

    I have my Stava app locked down so information is not available to anyone else. I don't "follow" anyone and no one can "follow" me. I agree that it would be a little creepy for complete stranger to be able to track my movements. The safety text that allows me to be tracked only goes to two...
  143. D

    Kioti cs2610 vs Kubota bx23s vs Massey gc1725M

    I would lean toward the one that has a dealer you are comfortable with. A tractor is ultimately only as good as the dealer standing behind it. Hopefully, you will never need dealer services, but if you do the dealer will be a major factor. Doug in SW IA
  144. D

    Pulling tree out with wheel & chain?

    I am pretty sure the size of the wheel won't matter. You are just changing the direction of the pull, you aren't gaining any mechanical advantage. But you might try pulling them over BEFORE you cut them. The higher in the tree the bigger the mechanical advantage. Regardless of which...
  145. D

    Dealing with general contractor on home renovation/additions

    Don't lose site of this fact. I would rather take a long time with someone who is doing good work and I trust, than get a job done quick with less than stellar work. When we built our house the wife had to deal with a workman that took over three years to finish her kitchen. Unfortunately...
  146. D

    This is from Australia...always let somebody know where you are going and when you expect to be back

    When I retired in 2019 I started bicycling on the Wabash trace (a lot, over 4,000 miles this year) Since I leave early, I write a note with my departure time, distance planned, and what I am wearing. I just got my first iPhone and we thought the "find my phone" feature would work. Turns out...
  147. D

    Is this trailer a “steal”?

    I am actually surprised there was an actual trailer to look at and buy. I really expected this to be one of those scams, where you can never look at the item, but they want you to send the money. Doug in SW IA
  148. D

    What do you do about fire prevention where you store your tractor?

    My tractor and flammables are the the third stall of an attached three stall garage. The fire extinguisher is in the first stall. If you put the fire extinguisher in the place where the fire is likely to start, you may not be able to get to it when you need it. At least that is my thought...
  149. D

    Cut-off statistics box on TV screen

    I had an issue with my smart TV along those lines. If I remember it was that the images from the DVD player were cutoff. The solution was to try EVERY image display format. As I recall there were two selections that you would think would be the same but weren't. Something like 4:3 and 4:3a...
  150. D

    3 point stuck up

    How much weight do you have on the three point? With no weight I could envision a small binding keeping the arms up. With weight it would be a different story. Just trying to eliminate the obvious. Doug in SW IA
  151. D

    My Brothers Estate

    I think it would be the easiest. It doesn't sound like you are worried about squeezing the last dollar out of the estate. So letting someone else take care of this headache will ease your burden. Maybe a little less money, but a whole lot less headache. Hang in there. Doug in SW IA
  152. D

    Recommendation for 6 acre hobby farm

    If you have significant back issues I would take a hard look look at two areas. You want to have a comfortable seat. My little BX can punish my back on some days. An air-ride suspension seat maybe? Your going to spend a lot of time in it, make sure it is the one for you. Look at implement...
  153. D

    Where do I get warehouse plastic doors?

    U-line is another source. Vinyl Strip Door Kits Doug in SW IA
  154. D


    Just curious, the stand was 100 yards away, but where is the property line? I found a tree stand in "my" woods. I wasn't sure of my exact property line, but it was place such that the only shot was into my my property. I put NO HUNTING signs up on my property in direct view of the stand...
  155. D

    Lied to wife about lost billfold.

    I "lost" my billfold this summer. (Is it lost if you don't know it missing?) I was riding my bicycle on the Wabash trace. I got a call from my wife while riding which was very unusual. I suspected the worst, since her father is 98. She informed my that a nice young girl had returned my...
  156. D

    My Brothers Estate

    Be prepared for bureaucracy, some of the people/organizations you will have to deal with won't talk to you until you have a death certificate in hand. Doug in SW IA
  157. D

    My Brothers Estate

    When you are dealing with the lawyers, make sure you know at all times who is waiting on who, and for what. Settling our mom's estate dragged out because there were times we thought we were waiting for the lawyer to take some action, when he was actually waiting for us to provide an input...
  158. D

    New BX2380 Owner

    And so back to the original question. You could lock the box blade up and still use the mower deck. BUT, you would somehow have to hold the box blade at the perfect height while you move the links from the lifting arms to the eyelets. Doug in SW IA
  159. D

    New BX2380 Owner

    JWR is correct. I thought for sure he was wrong. I just went out and verified on my BX24; when the three point lift arms are held up, the mower deck will not lower. I put a drawbar on my lift arms, then use concrete block and a jack stand to keep then arms in the uppermost position. The...
  160. D

    New BX2380 Owner

    On my older BX there are two brackets that are an alternate place to connect the lifting links. That would keep the box blade up. Or if you were creative you could probably accomplish the same thing using some chain to attach the box blade to the eyelets. Doug in SW IA
  161. D

    How can a rifle smell like cigarettes?

    They did change the ink. I think it is soy based now, but in any case it was changed so it wouldn't come off on your hands. Don't miss that part of the old inks. Doug in SW IA
  162. D

    Mixing Hydraulic Oils in Log Splitter

    Thanks for the input. I thought it should be okay so I won't worry about it. The fact that no one had a reason why it is bad is pretty significant. Doug in SW IA
  163. D

    Mixing Hydraulic Oils in Log Splitter

    Is there any harm in mixing ISO 32 (10W) and ISO 46 (20W) fluid in a logsplitter? I have a logsplitter I purchased from TSC over 20 years ago. I do not have the manuals for it and even the model number is missing in action. I changed the filter every few years. I just put a new filter on and...
  164. D

    Can't put MMM adjustment knob into 'Top" position....

    While you are looking at things back there, check the 3 point lift arm on that side for cracks. My arm started cracking, which caused it to sag, which caused me to make the "top" adjustment. After the third adjustment I noticed the cracked arm. I replaced it and all is good now. I don't...
  165. D

    Mowing Bush Hog for Dummies

    Since you mentioned that this is your first PTO implement, I have to raise the issue of PTO drive shaft length. Don't assume the shaft the comes with the bush hog is the right length for your tractor. Too short and it could come apart, too long and you could cause major damage to your tractor...
  166. D

    We complain a lot when things go wrong with companies - not this time.

    Similar experience with a Wright door closer. They have a 5 year warranty. I know mine was less than five years old and the oil leaked out. No receipt. I emailed them and they sent me a new closer. Doug in SW IA
  167. D

    LEATHERMAN tools

    Slight sidetrack. I was visiting my son. We were at one of his friends house putting up a rock climbing wall. I was using someone's Leatherman and broke the phillips screwdriver bit. I obviously offered to replace it. My son and I went to the local mall that had a Leatheman's store. We...
  168. D

    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    I air dried some oak and walnut in my attached garage. I was advised not to do that. The reason was, in the early stages of drying there is a tremendous amount of moisture lost. Drying inside means all that moisture will be inside the space. I left my garage doors open with fans running as...
  169. D

    White oil?

    Ask the dealer for a quart of white oil, just in case you need more. It could be a thinner white lithium grease. Doug in SW IA
  170. D

    JD 5105 Fire

    I bought my fire extinguishers from a fire and safety company. I take them in every couple years to be inspected. Costs a couple bucks, but it does give me peace of mind. Doug in SW IA
  171. D

    Wand for radiator

    I made my own from some copper tubing, a few fittings and an old air gun. Doug in SW IA
  172. D

    3 point log splitter for tractor.

    Everyone understands English, as long as you speak it loud and slow enough. ;)
  173. D

    BX Mower Hight adjustment dial.

    Hopefully, all you need to do is make the adjustment that is shown in your manual. I had made that adjustment before. But last year I had to readjust it several times. A close inspection of the lift arm revealed it was cracked. The crack was getting bigger, meaning more adjustments. I...
  174. D

    TICKS: bad this year?

    After living on 9 acres of mainly forest, this is the first time I had a tick get attached and get blood from me. I got the classic bullseye rash. Went to urgent care, got antibiotics and all is well. No ill effects for me this time. Doug in SW IA
  175. D

    BX 1870 hand control reverse

    You might check out this thread. If you can shift your foot from side to side, it might be worth looking into. For those that hate the treadle pedal on Kubota Doug in SW IA
  176. D

    Troubleshoot Belly Mower Issues

    Start with the easiest first. Make sure you have the blade and blade retainers assembled correctly. Double check to be sure that the blade bolt isn't bottoming out. If if bottoms out it would seem like your blade is tight but it is actually spinning. As I think about it, you could try to...
  177. D

    BX24 rear of HST leaking

    If you have the back hoe connections, take a look at them. I thought I had a leak back there but I think it was just a connection that hadn't seated. Doug in SW IA
  178. D

    Organ Procurement Organization

    I fully support organ donation, my wife and I both have it on our driver's license and when my son was in a motorcycle accident we donated any viable organs. Some of the realities of the process to be prepared for. The organ donation people are very careful to not be vultures. So, they will...
  179. D

    Where to buy lye/caustic soda/Sodium hydroxide in bulk?

    The Norwegian dish of lutefisk is made by soaking in lye. But I am not sure whether lutefisk itself is considered food grade. 😉 Doug is SW IA
  180. D

    Logging winch design

    I was thinking more of it jumping off the top sheave. It seems like subtle changes in sheave groove depth, pivot points and distance between sheaves could have significant impact. Just something to watch and think about. I do know it can get ugly when a cable comes off a sheave and wedges...
  181. D

    Riding mower vs BX

    I have a BX24 with mower, loader and backhoe. I am on nine acres of hilly forest with maybe 2+ acres being mowed. I have the 54" deck because of narrow forest paths. I leave my mower on for most of the time, even when doing light dirt work. I do take it off when using the backhoe...
  182. D

    Logging winch design

    I would look at your cable path routing. As the block pivots will it drag the cable off the upper pulley? I know you would normally be trying to winch directly behind the tractor, but if you go for that one last tree off to the side will your cable jump off track. Doug in SW IA
  183. D

    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    We had a similar saying in the military. "Replace the fuse with a nail and follow the burned wiring back to the faulty component." Doug in SW IA
  184. D

    Kubota backhoe cylinder fitting welds are horrific

    If it is the threaded insert that is rusting, you might want to swap it out now. It will not get better or easier to remove with time. It will wait until the most inopportune moment to fail. It could already be shedding rust into your system. Doug in SW IA
  185. D

    Silly Ceiling Fan Switch

    Can't explain why exactly 5 pulls to turn on, but one pull for off is easy. The mechanism connected to your pull chain is activating some kind of rotary cam. One pull opens the contacts, the next pull allows them to be closed. If the contacts are dirty or worn it is taking several closures...
  186. D

    Grapples for Bx23s, or thumb?

    I have a BX24 and it is ideal for me. Just remember to look at the weight of your chosen grapple. If it is being added on to the bucket, then you are reducing your lifting capability by that amount. If it is a quick attach, compare the weight of the bucket versus the grapple to see what...
  187. D

    Rockwool availability

    Home Depot carries it. ROCKWOOLSafe 'n' Sound 3 in. x 15-1/4 in. x 47 in. Soundproofing and Fire Resistant Stone Wool Insulation Batt (59.7 sqft) It is listed in the mineral wool section but it is the Rockwool brand. Doug in SW IA
  188. D

    PTO Wobble

    I have a BX24. I understand this comment about hydraulic flow/pressure at idle e.g. the loader and three point don't work until you get some RPMs up. But I think the PTO must work differently. I have a logging winch and even at idle it pulls significant weight and can stall the engine if I...
  189. D

    Tornado vs red truck

    Pretty incredible footage. But, the person taking the film. A truck in front of you is blown over and over by the tornado, and you keep driving forward???? Doug in SW IA
  190. D

    Planning on dropping Health Insurance. Change my mind.

    Just to keep things in perspective. When I was active duty Air Force I was away from the base and had to see an eye doctor on an urgent basis. I told him to just send the bill to the base, they would pay it since I am active duty. He insisted that I pay him at the time of service. His...
  191. D

    Why did my tractor start?

    Appreciate the follow up post. I think it helps all of us when the final solution is posted, even if it is a "DOH" moment. Doug in SW IA
  192. D

    Wood working clamps

    When I first started out I was on a budget so my pipe clamps are 1/2". Once in a while I use a coupling. Since my clamps are using black pipe and I use a lot of oak, I NEVER let the oak touch the pipe. When you do black stains from the oak/glue/iron interacting result. Doug in SW IA
  193. D

    Why did my tractor start?

    I would start with the PTO engagement lever switch. Mine got a little out of adjustment. Sometimes it would start, sometimes it wouldn't. The quick "fix" was to let the lever snap back to the off position. The permanent fix was to readjust it. Doug in SW IA
  194. D

    Car Accident Question

    I was in an accident, other drivers fault. My car was totaled. While still in shock I rented a car and did not notice that they added all the unneeded insurance to the contract. Somewhere in the process I found that the other insurance company was not responsible to pay for those insurance...
  195. D

    Rental to Owner Finance?

    I think I would be inclined to sell the house on the open market, but give them the right of first refusal. Keeps it much simpler and reduces your potential headaches. In todays housing market if you allowed them to buy the house (from a realtor) at your asking price, you would be giving them a...
  196. D

    Recommendations: Pellet or BB pistol for target practice

    I am not a gun person, but have no issues with those that are. If the goal of practicing is to be more accurate, don't you need to use the same gun you ultimately want to be accurate with? I would think the sight picture, feel and trajectories would be different from gun to gun. I realize an...
  197. D

    What is the good Chainsaw for clearing?

    I am a Still fan. But I think one benefit of getting a pro level saw is the anti-vibration mounts. I can use my Stihl for hours and not have and hand numbing issues. A cheap saw may put your hands to sleep. As mentioned earlier sharp chains are key. It doesn't matter what you have driving...
  198. D

    Lessons learned the stupid way

    Its called Cold Water Shock Drowning. Lucky you escaped it. Cold Shock - National Center for Cold Water Safety › ColdShock Doug in SW IA
  199. D

    Go to work and find someone trespassed on property.

    I feel fortunate. I have had a couple time where someone has dumped furniture on the side of the road that borders my property. A call to the county and they come clean it up. Once I caught a concrete truck beginning to clean out by the side of the road on my property. I read him the riot...
  200. D

    Electrical troubleshooting question

    Reminds me of when we bought our first washing machine. It would not work. The outlet tested good if you plugged a lamp in to it, but the brand new washer wouldn't. The delivery guy and I were puzzling over this. My wife asked "What about that grey thing" (three prong adapter). We both...