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  1. arlen4720

    replacement battery 3720

    I just replaced the original battery in my JD 320D skid loader…It is a 2010!
  2. arlen4720

    Any JD 4700 HST mechanics in here ?

    What do you figure the cost will be “all in”?
  3. arlen4720

    Ever see a tractor crack in half?

    Don’t see too many backhoes or loaders on articulated 4wd machines
  4. arlen4720

    Has anyone split a Farmall Super C?

    I split my b a couple years back for a total engine rebuild. You can have them split pretty fast. One thing regarding ring gears… I was putting a new clutch in also, and resurfacing the flywheel, so I figured I would put a new ring gear on. So I ordered a new one from Steiner, and dropped it...
  5. arlen4720

    4120 fuel return line location

    They still have the complete replacement engines on JD Parts. I just looked it up and they are available at the factory for the dealer to order. 10,000 and some change. I would lean toward a new engine, but total cost would be higher since there would still be quite a bit of labor to install...
  6. arlen4720

    MX6 Changing Blades?

    I don’t plan on changing my bolts
  7. arlen4720

    MX6 Changing Blades?

    yes, standard righty tighty. They are tight…IIRC they are torqued to 625 ft lbs. Here is the manual, they have the whole procedure in there. I need to replace mine soon.
  8. arlen4720

    1025R Engine to Transmission Drive Shaft Grease

    I jus use a needle greaser on those u joints on my x748
  9. arlen4720

    JD 4320 - err code 4

    In your case, it sounds like the alternator is at fault for both the ERR_4 and not charging the battery. I would remove and take to a local automotive electric shop to have it tested and rebuilt. If your machine is an open station, the TCU computer is located in that panel below the steering wheel.
  10. arlen4720

    John Deere 4520 CUT thermostat

    Did the needle go into the red, or was it 3/4 of the way into the green?
  11. arlen4720

    John Deere 4520 CUT thermostat

    I can’t recall exactly what temp they run at. I believe it is in the 180-190ish range. I don’t really think it is a gauge “issue”. They just all run 3/4 of the way over. That is normal. I’m attaching an excerpt from the service manual. It is a list of registers for the 3 on board computers...
  12. arlen4720

    John Deere 4520 CUT thermostat

    3/4 over is where they all run.
  13. arlen4720

    CODE 81

    it is invalid or incomplete engine speed data on CAN bus. Do you have a service manual? There are a couple things to check. I can copy some pages for you tomorrow if you want. My service manual is for my 4720, but those parts should be pretty identical. What year is yours? Just wondering if...
  14. arlen4720


    I just put a set of camso 532 on my skid loader a couple weeks ago. Bauer Built says they sell many of them, and that’s what they recommend. Too early to tell how good they are, but if they are crappy, I doubt Bauer Built would be staking their reputation on them.
  15. arlen4720

    JD4520 Steering trouble when bucket is full.

    There is a filter on the pressure side of the power steering system. It is in your manual. It’s right along the frame on the left side. When that is plugged, it will cause this issue.
  16. arlen4720

    4720 steering is jerky

    That’s great! There was another guy I remember had his collapse also. I don’t know how that happens, but I think I would replace it. The last thing you want is for that screen to start disintegrating. That would send fragments right into the hydrostatic transmission. Just theorizing as to a...
  17. arlen4720

    4720 steering is jerky

    you won't lose much fluid, maybe an ounce or two. Once it's off, the filter body comes apart. I might of been able to help you out on the tech manual:unsure:
  18. arlen4720

    4720 steering is jerky

    Yes, that's the one. I believe the fluid flows from the pump, to the steering valve, then through the oil cooler, then through that filter, then it goes to the eHydro for lube/charge pressure. If you've never cleaned it, you are certainly due at 1350 hours. I usually do mine every other fluid...
  19. arlen4720

    4720 steering is jerky

    There is a sintered metal filter on the pressure side of the power steering circuit. It is on the left side. It often gets overlooked during maintenance. Have a look at that. The operator manual has more info. Just take it out and clean it up.
  20. arlen4720

    help with what radiator i need?

    I had to get a new radiator for my B a couple months back. I took it to the local radiator shop to have it repaired. Turns out it was too far gone to repair, but the radiator shop got me an exact copy the next day! It was all brass and copper (just like the original) and was cheaper than the...
  21. arlen4720

    4720 dash code

    It’s trying to say TempHi. You should ask questions like that over on GTT 😂 I researched that on a thread several years ago.
  22. arlen4720

    John Deere 4520 Compact Tractor Error code 59

    That’s a fair point depending on how he ordered it. If he just told the guy at the parts counter what he needed, and they ordered it, then it’s just the way it goes. If they ordered it, and installed it, well that would be irritating. It would have to be installed on the tractor for them to...
  23. arlen4720

    John Deere 4520 Compact Tractor Error code 59

    Yes, that is exactly what err_59 means....the Vin in the ICC doesn’t match the TCU. I think only the dealer can set that using Service Advisor. I would think 1 hour of labor should cover it.
  24. arlen4720

    Possible Crank/Cam gear Timing Issue C-113

    Yes that makes sense. I was hoping to resolve it before I put the head on though. I’m not sure I can gauge it precisely enough by just sticking the push rods in and watching those.
  25. arlen4720

    Possible Crank/Cam gear Timing Issue C-113

    Not sure I follow you, but my real question is if the piston on #1 should be at TDC when timing marks on gears are all aligned, and if so, would it be on compression or exhaust stroke.
  26. arlen4720

    Possible Crank/Cam gear Timing Issue C-113

    Well, I'm mildly panicking...hopefully for nothing. I'm rebuilding a Farmall B, and have had my share of struggles. It seemed fairly obvious to line my cam gear up with the punch on the crankshaft gear. I noticed at the time that #1 was not at TDC, but a few deg past TDC on the intake stroke...
  27. arlen4720

    TM2370CD for Serial #770631

    Here you go... Unfortunately it sounds like your ICC is faulty. You would no doubt have other issues if you were missing one of the 2 grounds. I would appreciate it if you report back with your findings. Good luck
  28. arlen4720

    Buying Advice New 4066R with SSQA

    You probably meant MY tractor, not HIS tractor:laughing:
  29. arlen4720

    Gator 865r

    The Gator 865r that I ordered has finally arrived at the dealer, and I was able to play around with it for an hour or so around the dealership. Some of the "bling" is back ordered (like the work lights), but they will have most of the goodies installed before the weekend. There's not much to...
  30. arlen4720

    Gator Prices

    What % off list do you think a dealer would reasonably go on a new 835r/865r Gator. just wondering what the norm is these days
  31. arlen4720

    Are the diesel Gators underpowered compared to the gas ones?

    I’m probably going to get either a 835r or an 865r this spring. My preference would be a diesel, but I’m wondering if the 23hp diesel would be underpowered considering the AC. The slower top speed of the diesel does not bother me, as long has it has adequate power to pull things and climb hills...
  32. arlen4720

    Field fence pain

    This is what I've been putting in lately. The old barb and woven wire was 40+ years old, so I guess you can say it did it's job, but boy I was glad to get it ripped out. My new fence is 5 strands of electrified high tensile with 5 inch creosote line posts, and 6 inch posts in the double...
  33. arlen4720

    How many acres do you own/operate on?

    We have 220 acres (and some change). About 10 acres of mowed yard... About 90 tillable.... About 120 in pasture and woods... and a whole lotta work to do that I will never get done.
  34. arlen4720

    Yard Hydrant Problem

    I have a Woodford Iowa Y1 yard hydrant installed in my barn. My wife used it this morning, everything was fine, but this evening the handle won't come up...the rod is locked up tight. My first thought was that it didn't drain back and froze, but I can blow air through the spout, and the only...
  35. arlen4720

    Technical Manual For New 4R?

    Anybody got a technical manual for the new 4R's? There is a thread over on GTT, where the OP is having trouble running a hydraulic motor for a snowblower chute rotation. They seemed to have changed the regen function on the valve. I'm starting to wonder if it's ALWAYS in regen on the dump...
  36. arlen4720

    Haying On Shares...What's Customary

    I have a couple hundred acres which is a mixture of woods and pasture that I run beef cows on, and about 100 tillable acres that I rent out. I'm wondering what is a fair deal for share cropping hay ground. I vaguely remember a simple arrangement that sounded fair. I think the property owner...
  37. arlen4720

    Leaking hyd. cyl, 400X Loader

    Mr. Horse, Maybe it was me that didn't do a good job explaining things. In your above statement you say that it takes 1.64" of travel on the rod end to equal 1" of travel on the cap end. To that, I would ask, how would you make them travel different distances since they are connected...
  38. arlen4720

    Post Hole Digger (PHD) Hydraulic Down Pressure (HDP) Kit Installation

    Ask and you shall receive. From 2 different angles.
  39. arlen4720

    John Deere 4120 Questions

    Yes, more boost, and the 4520 and 4720 have a totally different injection system than the 4120 and 4320. Both types use unitary injection pumps. So there is a separate pump/injector for each cylinder. The pumps are driven from extra lobes on the camshaft. The 4520 and 4720 have an...
  40. arlen4720

    John Deere On Most Ethical Company List

    This may or may not affect anybody's buying decisions, but I thought it was interesting. John Deere was on the Ethisphere Institute's 144 most ethical companies in the world for the 8th straight year. Here is a link to the whole list. Looks like JD is the only Tractor manufacturer on the list...
  41. arlen4720

    3 Phase?

    That's not an open DELTA. It's an open WYE DELTA. And it is certainly not what the OP has. It is not a viable 3 phase in my book for the reasons that you mention. That configuration would destroy equipment, is dangerous, and causes serious line disturbances. Allot has changed since the 50's...
  42. arlen4720

    MFWD Axle Oil

    In the last several years, I've noticed that many tractors are calling for hydraulic oil in the front axle. This seems odd to me. What do you supposed the logic is? I would think 80-90 gear lube would be better, and not as likely to leak. Even though it seems odd, I'm not going to go put...
  43. arlen4720


    Well, I'll throw another one into the mix...The BoDozer. It's a fine piece, and as close to indestructable as you can get. Deforestation is its specialty.
  44. arlen4720

    John Deere 4120 V.S. Kubota Grand L4060 w/ prices

    Hows this baby for inovation. This was my FIL's first in 1947. Bought it from him last year.
  45. arlen4720

    X700 series 3 point

    Do any of you guys have a 3 point on your X series tractor? I've had a 3 point on my X748 since it was new 7 years ago. I don't use it much, but I do have a 647 tiller, a disk, and a sprayer. I've always noticed that it seems too wide. The arms have to be pulled all the way in to make it the...
  46. arlen4720

    2320 adjustable 3 point links?

    The iMatch is easy to install, but you couldn't do it with a bum shoulder without a helper. I'll attach a picture. I can post a better one tomorrow if you want.