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    New Garage

    Here's my garage, like I said 28x32 and 13ft high ceilings. Its around 26-27feet from the ground to the pinion. The trusses have a possibility to make a room that's 16x30 or so with 10ft ceiling in the center and 5.5feet on the sides. If you move the door over to one side, while leaving about a...
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    Screw post attachment

    Hey, They tend to look more like these For the setup While the post itself is something along the lines of this We are talking about tubes that are 2-3-4-5 inches in diameter with the screw blade being anywhere from 8 to 24inches and sometimes doubled. They are usually screwed in about...
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    Screw post attachment

    Howdy, Was wondering if any company made an attachment that essentially screws a metal post in? There are a couple companies here that essentially look like they made their own using a hydraulic motor and different types of transmissions... They are usually on a bx or atv platform with a 6...
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    Shop/Garage Heater

    This is the ceiling Heater that I am referring to And a wall type of heater such as this one Unless your ceiling is 8.5ft or less, the ceiling unit helps a LOT.
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    Rear scraper blade

    Morning gentlemen, I stumbled across a rear scraper blade that has hydraulics to make the blade lay down, I.e. it doesn't appear to even be able to turn left or right simply "flatten" out (moldboard more parallel to the ground) or raise (mold board becomes perpendicular to the ground). I...
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    Cylinder weight scale

    Anyone make or figure out how to hook up a psi gauge and correlate it to the weight inside the bucket ? The systems I see for sale use this principle but are really expensive and I was looking to get something going to figure out the weight of some things I load into my trailers and how much...
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    Backhoe pin

    Hello, Just got around to pulling out a pin that was made 2 years ago for my backhoe, Original pin was too short since I added a hydraulic thumb to my backhoe and decided to use an existing pin slot in my backhoe. Long story short, after pulling it out I noticed two indents in where the...
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    Gas powered pumps

    I just ordered a 2inch water pump to have around the home, What are some attachments or "accessories" you guys recommend for it? I'm thinking a 50ft long dump hose and a 20ft suction with a filter. How do you guys have yours set up? Have any of you built a rack for one? Primary use is to...
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    Generator oil leak

    I have a standby diesel generator that leaks oil since day 1. The issue is, I have looked EVERYWHERE for the leak and cannot find it. Here's where it gets even more confusing : the engine oil is dark (like normal used oil), while what I find on the floor is a lot lighter. I.e. like new...
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    Land Plane Advice

    Unfortunately don't have a nicer pic of the rear blade. But like I said, they held up great and finding an attachment that can actually stop a big tractor in its tracks without bending/breaking is a sign of quality/strength to me (MKMartin). Paint quality is great too. The box is 7ft and the...
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    Garage heating

    Evening ladies and gents, I'm wondering what you guys use to heat the garages? I have two garages which are well insulated (r30 walls and r40 ceiling) in one and In the other, around r24 walls and r30 ceiling). Both are around 14ft by 30ft with 9 feet high ceilings. Most of my garages have...
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    Shop project..........Converting manual blower shoot to hydraulic

    Pardon the mess, but as promised, this is the design I opted for. At first I used a small bolt that would act as a shear pin but decided to spot weld the chain. Figured it doesn't really "need" a safety but if anything the gear on the motor is held only with 2 small spot welds, that would give...
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    New owner. Deutz-Fahr!

    Mine has the Stoll loader with a hydraulic exit, sunroof option, power shuttle 40-40. 3hyd exits. 540 and 1000 rpm pto with the ECO gearbox. I also have a small yanmar sc 2450 tlb. Couldn't find one machine to do what I wanted so I decided to get two and ruin the lawn even more hahaha Cheers
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    New owner. Deutz-Fahr!

    Hello guys, I ended up deciding and getting an almost new tractor (200h on clock) this summer. A Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 430. I absolutely love it, starts at -20C without being plugged in. Beast of a machine. I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's anything to watch out for? And does...
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    Attachment storage

    Hello guys, I was wondering where all of you keep your attachments and how do you store them? This is mostly for winter storage. I mostly place all of mine on a couple of cinder blocks and 2x6s to try and prevent them from freezing to the ground, but all of mine are pretty much snowed in now...
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    ZD 326 first time

    Good evening everyone, I just took delivery of a used ZD326. It's a 2008 with just over a thousand hours. Now I don't have a owners manual which I plan on ordering Monday as well as a service manual, but until then the weekend is long and loads of work can be done. What should I check...
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    Too much HP on pto?

    Alright so I have a question concerning pto's. Being somewhat new to tractors and only owning one PTO attachment, a 5 foot Harley Rake, it has a recommended PTO hp range of 18-32. My current tractor has 16pto hp, and having used the rake this summer it did a fair job. I had to slow down abit...
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    Long hydraulic extension

    I got the idea of attaching a hydraulic pump on the PTO; with a large reservoir and a really long hydraulic line (tucked in a pipe). I am talking a 100 foot long line.. It would be used to run equipment far away from the tractor... Would this idea work? Assuming you have a pump that puts out...
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    Transmission in "bypass"?

    Evening Gentlemen! Today I have been using my Sc2450 to level a piece of my land (Use the loader to carry sand); and after my post ride inspection; the little lever under the seat to bypass the transmission was down (activated). It could have fell down while i was riding (rough ride); and could...