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  1. AStanton

    Added Blind Spot Mirror to My Kubota BX-25

    For the few times I take the BX-25 on a road trip, I thought a side view mirror would be a nice idea. This blind spot RV mirror fit the bill nicely. It was a little over $3.00. One pic shows the glue setting up during the install. I had to add a rubber shim to make it flush to the bucket frame.
  2. AStanton

    Kubota B3030 Moving New Picnic Table

    I took advantage of the nice weather to construct a new picnic table today. It was sure nice having the Kubota to move it by the fire pit.
  3. AStanton

    Non-Orange Tractors Get Flats Too

    I stopped to take a shot of this tractor today along side the road. A young farmer's wife changed the tire herself with the help of her two small kids. Her floor jack wasn't working, so I went and got mine. She took the replacement tire out of the pick up by herself and put the flat one in...
  4. AStanton

    Snowblower Modification

    I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where a guy was making modifications to snow blowers to prevent clogging and increase snow throwing range. He demonstrated that the clearance between the auger and housing was so great that clogging would occur. By closing the gap with a piece of rubber, the...
  5. AStanton

    Having a Very Kubota Christmas

    Here's a shot of some gifts that I received for Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  6. AStanton

    Time to Chain Up the Kubota

    Looks like we might be getting a little snow on Thanksgiving Eve. Time to remove the leaf bucket and chain up the Kubota. I hope our Kubota brothers in Buffalo are stayin safe.
  7. AStanton

    BX-25 Hydraulic Hose Leak, Heads Up

    I noticed today that my BX-25, which I purchased new in 2008, and now has over 300 hours, sprung a leak in one of the back hoe hoses. My neighbor, who happens to be a heavy equipment mechanic found the leak. He also pointed out that it comes from rubbing against the piston base when the boom...
  8. AStanton

    Saddest Hole My Kubota Ever Dug

    I wasn't goin to post this. This is the first pet I ever buried with my Kubota. I paid $5 for this dog Kandi at the pound. Best money I've ever spent.
  9. AStanton

    BX-25 on a Mision from God

    I had to take the BX-25 on a road trip today in order to plant a tree at my church. I stopped for diesel along the way and found that some things do go better with Coke.
  10. AStanton

    For Fans of Vintage Tractors

    I'm posting this for you guys who like vintage tractors. A local landscape company had this parked at the farmers market last week.
  11. AStanton

    Thought This was a Vintage Kubota

    One of our local landscape companies had this at the farmers' market. When I saw the orange, I thought it was a vintage kubota.
  12. AStanton

    Kubota L Tractor Value

    This tractor with 600 hours is being sold for $4,500 with no attachments. I wondering what the cost would be to add a loader. It is already plumbed for one.
  13. AStanton

    B3030 Anti-Freeze Change was a Joy

    I have never seen such fine engineering to change the anti-freeze on a vehicle/machine as the B3030. There is a dedicated petcock that is easily accessible to drain the fluid. The overflow tank simply slides off a bracket for removal. Well done Kubota!
  14. AStanton

    BX-25D Attachments

    I went to a Kubota dealer today to buy some filters. The dealer had a bunch of BX-25D's; some were sporting these attachments. I guess you can pimp your BX-25D into a real work horse these days.
  15. AStanton

    Plowing Lawn with Bucket

    I just discovered this trick and I don't know if other guys are doing it. So I'm passing it along. With a blower on the back, it's not always practical to use it for small amounts on snow. And because I have a bucket on the front, I discovered this technique to remove small amounts of snow...
  16. AStanton

    My Kubota is for the Birds

    I used my B3030 today to clear a path in the snow to the bird feeder. This was our first moderate snow of the season.
  17. AStanton

    Tightening B3030 Compressor Belt

    I need some advice. I noticed a little slop in the compressor belt for the AC on my Kubota B3030. Manual recommends about 1/2 " play. When I went to adjust it, I saw a set up that I never saw before. Looks like two nuts and a bolt. I'm assuming that the interior nut is a jam nut, the...
  18. AStanton

    Cabela's Now Sells Tractors

    I went to the local Cabela's in my state today, and took these pics. Apparently, they are now selling Korean Tractors with Woods attachments. I think orange tractors would be safer in the woods during hunting season.
  19. AStanton

    Two Tractors Are Better Than One

    Went over to a neighbor's house today to cut down the remnants of a hemlock which Storm Sandy damaged. I let the Ford Tractor do the light lifting; my B3030 got to do the heavy lifting.
  20. AStanton

    My B3030 Gave Me a Lift Today

    Actually I used it to buggy-lug a rental lift around my property today for some maintenance.
  21. AStanton

    Container For My Oil Drain Containers

    I had a make-shift box that I was storing my oil drain containers in outside. Finally decided to make one with two shelves and get everything off the ground.
  22. AStanton

    The B3030 Does It All!

    I cleared the driveway today with the B3030 and took out the trash. Heck, it might even replace me.
  23. AStanton

    Homemade Leaf/Firewood Scoop

    I had some scrap pieces of plywood hanging around. So this past fall, I constructed a leaf scoop to gather raked leaves. I also found the scoop gave me double or bettter bucket capacity to move firewood. The depth of the scoop is 42".
  24. AStanton

    Thought My Kubota Backfired!

    While warming up the Kubota yesterday to do some snow removal, I thought that I heard a gunshot. I got to wondering if my Kubota backfired. I said, "Oh no, now what?" Today I learned the reason. I had been keeping some soda on the back deck to keep cool. The outside temperature must of got...
  25. AStanton

    Got to Plow Some Snow

    Got about 4" of snow last night; then it started to rain, turning the snow into slush puppies. So I couldn't use the blower. A cabbed tractor is just the ticket for doing snow removal in the rain.
  26. AStanton

    Valve Stem Protectors

    I drove by a red tractor dealership today and noticed valve stem protectors on some of their wheels. I was told that the protectors are being offered on their big tractors only. Hating flat tires, I think this is a wonderful idea.
  27. AStanton

    We're in the Kubota Room, but Check This Out!

    I saw this tractor parked outside a nursery/plant shop the other day. The owner said he painted it to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It got my attention.
  28. AStanton

    Did a Double Take on This One

    Driving by a plant/nursery shop today, I did a double take at the sight of this tractor. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the owner painted this Farmall pink. (Forgot to say that I own a couple of Kubotas--no one's perfect--so I'm usually in the Kubota Room causing mayhem. Thanks for...
  29. AStanton

    Gettin' Ready for Halloween

    Went to the farm today to get some pumpkins for our Halloween Party. I couldn't find the pumpkins in the bucket until I took a black and white shot.
  30. AStanton

    Wow! Other Tractors Get Flats Too!

    I noticed this green tractor stranded in a field today with a flat rear tire. It gladdened my heart to know that other tractors, besides Kubotas, get flats too. The tractor is owned by a governmental agency, so it made the irony better, knowing that some poor guy didn't have to fix this.
  31. AStanton

    Kubotas Are Sure Handy

    I had to use the B3030 to off load a special delivery that came to the house today on a semi. It was for the Inspector General--my wife.
  32. AStanton

    B3030 Moving Trailer

    Still playing with firewood around here. Used the B3030 to move its trailer away from the firewood to get more room. Moving the trailer it's suppose to ride on is like: "Man bites dog."
  33. AStanton

    Will This Fit My B3030?

    Just got back from the Goshen Fair and saw this 9-ft snow blower on a red tractor. I wonder if it will fit my B3030?
  34. AStanton

    Splitting Firewood with the Wife and the BX25

    Started to tackle my winter firewood today. Sure is nice to have some helpers.
  35. AStanton

    Toilet Prank Worked on BX25

    I recently did the 300-hour service on my Kubota BX25. I agonized over how to change the fuel filters without losing a boatload of diesel fuel. Some guys talked about plugging the vent holes on the cap, while others installed a shut off valve. I then got to thinking about the old toilet bowl...
  36. AStanton

    New Competition for Kubota's BX Line

    I happen to have a Mahindra Dealer close by. They just started carrying the Max Line of Mahindra Tractor. They advertise it as subcompact for the home owner. The Max 22 has 22 hp and can be equiped with a hoe. Watch out Kubota, they coming for your lunch!
  37. AStanton

    The Beauty of the BX25

    I had to remove some junipers that were along side my driveway. It was a tough spot to work on. It was a slopey slope with very little room to maneuver on. The BX25 got it done.