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  1. lowellw2

    Hydraulics 101

    For all of you lucky enough to actually own a Power Trac, rather than us wannabees, I ran across a site that has a neat write up on simple hydraulics and some hydraulic calculators that appear they may be useful. I'm still putting together in my head various combinations of attachments for my...
  2. lowellw2

    Price Check  price increases

    I note that Power Trac has the new prices on their website. The 425 is up $500; the 422 up $400 and the 180 up $300. Didn't look at the bigger machines. Oh well, everything is going up but stock prices.
  3. lowellw2

    Branson HST?

    I stopped by my nearby tractor dealer (Banson/Cub) to get a new middle blade for my finish mower since the old one lost a battle with a rock. I always take the opportunuty to look over the "stock" and while browsing I noted to the salesman that Branson would be a serious consideration for me if...