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  1. davesl708

    BX2200 mower deck.

    Hi everyone. I have a RCK60BX mower deck on my 03 BX2200. My question to you folks is the clearance of the deck to the rear tires. After all these years I noticed the gap between the rear tires and the deck is different on the left vs right side. On the right the deck clears by 1/2", on the...
  2. davesl708

    Shopping around never seases to amaze me.

    Went shopping for lower cost OEM oil filters and found Amazon to be $6 higher than my dealer charges. Seems my dealer is not gouging like other dealers I know have. Not much more money than Walmart and OEM rather than aftermarket.:dance1:
  3. davesl708

    Hydraulic temp gauge install on BX

    Has anyone install a temp gauge on their BX? I would like to have one to monitor HST and trans temp. If so what gauge did you install and what problems did you have?
  4. davesl708

    How many amps should a starter draw? JD 155c mower

    Hi Folks, I am working on my neighbors JD 155c. It has a short that is blowing the 20 amp fuse. I can track that down. The question I have is when bench testing the starter it draws 24 amps. Under load it draws 103 amps. This seems high to me. Does it sound like the starter is getting bad too?
  5. davesl708

    Sludge in Rotella T5

    I just changed the engine oil after 100 hrs. I used Rotella T5. I found clumps of sludge in the drain pan afterwards. I use Kubota filters. The tractor has 1380hrs on it. Has anyone found this in their oil? I have not found sludge before using other oils in any of my equipment or vehicles.
  6. davesl708

    Need to know. Mig/Tig vs stick

    I have some past experience in welding stainless steel. Mostly 304 using stick for the heavy stuff and heliarc for the sheet metal. My question is, does Mig or Tig welding have the same tensile strength and get as good penetration as stick welding when welding mild steel? Would Mig or Tig be...
  7. davesl708

    Prices of new pickup trucks.

    I no longer have a dog in the fight but can't help wonder how the young contractors, construction workers and other related job workers are going to afford to keep and maintain trucks for work. The prices of new trucks are far more than what I paid for my first house. I bought a Chevy C10 new...
  8. davesl708

    Mowing  Time for a new belt on the mower deck.

    Well they don't make them like they use to. The double V belt on my MM mower deck has three vertical cracks in it. Time to replace it. The belt only has 1100hrs on it and is only thirteen years old. What gives:confused3::laughing: I only hope I get as much life out of the new belt. Their proud...
  9. davesl708

    Difference bewteen Owners manual and enging label???

    I have an 03 BX2200 with the D905 engine. The owners manual states 22hp. The engine has one label id'ing the engine as a D905. On the other side a label id's it as a D 1005-E and 23.5hp. I suppose the factory could have stuck the wrong label on one side. :confused3:
  10. davesl708

    Buying Advice  Hustler zero turn mower

    Hi All, Does anyone have knowledge of Hustler zero turn commercial grade mowers? I have someone who wants to trade and cash deal for my BX and I don't know much about the mower. I am waiting on the year and model info but it is a 72" 26hp. Looks to be in good shape from some pics. I am trying...
  11. davesl708

    Asphalt or concrete for shed pad?

    Has anyone used asphalt for the pad for their small shed (16x20) used to store lawn and garden equipment? Is it strong enough or durable enough? The reason I ask is the contractor that repairs our private roads will do the work for a very discounted price while working on our roads.
  12. davesl708

    My BX2200 runs hotter when mowing than roto-tilling

    I have had my BX for three years now and just started mowing my one acre with the MMM. I notice when doing FEL work or roto-tilling the yard the temp only moves up about a quarter of the temp gauge. When I mow the temp goes up to about 1/3 of the gauge. Does this seem normal? I work the BX...
  13. davesl708

    BX balast box size?

    Hi Group. I am planning to build a ballast box for my BX2200. Since the FEL can only lift 460lbs. I cannot imagine the box needing more than 100 to 200lbs. Does this sound right?
  14. davesl708

    RCK60B- 22BX Mower deck height adjustment problem

    I decided to start using my BX mower deck to cut grass this year. When I check the blade height to the height indicator dial the blades are 3/4" lower than the setting. The rear lift links are adjusted all the way up. Nothing appears to be bent and the deck is level. Anyone have a suggestions...
  15. davesl708

    Straight weight synthetic oil

    Has anyone found synthetic oil in straight 30wt? I have a small engine that recommends straight 30w to avoid oil consumption. Cannot find any 30w synthetic.
  16. davesl708

    D130 problems

    I have a 2011 D130 I bought new. No problems except the idler sheave on the mower deck failed at 101 hrs. Just after warranty. Has anyone else had problems with their D130's? I have 147hrs on it as of this date. Worried about what else is coming.
  17. davesl708

    Are there to many tractor manufactures ?

    While watching RFDTV today the news reported AGCO is cutting inventory/production and reducing workforce. Other manufacturers are reporting declining sales. Do any of you think we have to many tractor manufacturers for the limited market of tractor buyers? Do you feel the abundance of tractors...
  18. davesl708

    BX 2200 Rear Main Seal replacement

    Problem solved. Why can you not delete a post?
  19. davesl708

    Oil & Fuel  UDT trans fluid in BX2200

    Hi All, Is it normal for UDT to darken within 100hrs I changed the fluid approximately 100hrs ago and I have notice it is getting darker. Not a lot but noticeable. Anyone know if this is normal?
  20. davesl708

    BX2200 Tachometer

    Hi All, Does anyone know of an economical tach for the BX2200? Dave
  21. davesl708

    Hi Members

    I have a 2003 Kubota BX2200. I bought it used in 2011. Just love it. I work it like a full size tractor. It comes through without a hitch. Dave