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  1. Plantation Paul

    Bush Hog cutters.... Which one?

    Tractor is a JD5075E, so I think it has enough HP for what I want. I am torn between the ease of use of a three point hitch mower and a pull type. I have run both and they both have their advantages. The 2010 looks awesome for a three point hitch mower. 21 Series Rotary Cutters Now the...
  2. Plantation Paul

    Putting the RakeMaster through the paces!!!

    I need to do a bit more fitment with the hoses under the cover. :o No spring, a bungee works just fine! :thumbsup: I have 10 acres in pecan orchards! What a TOOL!!! :eek: I have been doing it wrong with saws and a 16' trailer!!! :thumbdown:
  3. Plantation Paul

    Still have factory warranty left?

    You can upgrade to an extended warranty even if you bought it used and from an individual. I have 6 mo left on my factory warranty and am going for the "Cadillac" version that covers everything. Mainly because of the computers and DPF. I get 4 more years for around $4K. Awaiting the oil and...
  4. Plantation Paul

    For those who bleed Green! John Deere Black Tri-Fold Wallet with Logo Patch: Industrial & Scientific :D
  5. Plantation Paul

    Anyone have a Ferris?

    They look very nice. Full independent suspension. The IS 3200 has an available 72" deck and 37 hp EFI engine and a 12mph top speed! Looks like a beast! IS(R) 32Z Zero Turn Mowers '|' Ferris
  6. Plantation Paul

    4960 JD planting,

    I still have it and still use it. It is up next for a new interior, paint, etc! Over 10,000 hrs and never had the head off!!! :cool: Long day I could plant 120 acres easy!!! Just another day at the office. :p
  7. Plantation Paul

    As per the John Deere Owner's Manual

    You aren't supposed to blow out the cab air filters on the newer 50 series tractors... You replace them instead... As per the manual.... :laughing: Good luck with that!!! :rolleyes: I mean... WTH? :confused:
  8. Plantation Paul

    5075E factory MODS

    I added rear fender extensions, front fenders, and mirrors so far. The front fenders do look a bit goofy. I plan to move them inboard and rotate them toward the front to give me more clearance. A RH door kit is next.
  9. Plantation Paul


    From the MS Delta, I've been on the farm most of my life. First tractor job was driving a JD 5020 with a 30' Melrose harrow at 12 yrs old. And I have been at it ever since. After several years at the grind stone, I finally was able to turn it around and am doing quite well. I make no claim to...