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  1. McGeesEquip

    Ansung CP1000 3rd Function Valve Kit

    I added a 4 in 1 bucket to this little tractor, but I needed hydraulic flow to it. I used an Ansung valve kit. The kit is set up to use on some of the Ansung loaders, but I was able to use it on my loader valve set up without having to purchase any addition lines, fittings, or making brackets...
  2. McGeesEquip

    Aldomi Quick Hitch Adapter

    I got in today a quick hitch adapter from Aldomi. I ordered about a week ago and they had to drill the pin holes, and paint it and got it out. I just had to give them my loader boom outside and inside dims measurements. Plus, I had to give them the pin size. I got a 4 in 1 bucket for it and a...
  3. McGeesEquip

    Some rotary cutter work out

    I've been having to do some rotary cutter work doing some clean up work. Giving this little 28hp tractor and shearpin cutter a workout. Bush hogging - YouTube
  4. McGeesEquip

    Anbo GR-L And GR-M Compact Tractor Grapple Rakes

    Anbo GR-L And GR-M Compact Tractor Grapple Rakes Our company would like to inform viewers there has been some major price changes on our web site for the Anbo GR-L And GR-M Series Compact Tractor rake grapples. Our company has many of the Anbo products on our web site, so viewers can see other...
  5. McGeesEquip

    Maschio 83In. Jolly Series 210 Rear Discharge Finishing Mower

    Maschio 83In. Jolly Series 210 Rear Discharge Finishing Mower. Maschio USA has some 2012/2013 models 83 In. Jolly rear discharge mowers that I am able to offer at a great move out discount price. The units are new and available for quick shipping. The 210 Series 83 In. units have 6 mowing...
  6. McGeesEquip

    Maschio Giraffa SE 210 84 In. Tractor 3-Point Side Mulcher With External Gearbox

    Maschio Giraffa SE 210 84 In. Tractor 3-Point Side Mulcher With External Gearbox Maschio USA has some 2012 210 Giraffa hydraulic side mulchers (Fail Mowers) in stock at their IA warehouse that I can offer a great deal on. The Maschio brand is from Italy. The Giraffa units have the external...
  7. McGeesEquip

    Tractor Rotary Tillers

    I would like to invite viewers to our company web site that may be in the market for a new tractor 3-point rotary tiller. Our company has listed 7 different brands such as Howse, King Kutter, Kodiak, Sicma Phoenix, Tarter, Ansung Terra Force, and Maschio units. We have listed units for compact...
  8. McGeesEquip

    Market Place Fairness Act

    If you are a internet shopper, and like to purchase items from other businesses outside your state. You will want to research this "Market Place Fairness Act". This is a bill that has already been passed by congress and is now being presented to house members. The bill will require any...
  9. McGeesEquip

    New Slip-On Front End Loader Bucket Lifts

    Swisher has come out with a new 3,000 Lbs. capacity slip-on front end loader bucket lift. It's a quick and easy tool to have when needing to pick up large items around the farm or job site. The item can be found on our web site at the link below. Swisher Slip On Front End Loader Bucket...
  10. McGeesEquip

    Sicma Phoenix Tiller And Mower Prices

    I just wanted to let TBN viewers and members to know that our company just lowered many of the prices on the Sicma tillers, selected Sicma finish mowers, and the SLE series flail mowers. Take note of the 2 current coupon discounts going on the Sicma T10 series and the T15 series tillers. The...
  11. McGeesEquip

    United Implement Disc Harrows And Culti-Packers

    I justed wanted to let TBN viewers know that I have some United Implements coupon discounts currently going on towards the purchase of any new United 400 Series, 600 Series disc harrows, and United 3 Point Culti-Packers. The coupon discounts are for a 4% discount towards our already discounted...
  12. McGeesEquip

    Dirt Dog Manufacturing

    It has come to my attention that I will have to be increasing the sale prices on many of my Dirt Dog brand equipment. I have been informed that the MFG is fixing to be sending out new pricing information to it's dealers and there has be some significate prices changes on some of the equipment...
  13. McGeesEquip

    $99.00 Shipping

    For a limited time I have some special pricing going on with shipping on selected items within a selected shipping zone. This shipping special is on selected rotary tillers both name brands King Kutter and Kodiak. This shipping special pricing is not just for a business class shipment, it is...
  14. McGeesEquip

    Kodiak All Gear Drive Rotary Tillers

    I would like to invite TBN members to check out these good deals that I got going on some Kodiak all gear drive rotary tillers. 4Ft. $1,272.11 + Shipping Kodiak 5800 4Ft. Series Rotary Tiller 5Ft. $1,344.70 + Shipping Kodiak 5800 5Ft. Series Rotary Tiller 6Ft. $1,605.31 + Shipping Kodiak 5800...
  15. McGeesEquip

    Covington Planters

    I just wanted to let TBN Viewers know that I have added some 1 row and 2 row Covington Planter assemblies to my web site. The Covington Planter orders will take about 2 - 3 weeks out before shipping. The planter assemblies do not get dropped shipped from the supplier, so I have to make a trip...
  16. McGeesEquip

    New Product Lines

    Would just to invite members of Tractor By Net to visit my web site. I have added some really nice product lines to the site. I have added the name brands of Kodiak, Dirt Dog, and Fergson. Some members may not recognize the name brands, but will recognizes the products. Both Kodiak and Dirt...
  17. McGeesEquip

    Site Changes

    Hey Everyone. I hope everyone is getting ready to kick off a nice and safe hunting season this year. I know I'm excited. Just wanted to thank all the TBN members that has visited my web site and made my site a shopping selection for their equipment purchases. I have been working a lot on...
  18. McGeesEquip

    Adjustable Sub-Compact Disc Harrows

    I got a shipment in the other day of some Tufline equipment. I got in some disc harrows and this is a picture of one of the TGE series for compact units. I know its hard to find easy adjustabe gang harrows in the compact sizes, so I wanted to show this unit. This unit is one of the TGE...
  19. McGeesEquip

    Economy Getting Better?

    With our stock market starting to see highs in the 12,000's marks does this mean that our economy is starting to look better? Sadly, this week I've been getting notices from manufactures that with the price increases with steel and raw material we will be seeing additional price increases real...
  20. McGeesEquip

    New Equipment Line UP

    Just wanted to touch base with viewers from around my customer area. My company has been added more new products to our great equipment line up. My company has team up with such companies as Buhler Farm King, Worksaver, CAMMOND, and Westendorf manufacturing. We are excited about all our new...
  21. McGeesEquip

    Marked Down Specials

    Just wanted to let the deep south members know that our company has marked down all our McCormick and King Kutter finish mowers in stock for a end season sale. We have also marked down many of our King Kutter disc and rotary cutters in stock, so folks looking to start on their food plots should...
  22. McGeesEquip

    Trailer Brands

    I was just wondering if there was any TBN members that may be dealers, or any members that may have purchased Cargo Mate enclosed cargo trailers. I've been considering adding their trailers to my trailer line to offer enclosed trailers. I am also looking at Load Trail trailers for general...
  23. McGeesEquip

    McCormick Tractor Pictures

    If you would like to see more pictures of McCormick Tractor units you can check out this site. Home - McCormick Tractors Photo Gallery Work still in progress. :thumbsup:
  24. McGeesEquip

    451 Model with 555 frontend loader

    I got a customer that has a Massey 451 model and he said he has a Massey 555 model frontend loader on the unit. He wants to have the bucket system changed to a skid steer hitch set up. Can anyone please confirm that this loader model was even used on the 451 units, and what kind of buckets...
  25. McGeesEquip

    Additional Tractor Line UP

    I just received a McCormick CX 100 T3 cab unit in today along with a McCormick CL70 2 WD unit.:eek: I will also be adding other additional units to the instock line up. If anyone is over my parts feel free to come by and check out these super nice units.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  26. McGeesEquip

    McCormick July Sales Programs: 4.85%

    McCormick just released some new information for their July sales programs. They just lowered their 84 month program rate to an even lower rate of 4.85% That means you can still take advantage of the free loader program and get a great finance rate of 4.85% for 84 months.:eek: With the free...
  27. McGeesEquip

    Mean Looking McCormick CT47 With Loader

    I just wanted to post this picture of a McCormick CT47 unit with a L111 frontend loader with a grapple unit lnstalled. It's a mean looking unit.:drool:
  28. McGeesEquip

    Grapples, Pallet Forks, Loader Spears

    Just wanted to let folks in my area that I will soon be receiving some new skid steer root and bucket grapples, skid steer pallet forks, and skid steer hay spears on the lot. If you are in driving distance and would like to come by and feel the steel I will be receiving them and mounting them...
  29. McGeesEquip

    Comparison  McCormick CX Extra Shift Or C-MAX Power Shift

    I would like to do a survey with the McCormick owners that have purchased either a CX series unit with the extra shift, or a C-max series unit with the hydraulic power shift clutch. I had a customer called me that was looking for McCormick unit around 100hp in size and does a lot of dirt work...
  30. McGeesEquip

    Dealer  McCormick CT36 Hydrostatic Drive

    It looks like I will be getting a McCormick CT36 hydrostatic drive model real soon at my location. Feel free to call about it or any of the McCormick tractor models. I'm also able to get the McCormick Ag series units which are currently being offered with the free loader program. McGee Farm...
  31. McGeesEquip

    Is This A Good Price For A New Flex Wing

    The other day I had a customer come by and was looking at some of my stock units of rotary cutters, and said he was really wanting a 15Ft unit, so I gave the customer a price but I think I over quoted on it. I would like to learn what other similar units are retailing for. I went back to the...
  32. McGeesEquip

    King Kutter

    In April 2010, King Kutter Inc. had a price increase across the board on all implements and parts. The news is, starting August 1st, 2010 King Kutter will be increasing prices again. If you are currently even considering a King Kutter product I would be contacting your dealer for ordering...
  33. McGeesEquip

    Frontend Loader Hydraulic Chain Saw

    This is another good reason for the use of a frontend loader and to have auxiliary remotes on your tractor units. This is a hydraulic chain saw on a 8ft. extension. The hydraulic motor runs a 5,000 RPM's and has a self oiling system that uses the tractor hydraulic fluid. I posted some...
  34. McGeesEquip

    Tiller  New King Kutter 7Ft. Tiller

    I got in the new King Kutter 7Ft. tiller. They changed the hitch to use either cat 1, or cat 2 lift arms. I'm sure tempted to hook this monster up to our McCormick CTU65 with the creeper gear to see it work.:D