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  1. jake98

    Pulley drifting

    I replaced the engine on a Kemp chipper with a Horrible Freight horizontal shaft, and am having some difficulty getting the engine pulley to stay put. Any suggestions, or rules of wisdom for that problem? Just installed for the 2nd time with locktite on the setscrews and key, but wondering if...
  2. jake98

    Snow pusher on gravel.

    All the way down, then 2 taps up seems to be the key for me. But I'm gonna put a pipe on the edge too. Or move south.
  3. jake98

    Front snow blade, worried about tractor damage

    With a 3" cylinder you should be able to use it as a hoist in the summer. Next is to get some bracing behind the mount.
  4. jake98

    Front snow blade, worried about tractor damage

    I'm working up one now. Bought an old Massey so I could leave the back hoe on the Kioti, and who doesn't need another tractor??
  5. jake98

    The Massey Ferguson Picture Thread

    I just picked this one up. Ordered new nose parts, and a seal for the tach drive, filters, etc.
  6. jake98

    Tractordata serial number lookup experts?

    I just picked up an industrial that I'm having trouble identifying. Serial #9AT96858 Help is greatly appreciated, I'm going cross-eyed looking for the model #. If the T is actually a 1, it would seem to be a Model 2135, but it sure looks like a T.
  7. jake98

    3-Point Hitch  Slow 3 point - usual suspects? CK25HST

    My 3 point went from normal to snail's pace this winter. Not the control valve (unless it's obstructed). Heading out to change hyd & hst filters, wondering what else to look for? TIA.
  8. jake98


    I pulled myself up the hill with a week or two's heat chained on the back. Not sure if it makes total sense, but it definitely is fun.. Have to weigh the advantage of not sawing in the sticker bushes, compared to dragging the tree thru the mud before cutting it up.
  9. jake98


    I mounted up this Superwinch 8500 to help me drop some trees not on my shop. If I can get about 6 down, with no 'collateral damage', it won't owe me nuthin. :D
  10. jake98


    don't know if this has been around, but I stumbled onto it, figured I'd share it. A Russian tractor driver refuses to give up after his vehicle gets stuck in a river. - YouTube
  11. jake98

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    I have a QC-3 on the line. Seems to work good, it gets obvious pretty quick when it needs a cartridge. I was surprised how fast it cut the 3/4", figured it would be a lot slower process. Have to get positioned so you can watch the stream too, wish I had more time to get good with it.. This is a...
  12. jake98

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    Love the PowerPlasma70. Not sayin I know how to use it, but for me, this is a good cut. 3/4" hot roll.
  13. jake98

    don't forget the ramps

    Figured you guys would appreciate this one. Must be 100' in reverse, after forward for 15.. Ears plugged, radio on, didn't even feel it till the last couple. Was thinking 'something's funky with those trailer brakes'. :o
  14. jake98

    Diversification is key (they say..)

    My shop's too full, too. Have to get rid of something(s) every time I get something.. Home-brew solar collectors. 20 ga. galv.
  15. jake98

    Diversification is key (they say..)

    Picked this up from Enco for just about a buck a pound. :)
  16. jake98


    Any issues with a clunking sound (more of a feel) while turning slow? I've been noticing it lately.. can't quite pinpoint it. Happens in 2WD and 4. At first, I thought it was in the front axle, but now I'm thinking it may be the hydro slipping and grabbing. Fluids are full, 500 hrs.
  17. jake98

    Slow motion metal cutting

    Has this one been around yet? (turn the sound off, unless you like ogeda..) Cutting steel magnified and slowed down. [VIDEO].flv - YouTube
  18. jake98

    Do you guys want to talk machining here?

    or rather stick:p to welding?
  19. jake98

    Power Feed for Mill

    I put this on today, it's an arm-saver, but the main thing is it keeps me from having to get my butt out of the chair to crank it. Only made a few chips so far, but hours of fun figuring it out. I'm trying not to be a pain on the machinist's forum.. :laughing: Round column mills have the...
  20. jake98

    new mill pics

    Picked up my new mill from the truck terminal friday night. Yesterday was spent getting it on it's stand and rolling it thru the maze to the spot in the back of my shop. Today will be de-greasing and powering it up. I've been loading up on tools for it, while it was back ordered, so I have...
  21. jake98

    Anybody need a small milling machine?

    check these out: Model Engineers—Barry Jordan :thumbsup:
  22. jake98

    Drill Press or Drill/Mill ?

    I could use a heavier duty drill press and am wondering if I should step up to a drill/mill. Or maybe a lathe/mill? Was struggling to drill 1/2" steel yesterday with my little radial drill press, now I'm back in the Grizzley Catalog...:confused2: With a mill, you can cut holes bigger than you'd...
  23. jake98

    How do you set the snake oil knob?

    I keep wondering about the high end welders and their control features like high speed pulse, and wave form, and can't help thinking that it's snake-oil... If something is happening to the arc, at a rate that's faster than the weldor can react to it, how is it different than just turning down...
  24. jake98

    Ordered a couple HF tools

    Universal bender, and tube roller. I can see my scrap pile's future... :laughing:
  25. jake98


    is posting pics of cutting up a reactor, and other little items, over on ww, you guys might want to take a look.. general welding plasma vs torch #94+
  26. jake98

    Notch Master

    Tried this out yesterday, great tool.. first couple cuts here to make legs for a tripod to hold it. I set it on 50*, the max, and cut the other end 40* flat on the bandsaw for the feet. I think it's going to come in handy as a pipe vise too, for holding stuff in general. :thumbsup: 2" sched 40...
  27. jake98

    What Kind of Welds are these?

    Can hardly see a bead. Tail gate hinges.
  28. jake98

    weldingweb is hacked

    Stay off there until they get that straightened out. Had to restore twice in two days now..
  29. jake98

    4x6 Bandsaw Cut Speed

    What's an approx. guesstimate for how long it should take to get thru 2" sched. 40? Mine must be over 2 min., 1 min. for 1" square tube.. Time for a blade change? I've had the thing so long I don't remember how fast it was when it was new.
  30. jake98

    How much Ar for this?

    Looks like more than half of my 80CF bottle is gone. I didn't flip it over yet to do the other side either. I did do about 15 min. of torch practice tho, with it set on 15 l/m the other night when I got it.. had it set at 7 for this truck bed cover.
  31. jake98

    pros or cons of TIGing old saw blades?

    I have a stack of old blades, are they good to practice on?
  32. jake98

    How do you sharpen your tungsten?

    Can you use a handheld grinder with a diamond wheel, or do you have to spend hundreds on a dedicated tool? Stationary grinder?
  33. jake98

    gonna give the tilt a whirl

    Mt. View Ranch set me up with a nice lookin unit here. Can't wait to get some time to put it on. Thanks Brian!
  34. jake98

    Glue-up Clamp

    I'm thinking about welding up a 7' long clamping unit for door rails. Think 1/2" threaded rod is ok for the clamps?
  35. jake98

    Dessicant Water Filters

    Can you dry them out, or is it strictly a toss'em? I put in a QC 3 when I got my plasma cutter, a couple weekends ago, and it's already indicating 'replace'. I put a water separator before it, at the end of 50' of hose, and I haven't seen a drop come out of that yet.
  36. jake98

    Dump Trailer Repair

    Well, today's the day. Going to cut out a rusted box channel and see if I can make a new one. It needs to be 2x3, and I have some 3x3 5/16 angle from my de-commisioned LVL snow plow. Going to rip and weld them to fit. I'm a tad nervous, not much experience, but heck, I watched a bunch of...
  37. jake98

    Anybody ever torch bluestone treads?

    The job I'm on just got a bunch delivered, and they forgot to do the ends.
  38. jake98

    Copying Table?

    Is there a device like a CNC plasma cutting table that follows a pattern, armstrong powered? edit: or is it easier to just cut around a pattern?
  39. jake98

    My 1st. 3 Beads

    I brought this plenum box home to practice on. Went down the outside (I guess a little too hot) and had a whole lot of penetration inside.. How long till I die from the fumes? Who cares, this thing works good! :thumbsup: I didn't clean this at all figuring it's galvanized, but I guess maybe...
  40. jake98

    My 1st. 3 Beads

    I think I'm gonna love this Hobart Ironman 230 welder..:)
  41. jake98

    CO2 for MIG with beer regulator?

    Anybody use a beer keg regulator on a MIG set up? I have one of those that isn't being used (sniff, sniff) and CO2 tanks that I run air nailers with. Was wondering if it would work on my soon to be delivered MIG welder?
  42. jake98

    Old 30# Spool

    I have a 24 yo spool of .035. It's like a wire rack kind of spool, Lincoln, and I'm wondering if it can be run on a modern machine? Wind it onto a modern plastic spool??
  43. jake98

    MIG amperage

    Do wire feed MIG welders increase amperage by having more 'connection' as the wire speed increases? I just ordered one, and I'm trying to get the picture of how they 'know' to increase the amperage..:confused2:
  44. jake98

    How bad is shale?

    I can get some tandem loads for free and I was thinking it'll be good to throw at the muddy spots and raise a section of my driveway up about a foot. Looks like the bigger pieces are about 2x2x8..
  45. jake98

    Think it will sell?

    I hear it's all in the presentation..
  46. jake98

    5' brush hog blade came off

    I was hogging the fields at my folks place yesterday, chomping down on some bushes, and I guess it plucked the cotter pin out of the nut. The tapered spline got slightly chewed up, but not too bad. Filed a little and put it back on with a nail in place of the cotter pin. I guess I got lucky.
  47. jake98

    Anybody know what this is?

    It was with my uncle's welder when I got it. Heater? Battery tester? It has a ribbon serpentined in it.
  48. jake98

    Welding on tractor

    Any truth to the rumor that it can fry the electronics?
  49. jake98

    Flip-Up Lenses

    From outside to inside.. gasket, clear glass, clear plastic, tint, magnifier, spring, in that order? Skip the clear plastic with a gold lens?
  50. jake98

    What's the Deal with Spring Steel

    Can you heat that stuff and un-spring it? I'd like to flaten out a lock washer and make a spacer out of it.
  51. jake98

    Disk Spindle Torque

    When I tighten up these chinese spindles they don't turn. Do they usually have a castle nuts or something? I'm thinking of drilling the nuts and putting pins thru them.
  52. jake98

    Pre-heat for stick weld?

    Do I need to? Is there a rule of thumb? Thanks.
  53. jake98

    Carry-All conversion to Bedder

    Going to weld this up to pull the bedder/hiller attachment for raising garden beds. Normally the bedder attachment goes on a cultivator, but not having one, or my own garden yet, the carry-all (previously converted to a trailer mover) is once again to be the victim. The disk is just sitting...
  54. jake98

    mounting 4" hand truck tires

    I'm open for all suggestions, this thing's kickin my butt. I got it off and got a tube in it, but getting it back on is proving to be a pain.
  55. jake98

    NL machine gets loose

    Anybody seen this? Omgevallen machine takelen |
  56. jake98

    Fork This

    Tried a little 'proof of concept' with my firewood. Gonna put a 2' longer board on there. Beats the heck out of walking it to the hoop..
  57. jake98

    NH TLB Yellow Plastic in Hydraulics

    My buddy has a NH about 8 yrs old and he's got a recurring problem in the BH hydraulics. Said he had to have the PRV replaced and the mechanic told him he found yellow plastic pieces in it. Now he's got a valve off the BH that was malfunctioning and he says there was the same thing in it (after...
  58. jake98

    Snow Attachments  LVL snow push

    Call me cheap, but I think I'm gonna get a 7' x however tall I can get piece of LVL beam to make a front blade to attach to my bucket. Put an angle or channel on the bottom and another to mate with the bucket's cutting edge, and strap it on. That stuff is strong. Should be a cheap experiment...
  59. jake98

    CK25HST Screech

    Got a loud screech on startup today, probably 3 seconds, seemed longer. Didn't like to hear that.. Sounded like it was by the clutch area.
  60. jake98

    Deep Freeze

    Here in the NE we're getting big rain followed by lows in the low teens for next week. Everything's gonna be stuck to the ground.
  61. jake98

    On-Line Ticket Calculator

    Is there a place to see how much my fines would be for trailering without 'my papers in order'?
  62. jake98

    Hyd hose diameter

    How does the diameter/length of a hose affect a hydraulic cylinder's performance? I'm planning on using some long thin hoses on a 4"x34" cylinder and was wondering if it makes a difference..
  63. jake98

    Has hyd oil always been light/clear?

    I have an old pail of JD hyd oil that looks darker than what I'm used to seeing.
  64. jake98

    stump speech

    I just ordered a hydraulic cylinder to use yanking stumps. Hopefully I'll be able to chain or strap it to the big ones and pull out the small ones without all the digging. I'm thinking of using some 1 1/2" or 2" black pipe to save on some chain cost, flatten the ends and drill for clevis.. I got...
  65. jake98

    DA cylinder power

    Do they have the same power retracting as extending?
  66. jake98

    No Log Pile

    I finally stopped stacking the log lengths on the ground to cut up later. Now I'm cutting the ends on each side and finishing up the last few cuts right in the grapple, so I skip that whole miserable step of cutting in the pile. Everything that hits the ground is ready for the splitter. (Duh..)
  67. jake98

    CK front axle pivot grease

    My front axle pivot won't take grease. Zerk is clear. Maybe too tight adjustment?
  68. jake98

    Heating Oil Same as Diesel.. NOT

    Contrary to lot's of opinions here. I put some in my truck yesterday, GMC DuraMax, made it about a mile.
  69. jake98

    tanks alot

    Got some leftover fuel from an oil tank install.
  70. jake98

    Price Check  JD410 mid-70's worth??

    This works, just wondering if anybody'd care to speculate what I might be able to get for it.
  71. jake98

    So when you wipe the water off the seat

    with your handkerchief, do you stick it back in your back pocket?
  72. jake98

    Re: At Home In The Woods

    Re: At Home In The Woods I bet Obed's Carpenter wishes he just stuck with the carpentry. I also bet that it was the plumber's idea not to dig the waste lines below the excavation (his job) so Obed got stuck putting in 8-12" of gravel and lots of headaches..
  73. jake98

    What a grey day

    I put my 53 Farmall Cub on my lawn with a plastic sign (fu, it was in the rain) today. I feel like a derelict sp? idiot that can't care for his child. I'm going to blow my nose now... HHEEeight attachments... and no **** it's not what i want to do thanks for feeling my pain.... (what...
  74. jake98

    glow plugs problem?

    My CK25 got way harder to start lately. Anybody hear of glow plug issues? I was wondering if there's a simple ohmmeter test or something... thanks, jake
  75. jake98

    Test for buzz box welder?

    Is there a load test for buzz box welders? I have a couple tomestones and I don't want to keep the wrong one... Thanks, Jake
  76. jake98

    Bucket Pins

    Where's the place to get bucket pins? I need some 1" x 6" with 3/8" holes. Anybody know where to find them? I just put my new grapple on with TSC hitch pins and it's a disaster waiting to happen. Thanks. Jake
  77. jake98

    Lawn Re-grading

    Can you rake topsoil over dips in existing lawn, say, 10" deep and just bury the old grass?
  78. jake98

    Chuck and Duck?

    Talking with my Beemerville buddy, I told him that I felt bad about missing a buy on a Wallenstein chipper. He said, "Oh, a chuck and duck?" Wondering if you guys ever heard it called that? Jake
  79. jake98

    Shivering Kioti

    A couple shots of my new, too big, unlimited fabrication root grapple. These are sold under a few (5?) websites in Denton, NC. I'm considering cutting it in half and selling one side... Jake
  80. jake98

    Root Grapple Connectors

    Hello to the group, I'm installing a root grapple to the front of a compact tractor loader, and I'm being told that the hyd. connections go on the back, and it seems stupid to me. I don't have intentions of adding a back-hoe or any other hyd. tool to the back so why put the connects back there...