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  1. DieselMonk

    T4.75 Powerstar leaking hydraulic oil only while driving?

    My T4.75 Powerstar with EHSS is leaking hydraulic oil only while driving somewhere around the hydraulic oil filter. Can't see anything much else wrong. Cleaned the filter operated the loader and it seemed all good. Started to drive the tractor around and sure enough it's leaking oil again. I...
  2. DieselMonk

    Boomer 1030 need a replacement battery

    I tried to get ready for spring here in Canada and charged the battery up. It shorted out a cell in the original battery (11 years). So I am in the market for a new one to replace the old Yuasa 46B24R(S) that came with it. Anyone replaced their battery yet that actually fits like the old one...
  3. DieselMonk

    T4.75 Powerstar 3.2l engine coolant leak

    Well... My Powerstar felt sick again @ 166hrs. Loosing coolant. After a while I noticed there was some coolant on the floor. Not good. The problem ended up being the clamps on the big radiator hoses being loose for some reason. Tightened it up and all is O.k.
  4. DieselMonk

    T4.75 Power Star transmission problem

    Soo guys... here I am again... been a while, but things are busy. This is my second 2013 T4.75 12x12 with only 160hrs on it and I got transmission problems again, but this time it is different. My chore was to bring in 8 cords of firewood from the wood pile with the front loader and dump it down...
  5. DieselMonk

    dealer install PTO 540E (economy PTO)?

    There is nothing much to find about this topic, so I thought I'll go and ask: Can the dealer install the economy PTO (available as a factory option) afterwards? I traded today my TC55DA up to a T4 Powerstar. It has almost all I want and then some. The only thing missing is the 540 economy PTO...
  6. DieselMonk

    made a deal on a new T4.75

    After owning and operating my TC55DA EHSS with an aftermarket Laurin cab for 9 years, having enjoyed lots of quality tractor time and very little downtime. I decided to pull the trigger on a new T4.75 and trade in my TC55DA at 520hrs and the small 757 backhoe. I supposed to take delivery end of...
  7. DieselMonk

    Boomer 1030 50hr service

    I serviced my Boomer 1030 first 50hr service today. Also if I had something to complain about, than it would be the hydraulic oil filler location on the rear. That thing is really placed in a stupid location. I tried 3 different funnels until I rigged something up to get some new oil in there...
  8. DieselMonk

    Blower motor resitor Case 580 Super M Series 2

    Anyone know the blower motor resistor location for a Case 580 Super M Series 2? My fan speed number one is not working and I just got the new resistor. Not having my shop manual yet, I wonder if anyone knows it's location.
  9. DieselMonk

    How old are your batteries and how to keep them in good shape?

    Last year I ended up needing new batteries for just about everything. Generator, tractor, dozer, car etc. By the time I counted it all togeter it was like 1200$ to get new ones. I had everything from a 3 month old battery to a 7 year old battery that showed signes. Worst ones were the ones from...
  10. DieselMonk

    TC55DA hydraulic problems

    Well, I have to say first time since 5 years of owning my TC55DA, she's broke! Had my new rear finishing mower on and mowed the field for 3 hrs at 30 degrees celsius, @ 540 pto speed. Went home to refuel, parked her in front of the garage, filled her up with Diesel for about 4 minutes. I put the...
  11. DieselMonk

    Need Engine Parts :Case Terra Track 600

    Well, I know that my Case Terra Track 600 isn't a tractor, its a crawler / dozer. Didn't really know where to put the thread tho. I need some real big help with pistons and sleeves for that thing, as they are no wheres to be found. The engine is a Continental ED208 Diesel. The sleeves are...
  12. DieselMonk

    welding crimp on teeth on the bucket?

    I've got a 757c hoe on my tractor and the @#$% crimp on teeth came off of the bucket and luckly I found them after a short search. There is no crimp on tool around here that I can get a hold of to recrimp these teeth. Now I am thinking to weld the those teeth solid over the original teeth. Will...
  13. DieselMonk

    TC55DA bouldging hose

    I Went underneat my tractor today to give it some grease. By accident I looked right from underneath the hydraulic fluid filter (right behind the filter housing) up and I found a rubber U shaped hose that looks like the rubber swelled up badly and it is right soft like a tube in a bike tire or...
  14. DieselMonk

    My new used toy for the TC55DA

    Right now I am working on my garden. Thought I am gonna need a little help, so I went and got a used 757C back hoe. The first 3 hrs operating that back hoe was miserable at best, but towards the evening things looked much better and playing with the joystick's was like nothin special anymore...
  15. DieselMonk

    Backhoe  Utility Backhoe

    As a few of you know I have a TC55DA with a Laurin cab. I found yesterday a nice used 757 utility backhoe year 2000, which I am very interested on buying. Question is how long does it take you guys, that have one, to install or drop the backhoe part? Is it some kind of quick attach, or do I have...
  16. DieselMonk

    draft control

    Hi guys! I checked my snow blower over before the big snow hits soon and I found out that my shoes on my snow blower were worn paper thin! Gee... that thing is only one year old! Anyhow. The question is: Does the draft control work the same way driving backwards with a snow blower, like it...
  17. DieselMonk

    hydraulic hose

    Hi Guys! Wonder if little cracks in the hydraulic hose is a good reason to change it, or just wait until she blows??? I guess the sun dried that rubber out and now I have all kinds of tiny cracks right were the hose makes a 90 degree angle. A little off topic, I know, but my TC55DA is working...