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    how much if ask a welder come to your home and weld a 2" length small metal plate?

    Hi everyone, I would like to have a investigation. How much if ask a welder come to your home and weld a 2" length small metal plate on the attachment you there? Not in China, but the cost for this service in the US. That's small work for me, less than ten minutes. But not easy for someone...
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    which snow blower is better?

    For the snow blower mounted on tractor rear 3 point hitch, mostly are working when tractor run reverse. like this: And some are working when tractor run forwarder, like this: I personally like the second one, what is your opinion?
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    Is it same between tractor front loader adapter and Bobcat skid steer front adapter?

    Hi Everyone, a quick question, the front adapter of tractor front loader in USA market, and the front adapter of Bobcat skid steer front adapter, are they same size exactly? Because I would like to develop some products for it, like snow plow, blower, etc.
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    Flail Mower  Flail mower rotor shaft stuck grass, how to solve this problem?

    Hello Everyone, I have a friend meet problem when he use flail mower, he said his mower rotor shaft often sutck grass when use it, then the bearing will be easy to overheat, then I suggest him to run mower at high RPM asap, right? Look at these photos from him. Any suggestion?
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    Backhoe  a question about backhoe storage

    Hello everyone in TBN who use backhoe, I have a question about backhoe storage. look at this photo, this one backhoe which I produced, you can see one of its feet sinking, after several weeks, it will sink to the bottom, it is because there is no oil lock system in the valve inside. so my...
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    A little confused when marketing

    To find customer in US market, I'm searching for those US tractor attachment dealer of big brand company, but few response me, I'm now a little confusing of it, generally I send email to them and sometimes I made a little phone call. I don't if there is any wrong about this method. Is there...
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    Jack from CHINA tractor factory, say hello to everyone here

    Hello everyone, this is Jack, employee from CHINA tractor factory, I heard this forum is the largest forum in US, I just want to make friends from here and get some understanding in USA culture. I swear that I won't send any advertisement, Please administrator not kick me out, as you know how...