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  1. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 Regen Question

    Hey all, Been running our tractor quite a bit between last year mowing and the winter Snowblowing. We are in full mowing season here and this spring we were up to 140+ hours after the winter work, we are just over 190+ hours with the mowing and work here. Now I have not had a regen on this...
  2. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 glow plugs, 3 pt height

    Hey Guys, Last night Kim and I were running around and saw the new L & M Fleet Supply in Thief River Falls, we were just looking around and found a Cat 2 Quick Hitch with a adjustable top link. It was priced at $249.00 so we grabbed it. With a little work and I had to change out the...
  3. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 glow plugs, 3 pt height

    OK TXCYCLE, I don't have the external lift controls but they are on my wish list, it looks like #1 is a threaded rod and #2 is a threaded fitting, I'll take a look at them and see if we can get an adjustment on it. Thanks
  4. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 glow plugs, 3 pt height

    OK guys, Got about 70 hours on the T4, I've been bad about getting in the cab to start and let her warm up. So it was a bit chilly a couple weeks and I got up to fully check her out on startup. We'll all the lights come on with the power up but the glow plugs never cycled. On our T2220 and...
  5. Thumper & Buttercup

    Speaker upgrade and Bluetooth Adapter

    The Speaker Covers have a metal frame mounted to them that has three fingers that slip over the headliner holding the cover in place. We pulled the left and right covers (fuse cover on the left and switch cover on the right), then we pulled the pillar covers. With the Pillar covers off you can...
  6. Thumper & Buttercup

    Speaker upgrade and Bluetooth Adapter

    We'll we were installing camera's for our backup monitor and we had the headliner down running cables and we decided to upgrade our speakers. I have a android phone and I wanted a bluetooth adapter for me to stream my Amazon music, this adapter even had the ability to take phone calls with a...
  7. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 Accy Switches

    OK, Been a little under the weather but we wrapped up the tractor this week, the switches I got from Granger fit the T4.75 perfect, nice tight fit and no trimming. EATON Rocker Switch, Contact Form':' SPST, Number of Connections':' 2, Terminals':' .25" Quick Connect Tab -...
  8. Thumper & Buttercup

    T4.75 Accy Switches

    Hey Guys, Have any of you found a source for switches that fit our tractor? I've been looking and it looks like the only way to get one is buy another windshield wiper switch and black out the picture. Thanks
  9. Thumper & Buttercup

    New Holland T4.75 coming home

    We'll she is all waxed up and ready to mow tomorrow, we upgraded the speakers and added a backup camera and the monitor arm. I've got a cell phone mount and a blue tooth hookup coming tomorrow. We ran wiring from the rear wiper to add a switch on the column beside the front wiper switch, we'll...
  10. Thumper & Buttercup

    New Holland T4.75 coming home

    We stopped by the dealer this week, the tire shop should have our tires this week, don't know the status of the front rims yet so we are in a waiting game. I did pickup a two camera system to install in the tractor when we get her home.
  11. Thumper & Buttercup

    New Holland T4.75 coming home

    Have not been on in quite a while, We'll due to health issues I am having a lot of trouble getting into our DX60, we looked at having a custom set of steps made and maybe a air seat but the cab is too cramped for me to get in and out of. We were riding by a dealer last month and saw a T4.75...
  12. Thumper & Buttercup

    Shop Manual Question

    Hey Guys, I've got the T2220 which is a 35 hp tractor, but I never see a shop manual for that on E-Bay. Is there another New Holland model number that I can look for that will be the same tractor or close enough or just man up the $200+++ for one. Thanks guys.
  13. Thumper & Buttercup

    You guys with cabs

    Hey I just got my tractor back from the dealer but it's missing something I think. There is a rubber shaped plug in the lower right corner of the window that fills that bump in the cab, what do you have on the inside, I have a rubber but on the inside I see some circles in the rubber but I...
  14. Thumper & Buttercup

    Need a photo guys

    Hey, I just got my tractor back, but something is missing, what do you guys have on the inside back window in the lower right corner where that bump rubber plug is. I see a bare rubber plug but I thought it had a cover on it. Thanks guys.
  15. Thumper & Buttercup

    Check your cabs guys

    Hey guys, I'm going to post this in the New Holland and the Case section, my DX60 is in the shop getting a new cab top right now. I noticed a split in the black plastic on the right rear near the light but it started at the cab and went within a inch of the light. It's being replaced...
  16. Thumper & Buttercup

    You guys with cabs check them out

    Hey guys, I'm going to post this in the New Holland and the Case section, my DX60 is in the shop getting a new cab top right now. I noticed a split in the black plastic on the right rear near the light but it started at the cab and went within a inch of the light. It's being replaced...
  17. Thumper & Buttercup

    Added a WR Long Valve Kit

    We'll trying to finish up a few projects. Waiting for the welder to show up and weld the bulkhead plate for me (my welding is terrible and this will be right out up front). For our T2220 and the Super steer we found out we needed 75" hoses on the rear and 8' hoses on the front. Needed to cut...
  18. Thumper & Buttercup

    Brought home a Flail mower

    Been watching the discussions on the Flails and have been looking for one for about 6 months. We even drove over to Duluth MN last week to look at one but it was in real bad shape. So I was checking our local dealership "Titan" and they showed up with one in Fargo. Called about it and it was...
  19. Thumper & Buttercup

    T2220 Cruise Control

    T2220 Cruise Control "Now Fixed Ok I've read the posts and have the tractor torn apart. Ours has never worked right, had the tractor in with a list of things to fix and forgot to put the cruise on the list. So I had the tractor in our shop last week and adjusted the brake switch, hit the...
  20. Thumper & Buttercup

    Needed a bigger Bucket

    Hey Guys, Been busy up here moving snow, I wanted to try a different approach and use the loader to move snow into the slough that runs through my place. I started with the standard bucket that came on the DX60 and after several days of working a few hours I saw that I needed more...
  21. Thumper & Buttercup

    Fork Attach work Stand "Will this work"?

    Hey Guys, We've been cleaning the roof of our house this week using a pallet with 3/4 wood on it for a deck, this sure beats getting on a ladder and trying to use a roof rake or walking on the roofs to try and clean them. We want to build a two person Work Stand this year, something...
  22. Thumper & Buttercup

    Grapple  Dehnerwelding Grapple dialup warning

    Hey Guys, We'll Christmas came early this year for me. I am making a new post for this so others can find it easier. You guys will have to thank my wife for some of these photos, she braved the cold to take them while I did the unloading. I took these photos so you guys could better...
  23. Thumper & Buttercup

    Grapple  New Grapple Coming

    Hey Guys, Was looking on e-bay for a Grapple before Thanksgiving and this looked like what we wanted to use. Not that far to ship, shipping was a bit high, they wanted to ship to a elevator near by and I made them ship to my farm. Told them I have the equipment (forks) to off load right...
  24. Thumper & Buttercup

    Planters  JD 71 Flex Planter...Warning Dial-up users

    Hey Guys, We started this project this spring and had a large water problem hit our house in May. We'll we just got back to work on it last month. We finished painting all the parts yesterday, the lids and chain guards are in the shop curing. I built the 3pt hookup to work with our quick...
  25. Thumper & Buttercup

    Equipment Barn

    Hey guys, Has anyone purchased anything from the Equipment Barn. I'm trying to find a King Kutter Pallet Mover PM15 and no one has one. I've never heard of them but they list that they might have one in stock. I put a order in with my local Ag dealer in April to get it with their...
  26. Thumper & Buttercup

    Planter two bar question

    Planter toolbar question Hey guys, I'm building a 3 row planter using 71 flex units, the toolbar will be about 7' long and be a 6"x3" box. I've been thinking of a clean way to add the hookup for the 3 pt on the tractor. You guy posted the A frame from Agri supply and I had my lower pins...
  27. Thumper & Buttercup

    Had My buckets worked on

    Hey Guys, Sorry I did not do this job, every time I even mention the word welding the wife starts to laugh. I can do a small fix but my welds look fair sometimes. I know I've got to practice more. So I took both my buckets to my local one man shop, hes a great guy and he does it all...
  28. Thumper & Buttercup

    Planters  Cross Referance JD to Lustran planter plates

    Hey Guys, I was searching for Lustran Planter Plates the other night and came across a post from here that someone has a PDF reference file for the Lustran plates. You posted that you got it off the web at I think Lincoln Ag products when they use to have it on their site. I would...
  29. Thumper & Buttercup


    Hey Guys, I'll get photos up in the next day or so, got four JD 71 planter units today. The guy raised his price $25 each after giving me a price on the phone and asking me to make a offer, I told him I had to see them first. People left calls all weekend wanting them so he raised hit...
  30. Thumper & Buttercup

    New Farmall 60

    Hey Guys, I went on and traided in our IH1066 and a couple accessories on this new Farmall 60. I can't complain with the deal, I got all my money back on my old tractor, snowblower, ditchbank mower, also all my repairs to the tractor. So I got to use this tractor for 15 years and just...
  31. Thumper & Buttercup

    Anyone with a Farmall 60

    Hey Guys, I know I cross posted this but I'm looking for any info, trying to pull this off by tomorrow maybe. Thanks.
  32. Thumper & Buttercup

    Snow and Water

    Hey Guys, Taking a down day and catch our breath while we get dumped on with snow. We have major flooding in our area, we have only one east west road not under water yet and no north south roads that don't have a section closed. The water here is higher than I've seen in 30+ years...
  33. Thumper & Buttercup

    Gopher Killer Question

    Hey Guys, I have a neighbor who has an Alfalfa field that has a lot of gophers, they also have them in the yard and they are moving over to our place some. He found this unit and was wondering if any of you have used this type unit or know anyone who has. Just looking for feedback if they...
  34. Thumper & Buttercup

    Headlight Armor for paint protection

    Hey Guys, The way the loader hoses are routed on our tractor they rub the paint on the hood no matter how well you zip them. I've thought of having for 1' extensions made and zip them outside the brace instead of inside the brace. I also have used a clear plastic adhesive sheet to...
  35. Thumper & Buttercup

    CLEVIS Question

    Hey Guys, Did your tractor come with the Clevis on it or not. I'm looking at the IPB and they want $100 for the Clevis only. I think it should have come on the tractor.
  36. Thumper & Buttercup

    Cultipacker in Souix Falls SD

    Hey Guys, If these were closer I would be all over them, they are on Craig s list for Saturday under South Dakota Farm+Garden, he has what looks like a 8' with two 3 or 4' sections behind it. He also has a couple other things for sale. Here is the add, look under the land roller. south...
  37. Thumper & Buttercup

    LED Work Lights

    Hey Guys, Finally got all the wiring and lights in, and had a couple days to do the work. I bought all my wiring and switches from a marine boating place on e-bay, good prices and good service. This place has the wiring loom like the tractor comes with and I wanted to put all the harness...
  38. Thumper & Buttercup

    Electrical Connectors

    Hey Guys, I mentioned this in my other post but I want to get this question where it is seen. I have two line quick connects at the back of my NH, the connector is larger than the other pigtails I picked up. Anyone know where I can get the larger ones on the net. I'm looking but not...
  39. Thumper & Buttercup

    Home Made Pallet Rack storage

    OK guys, Don't know where to put this but we got a new Berlon Fork attachment for our Tractor. I mainly got it for the quick attach spade to dig out some stumps and bury some large rocks. We'll I was looking around the shop and all the junk that takes up floor space, I've got room in...
  40. Thumper & Buttercup

    Anyone using the new LED or HID lights

    I know that there is a thread on this and in it a couple guys said they were ordering the expensive lights. So has anyone got them and how is the light off of the units. Our tractor has a 40 amp alternator and the stock lighting is Halogen so with all the lights that are on the tractor I'm at...
  41. Thumper & Buttercup

    Parts Prices taken off web???

    Hey Guys, I tried to check up on some parts and their prices tonight and found that the prices have been removed from New Holland's web site. Is it just me, can you guys see the prices on their pages. Thanks.
  42. Thumper & Buttercup

    Hydro Question Guys

    With the Hydro Drive does anyone have a problem getting the tractor in Gear?? I have to hit the clutch a couple of times and giggle the foot pedal and it still is rough getting the tractor in gear from neutral. Is there any adjustment?? My process is to put in the clutch and try to put the...
  43. Thumper & Buttercup

    Hey Jinman

    I've got to ask about your avatar, it looks like that tractor is buried pretty good:). Did not want to dump on another thread. Is there a full size photo of that event. It hit -35.7 this morning here, we are up to -7 right now, not much to do but surf the web.
  44. Thumper & Buttercup

    Where Built

    Hey Guys, With all the talk of where Tractors are built. Is there a way to check where the T2220 are built, I think my dealer said our DX25E was built in Japan. Thanks for the info.
  45. Thumper & Buttercup

    First Question

    Any suggestions for a joystick that is straight instead of the bent metal one that comes on the T2220. Thanks Mark
  46. Thumper & Buttercup

    New Member Saying Hi

    Morning all, We've been playing with 9N's and a JD60 and a IH1066 for years. Traided in the 9N for a DX25E last year but was not happy trying to do tractor work. The JD60 was going to need some work and we decided to traide it and the DX25 for a new rig. We got a good traide in and...