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  1. areid

    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    I recently have added storage to two of my previously built buildings. The first was an old heritage barn I moved I'm from 9 miles away. I added a 10 wing on that that can shed my L5240 Kubota with cab. Then I added a shed roof on the side of my Quonset. This was initially designed to house my...
  2. areid

    Tractor smoking

    My 2008 L5240 with 1700 hours smokes under acceleration every time then stops. Doesn't seem to burn any oil. So each time I add load such as loader work or even changing direction. Every time it revs from idle. Original owner said it has done thus from new.
  3. areid

    Upgrading tractor for dragging horseback riding arenas

    This is one drag I use. Rake with concrete blocks for weight, pulls easily even in high range.
  4. areid

    Upgrading tractor for dragging horseback riding arenas

    I had a Kubota B3030 and upgraded to an L5240 with a cab. (Hydro) The new tractor pulls any sort of drag I put behind it. I highly recommend Kubota and a cab. Sorry no pictures of arena on this phone.
  5. areid

    I'm always impressed with how much knowledge people are willing to share on this app.

    Not just good advice but humorous as well. I'll screen shot the responses and ask my mechanic friend what he thinks. The barn is a great spot to hold Pony club and 4-H events and birthday parties, otherwise rarely see a human or animal for that matter.
  6. areid

    I'm always impressed with how much knowledge people are willing to share on this app.

    I have a questions and I'm sure someone has an answer. First of all my hydraulic pump seems to be making a ticking noise on my 2008 L5240 Kubota. It's quite loud in the cold weather in particular but I noticed it in the summer as well. In the fall I drained all the fluids and replaced all the...
  7. areid

    Repairing cracked HDPE plastic tractor cab roofs?

    For what it's worth, and I'll say I'm not at all experienced. Last fall I broke my radiator on my B5240 Kubota pushing brush like a bull dozer. Not wise but ... Anyway everyone told me I could not plastic weld the bottom of the rad because it was a special compound. I had a $1225 quote for a new...
  8. areid

    Tractor News What is driving up the demand for tractors?

    I think the western world has very poor leaders and their poor choices have led to massive inflation. The gap in the classes continues to widen. Buying a new half ton will cost you between $60 and $100,000, who could have imagined that. I also think the pandemic fear has all but distroyed the...
  9. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    Never heard of it.
  10. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    I had a guy offer to do that but couldn't find the right rad so far to rebuild one. I'm hoping my repair holds and I won't need another one.
  11. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    Awesome to hear!
  12. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    I watched that video and looked around but no one here (Canada) seems to sell it. Was not willing to order it as it would take a long time to get most likely.
  13. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    In case I do need to order new, what part number are you entering.
  14. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    Someone locally told me tie straps are similar plastic but I don't know if that is true. Our local plastics company told me there is no way to plastic weld these which of course is by design.
  15. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    Wow, so much help! Thanks everyone. I used a butane soldering iron to melt the edges of the crack more or less back together and also pushed the small tip of the hot iron into unbroken material to about 50% of the material depth around 60° angle. This left a very rough surface with lots of...
  16. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    I'm not surprised, that would be US but Kubota parts are like gold. Gouging!
  17. areid

    Radiator plastic repair

    My L5240 rad developed a leak this week. Took it out and found a 3/4" crack at the bottom pin where it seats into the frame. Looking online I see this is a very common place for the crack to develop. I called the dealer and a new rad is over $1200 with tax. My rad is almost perfect otherwise. I...
  18. areid

    Looking for 3PH tines for Ford harrow

    Anyone know where I could order some replacement parts for my Ford harrow/rake? I live in Canada and Messick's will not ship to Canada so that is not an option. This impliment is likely 40 or more years old.
  19. areid

    Bolt on bucket teeth

    I found many times I needed something more to make my bucket work better. I welded up some teeth and I certainly can dig into and move manure better. I realize now that my teeth are upside down but they still work. Being a cheapskate I only used old steel I had lying around. As you can see, the...
  20. areid


    I thought of doing it that way but was concerned about not enough lift and damaging the bucket. Here is my solution.
  21. areid

    Tree Puller?

    I built a small tree spade for moving small spruce and pine up to 12' tall. I found it works well also for digging out stumps and all sorts of other tasks that the bucket is useless for. I made it out of a lawn roller and an abandoned homemade forklift I attempted years ago. I find that you...
  22. areid

    Front end loader homemade small tree transplant tool

    Picks up rocks better than the bucket. Also ants that went for a swim in the dugout, take that! Hope this post inspires someone to do something better.
  23. areid

    Front end loader homemade small tree transplant tool

    I'm happy with the results.
  24. areid

    Front end loader homemade small tree transplant tool

    I agree some are small enough to move with a pail and a shovel but the three foot trees have a pretty extensive root structure already and I would rather use a curved spoon device on my loader to get the majority of the roots so there is a good chance of survival. I hired a tree mover to move...
  25. areid

    Front end loader homemade small tree transplant tool

    I'm hoping someone has done this already but I would like to build a small spoon type device to lift small trees out of the ground for later transplanting. I have access to several 1 - 3 foot pine trees I'd like to transplant. I would really like to just have some sort of a spoon I could work...
  26. areid

    Ordered this puppy saturday.

    That's Canadian with a lift kit and fancy tires and rims
  27. areid

    JD 47" Snowblower Chute Leakage

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  28. areid

    Snow Blade mounting a snow blade on a front end loader

    I built one and it does not even have any trips but I go slow and no issues. A trip mechanism is recommended of course.
  29. areid

    $11,000 Water Bill

    As a home inspector I have been involved in a half dozen water line breaks under homes as a result of impacts on the plastic water lines during construction. I have several cameras that I use to locate the source of the leak. Recently I discover a 10 year old leak that I guestimate was spraying...
  30. areid

    B3030 three point hitch weakness

    I have a B3030. Twice I have had the bolts loosen in the rear diff that hold the three point hitch on. The first time I missed the issue until it was too late. That meant an entire new rear cast aluminum piece and a 2000 grand bill for the repair. This time I have been trying to keep these bolts...
  31. areid

    Front loader blade

    I built this loader blade to move snow more quickly then using the bucket. I was impressed by the fact that it could also drag backwards. It is great for plowing off the ice on the dugout. It only lacks the ability to angle. I plan to add removable end caps to prevent snow from coming off both ends.
  32. areid

    PTO switch on B3030

    My tractor shut off and will not even turn over now. I believe it is a safety switch on the PTO lever. I have lots of power as the starter turns the tractor over if it is shorted across but the fuel pump must also be dead as it still will not start. I located the two switches over the rear diff...