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  1. Leylands

    MF30 Industrial - MF34 Loader

    Hello TBN MF! I recently purchased an older MF30 industrial tractor that had been sitting for a few years and was in need of some attention. Overall the tractor looked to be in pretty good condition, and doesn't appear to have been badly abused over the years. The previous owner was a really...
  2. Leylands

    MF30 power beyond return line help?

    Massey Ferguson MF30, no backhoe (has loader, PTO and 3 point). I’m looking to tap into my loaders power beyond port, to run 2 or possibly 3 rear remotes, using the power beyond port which the manual identifies as for backhoe hydraulics. However I am unclear on where my return line from new...
  3. Leylands

    Help to identify this valve?