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  1. murphy1244

    Ignore List

    Zero, but there is hope.
  2. murphy1244

    I did not hear that John Deere is starting to move production out of USA. FOR some model tractors

    Could be that sucking sound Perdue was talking about in the 90s.
  3. murphy1244

    Kioti deal or no deal price?

    Most tractors never see a dealer for intervention after they are sold.
  4. murphy1244

    2022 Bronco sport review

    Who is this guy? 5030 you are a legend in your own mind. Everything is not about you.
  5. murphy1244

    Your favorite album?

    I could listen to Allman bros all day. I would also pick The Who Live at Leeds
  6. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    Good dealer you have
  7. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    Do you need the dual wheels?
  8. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    Make sure you get the hydraulic tilt deck on your mower. Your back will thank thee for it.
  9. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    I have single wheels and love it. Not bumpy unless your yard area is really bad. Using 4 extra wheels are for hill mowing.
  10. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    I don't believe you need to do that on a Ventrac. I have had a Ventrac since 2013 and never had to do that and these deck do a great cut
  11. murphy1244

    Ventrac finish deck pitch?

    Why do you want to adjust the pitch?
  12. murphy1244

    DK45SE Starter doing machine gun imitation

    You don't seem to be charging at all
  13. murphy1244

    The day the music died.

    I am hearing Ozzie has passed away today.
  14. murphy1244

    Question for those who live in California

    In Ohio you need to be 65 or more and make a certain dollar amount or less
  15. murphy1244

    New shop going up!

    I just love these build threads ! Keep the pics coming..
  16. murphy1244

    New shop started

    I have a few boxes I call the mystery box. It seems if there something I need there is a good chance I will find it there.
  17. murphy1244

    New shop started

    What's in those boxes?
  18. murphy1244

    Stihl or Echo top handle saw?

    Echo has to be the easiest saw to start IMO.
  19. murphy1244

    Solar Eclipse...

    We have 5 days of rain Coming. At least it didn't rain today. It it a beautiful day today!
  20. murphy1244

    Solar Eclipse...

    That was mighty cool here in Medina OH Temp drop 11 degrees
  21. murphy1244

    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    Your voltage regulator is bad. Not shutting off
  22. murphy1244

    Can I turn over a Kubota diesel engine by hand?

    If you could . I wouldn't want to meet you in a alley.
  23. murphy1244

    Ultrasonic cleaner recommendations

    That is a monster tank! I use a 6L for cleaning records and use distilled water for best results.
  24. murphy1244

    California Drought

    Do I believe in climate change? yes, it changes every day. Do I believe man has changed the climate? a little. but not the doom an gloom that has been pushed daily.
  25. murphy1244

    Tired of oil change bull

    And I thought I was chancing it with 10,000 mile oil changes
  26. murphy1244

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    I love that Grrrrr, the sound of music
  27. murphy1244

    Gifted a Tractor... need help

    So what did you buy?
  28. murphy1244

    Ad Blocker

    Nada for me.
  29. murphy1244

    Why don’t you own a toothbar?

    I find the replaceable edge much easier to load with than a TB.
  30. murphy1244

    Why don’t you own a toothbar?

    I have a nice tooth bar it sleeps in the barn. Not much use for it.
  31. murphy1244

    Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a joke?

    That guy is a joke.. Yes a 1 hit wonder??
  32. murphy1244

    Air Compressor Performance

  33. murphy1244

    Air Compressor Performance

    Lets see some pics of them please
  34. murphy1244

    Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a joke?

    Nope. I try to stay out of Cuyahoga County. We don't have that crooked river for nothing!
  35. murphy1244

    Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a joke?

    I live by Cleveland and I never went there. There is nothing for me there.
  36. murphy1244

    How you been? Where the heck you been? Missed ya on these boards.

    How you been? Where the heck you been? Missed ya on these boards.
  37. murphy1244

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I bought a new truck that finely got 10 months later. 100 got me in line.
  38. murphy1244

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Just stop it already
  39. murphy1244

    Tractor News Everything Attachments?

    The only ones that will make money off this.
  40. murphy1244

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I got sent for a electric air hammer when I was a Kid on my first job. Sent on a fools errand I looked and asked then sent somewhere else.
  41. murphy1244

    Banning a member

    Words of wisdom
  42. murphy1244

    Banning a member

    I hope so
  43. murphy1244

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    That is a really nice wire kit,much better than the ez wiring kit.
  44. murphy1244

    Banning a member

    You guys are funny! not funny looking but hey, I needed the laughs.
  45. murphy1244

    My sis

    I'm so sorry for your loss. You have a big family.
  46. murphy1244

    brand new Kioti tractor with issues

    If I had the money to buy a 100k pickup you better believe it would be stored inside.
  47. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That is one full room!
  48. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Each room has it's own circulation pump?? Gator you sure about that?
  49. murphy1244

    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    I will never buy a rear attachment BH again. If you only use a BH a few times then rent one.
  50. murphy1244

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    Ah Here i'm thinking holley. Fuel injected sounds better!
  51. murphy1244

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    I am surprised your car has a o2 sensor.
  52. murphy1244

    Certificats of Deposit

    I have third federal in Ohio and my bank will roll over to the next term rate. If I had a 1 year term I would get whatever rate that was for a 1 year term. So this year mine rolled over to a 5.26 for another year. I also scatter accounts to every 3 months a new one comes up.
  53. murphy1244

    Add this to the list of reasons I’m going to sell my Kioti

    How did you fix this? Did you have a cat 2 quick hitch on this?
  54. murphy1244

    Firewood processor build thread

    Glad to see ya back
  55. murphy1244

    New shop started

    True That!
  56. murphy1244

    The day the music died.

    David Lafamme of It's a beautiful Day has passed
  57. murphy1244

    The day the music died.

  58. murphy1244

    Septic tank and leach field

    Good Mourning Here we have to pump out our tanks about every 3 years, some sooner. On mine it was obvious because the tops were made out of a round piece of concrete. I take it down south that it not so. My health department had a map of our leach bed. Good hunting.
  59. murphy1244

    I love electric vehicles. But increasingly I feel duped

    My Mcintosh system was built in the 60s and thorns tt in 58
  60. murphy1244

    I love electric vehicles. But increasingly I feel duped

    Then what was the cash for cars about?
  61. murphy1244

    MF135 clutch adjustment or replace?

    I had the same problem. Yes, you need a new clutch maybe more.
  62. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Sure if you don't mind waiting burning gas to run the air.
  63. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I followed the whole thread thus far and what a amazing journey! I think you guys deserve a weekend off and go somewhere and relax. Thank you very much for the ride..
  64. murphy1244

    Warranty vs Proven Reliability

    I have never used my warranty and to date has never been in the shop
  65. murphy1244

    Kioti dk50c with quick detach loader - hydraulic quit - loader with not lift a load , 3point hitch will not lift any weight.

    Well the shotgun approach did not work. Get you a gage and work from the pump out. I think you have a open relief valve
  66. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Ah, thanks
  67. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    10 days and no progress?
  68. murphy1244


    Is it prestage 4? If so I would start at list price. i
  69. murphy1244

    Anybody get Shocked After ordering?

    Did you receive a number from the dealer for the price protection plan? Read the last line of your post.
  70. murphy1244

    Sold on Seafoam

    That's less than a glug for sure. I use 1 glug for every gallon of gas for maintenance
  71. murphy1244

    Ignore list?

    I even have me blocked..
  72. murphy1244

    Finally Need My Warranty and LS Is Not There! BEWARE!

    I think you had no need of the BEWARE statement in your post as your problem is moot and NOT covered at all
  73. murphy1244

    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    Check your easement,mine is 25 ft from center. 50 ft total
  74. murphy1244

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12-23 at 930 pm
  75. murphy1244

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    Snobds has it right Debit cards you have to have the money in your account to use it. If you lose it, you might lose your money too. I use a credit card and get points and pay the balance when the bill comes. I have never had or used a atm card. I seen what happens with that.
  76. murphy1244

    What Happened To This Member?

    sound guy "Chris" has been gone awhile
  77. murphy1244

    3/8 or .325 chainsaw chain?

    Sorry Eddie I didn't know you already had the saw!
  78. murphy1244

    3/8 or .325 chainsaw chain?

    Get a echo 45 to 50 cc head with a 20" bar. I think mine was called Timber wolf.
  79. murphy1244

    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy, Gonna miss you brother..
  80. murphy1244

    Kioti Backhoe 2485

    Kioti KB-2485 Backhoe with Big Feet pads and a mechanical thumb Less than 50 hours and stored inside. NE Ohio area 7250$
  81. murphy1244

    Backhoe for sale

    I have a KB2485 for sale in northeast Ohio. 50 hours of use. Comes with big foot pads and mechanical thumb. 7250 or offer.
  82. murphy1244

    Total noob. Mowing with Toolcat on a hill vs Ventrac vs Kubota L3902

    Steiner or Ventrac is the way to go add dual wheels and climb up walls. "kidding". There are thirty + attachments and 3 models of power source for the 4500 series.
  83. murphy1244

    2014 Kioti DK50se starter solenoid

    Well if it started right up you didn't break it right. Take it to the farthest corner of your property and it will hopefully break down the right way.
  84. murphy1244

    What are you OCD about?

    Crooked things bug the crap out of me. Retired HVAC guy.
  85. murphy1244

    New Tractor

    This is my new machine.
  86. murphy1244

    Need help identifying my Massey ferguson

    1968--- Welcome to TBN!!!
  87. murphy1244

    Most terrifying moment on a tractor in years

    I bought at 1.95 a gall last year thank God.
  88. murphy1244

    My Tractor Mechanic is not happy

    Nice looking machine!
  89. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    I have had my Kioti for 12 years and it has never been back to the dealer.. I bought a L series Kubota and had trouble with the 3 point and the dealer took it back.
  90. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    So if it on the internet its true?
  91. murphy1244

    Mf135 Year?

    There should be a fuel shut off coming off the gas tank or close by it
  92. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Sorry I must of missed that post
  93. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Oh please, tell us the whole story. What brand? How did it perform? What did you like about it and not like about it. Will you buy it?
  94. murphy1244

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    What is your beef with Kioti? When are you going to buy a tractor instead of talking about it?
  95. murphy1244

    My 135 Journey

    Yes you have a kind of fluorescent gage lights. I have them too
  96. murphy1244

    My 135 Journey

    I think it is for the lights on the gages
  97. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That should work as we use that system for high pressure gas too
  98. murphy1244

    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    John just lost a good knife!
  99. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    This is how I do gas and water piping. Never had a drip or leak and we tested them.
  100. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Here in Ohio a base setting is 600 sq ft per ton
  101. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    That's why the HVAC guy does a heat loss-heat gain study first before the building is even built. Its not really how many windows you have but the quality and the install of them that counts. AS they say"Install is everything".
  102. murphy1244

    I sure hope that Moss' wife doesn't read this...

    Kent state is in Kent oh
  103. murphy1244

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    All about leverage. A taller tire is like a taller gear. Ie 4.10 verses 2.55.
  104. murphy1244

    This is my last post on TBN

    I for one will miss your posts. You make electrical much easier with your explanations. You do a lot for the pack with help.
  105. murphy1244

    Kubota vs Kioti?

    How so? I can get parts as fast as you can. I can get parts from a LS dealer or Bobcat dealer if Kioti is out of stock.
  106. murphy1244

    Kioti Broken in Half

    Funny how the front is clean and glossy and the back is faded and dirty.
  107. murphy1244

    TBN membership categories

    Some of us talk too much and some don't.
  108. murphy1244

    Consumer Electronics Show 2021 - John Deere gets a couple of "Worst in Show" awards

    " In regards to the Farm Bill, everything I read says you and I pay less in the end with subsidies." But us the taxpayer are the ones paying these subsidies...It's our money.
  109. murphy1244

    Consumer Electronics Show 2021 - John Deere gets a couple of "Worst in Show" awards

    Richard IMO the problem with that is us the taxpayer are the ones paying for that subsidie. S0 in fact we are paying more than the price you see at the grocery store. The consumer is always at the bottom of the food chain. pun intended
  110. murphy1244

    What creates "bad diesel" fuel ?

    I use off road fuel.I get it at 135 gallons at a time. I run all fuel thru a Mr.Funnel and never have a problem but now I've said that I'm doomed.
  111. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    I guess I asked for it. My apologies sir
  112. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    What a wonderful world it would be.
  113. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    I noticed no shop stools there either!
  114. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Terry, do you dust your equipment and tool boxes? My house isn't that clean! Ha I found one big problem with your shop! No place to sit....
  115. murphy1244

    Dk5310se ballast question

    I use 1100 lbs plus have filled rears.
  116. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Terry, you are just too cool!
  117. murphy1244

    New Car

  118. murphy1244

    Kubota or mahindra

    Are you sure about that? Its been quite a few years since I traded in but my trade in was tax free.
  119. murphy1244

    Tractor greasing day - issue with zerks

    Some machines use a british thread. I know my Kioti does.
  120. murphy1244

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    I could buy air ride seat for less than a grand.Is the Bota a treadle pedal or seperate forward and reverse?
  121. murphy1244

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    What fits your butt better? Do both have the same style controls? 10k is a lot of difference to me..
  122. murphy1244

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    Lets not take over this thread too Cahaba
  123. murphy1244

    Buying Advice Kioti RX6620 vs Kubota M4D-61

    My dealer is a top flite operation so I would still shop there if he was that far. The service and parts are first rate not know nothing order takers. Steve the main wrench turner has offered advice on how to add extra remotes and front remote.
  124. murphy1244

    Another confused first timer

    You seem to have taken over this thread. Start your own thread if your looking for opinions..
  125. murphy1244

    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    What year is yours?
  126. murphy1244

    New to me MF 165. what to look for

    I have the 135 of that series. I love the perkins diesel. Have over 6k hours on it and mine is a 4x2 also.
  127. murphy1244

    Another confused first timer

    I do not have any experiences of owning any other machine but the few I have. I first bought a Kubota l series. Dealer was a great. Machine came nice and shiney and a full tank of fuel. I had problems with the 3 point bouncing about and took it in for service. They could not fix it so they took...
  128. murphy1244

    Another confused first timer

    If you don't see your comments about bad mouthing I can't help you. Yes I have read your posts and find them disingenuous at best.
  129. murphy1244

    Another confused first timer

    Then how can you Form your negative opinions other Brands and dealers? I am not saying you have to own 1 of every brand but your bad mouthing tractors and dealers who sell other than deere or kubota and your knowledge comes from owning a 60s tractor.
  130. murphy1244

    Kubota Dealer Issues-Present

    My Gosh its been 3 years? Where did the time go.
  131. murphy1244

    Another confused first timer

    Cahaba, How many tractors do you own and what brands.
  132. murphy1244

    Songs you don’t play at a funeral

    Cigarettes Whiskey and Wild Wild Women-Jim Croce
  133. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    They do offer foot controls too and you can use both
  134. murphy1244

    MF 135 - Throttle Issues, Backfires, Power Issue, Dying

    I agree it is in the ignition system.
  135. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    No offence taken. I have been following this thread from the beginning and I don't think posting a link is all that much trouble. You have posted this before.. PS I am also happy he bought a Ventrac as they are working beasts like him!
  136. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Who are you tell me and others what to do?
  137. murphy1244

    Kubota or mahindra

    Well I am out of popcorn so I will go to the next thread.
  138. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I like seeing his posts here. This is where I follow his progress. By the way Woodchuck"Welcome to the Ventrac Family."
  139. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Hope that Ventrac works out for you. I have a 4500Y diesel and I love it.. You can get like 30 different attachment's for it
  140. murphy1244

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    What's wrong with Echo saws? For me it's the easiest saw to start .
  141. murphy1244

    Noise cancelling headphones.

    Where can I get gel muffs for my Bose qc-35 headphones?
  142. murphy1244

    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Enjoy your tractor, never mind the nay sayers and have fun..
  143. murphy1244

    Depreciation between the tractor brands on trade or resale

    And we are both happy with that
  144. murphy1244

    Depreciation between the tractor brands on trade or resale

    I bought my Kioti cause it was the best deal out there and it never been to the dealer for service. I can now sell it very close to what I paid for it.
  145. murphy1244


    You think so?
  146. murphy1244

    Change oil every year or at the recommended 300 hours

    I would say you wasted your money on a tractor
  147. murphy1244


    Every time these threads pop up it turns to a crapfest. We all love our machines. I am glad I bought mine when I did, it seemed to be the best buy at the time. The only thing I don't like are the remote valves they leak down but the loader will stay up for weeks.. Explain that..
  148. murphy1244

    DK 35 No power to dash, no start, battery good, batt connection good

    Start at the beginning. Bat ground and main fuse next key switch and relay.
  149. murphy1244

    Authorized Kubota Warranty Service Provider? Part 1 of 3

    The second time, first time had 50 hours. Kubota is sold as a premium tractor at a premium price. I expect better from them.
  150. murphy1244

    Authorized Kubota Warranty Service Provider? Part 1 of 3

    You leave the lot it's kind of your problem???? That tractor and implements was 52 big ones, there should be not a thing wrong with it!! Really get a new dealer.
  151. murphy1244

    Two things I will never understand in life...

    I don;t understand.. Your score dropped 2 points? from say 830 to 828? That's nothing in the world of things. I don't think God understands credit scores.Wouldn't doubt a bunch of bankers just pick numbers and that's your score.
  152. murphy1244


    A Kioti 2485 bh with mechanical thumb. Very little hours on it. N.E.Ohio $7,250 Email
  153. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    That house would be taxed around 16k plus here
  154. murphy1244

    Which Backpack Blower?

    What is a commercial blower and who makes such machine??
  155. murphy1244

    Bobcat vs. Kioti Maintenance

    I changed my fuel filter and hydraulic oil at 200 hours. 50 hrs I changed engine oil and filter Hydraulic filter HST filter
  156. murphy1244

    Sick of cheap box store riding mowers. 1500-3k budget used zero turns?

    I would look for a used Simplicity Conquest if you can find one. I had one for 4 years and traded on a Ventrac
  157. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    :confused: Breaking up is hard to do
  158. murphy1244


    A few years back (20?) I hit one on my bike going 90 mph. Right smack in the forehead, almost knocked my off. I pull in a rest area and I had Blood and guts like flame job across my head.
  159. murphy1244

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    She reminds me of Terri Garr
  160. murphy1244

    Just saw this on Drudge Report

    Security is a myth.
  161. murphy1244

    Sold : 2018 Ventrac 4500z + 5 items.

    Check out this Facebook page for pricing I want a Ventrac one day. A lot of people in your area that use ventracs. Shame your selling it.
  162. murphy1244

    Looking to buy my first JD

    If you're going to hold on to a tractor for 16,20 years a Simplicity Conquest is the way to go.
  163. murphy1244

    “Buy the dealer, not the machine” is outdated

    I kind of bought cause of the dealer. He has been in business since 1938. My tractor has never returned and he closed his doors 2 months ago. I have had my tractor 10 years and I got people like you guys to help me out so i;m good!
  164. murphy1244

    CK4010 or DK4210 with backhoe total lengh?

    How tall is your garage door? You need a 8' door.
  165. murphy1244

    Hesitant about the brand

    I too would go with what you know. You getting what you paid for your machine is nice but in 5 years a new one probably costs 50% more.
  166. murphy1244

    Can't post replies

    Now it works
  167. murphy1244

    Welcome back

  168. murphy1244

    Tools Explained

    TOOLS EXPLAINED DRILL PRESS : A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get...
  169. murphy1244

    Anyone started a new Hobby???

    As the title asks about new hobbies. I took up building guitars from kits. Ordered a kit from fretwire that you have to finish and build then wire it up. Anyone else start a new hobby??
  170. murphy1244

    Ventrac sold to Toro

    Seems toro bought Ventrac today.........The Toro Company to Acquire Venture Products, Inc., Manufacturer of Ventrac Products
  171. murphy1244

    Brush cutter

    I need to brush cut 2 acres with prim rose and other junk among trees. What cutter has the power and torque to do the job without weighing a ton??? Thanks for any and all answers to this ?
  172. murphy1244

    part #

    I need a part # for a radiator on a 1967 MF 135. Any and all help appreciated.
  173. murphy1244

    Wood stoves

    Looking to replace my wood stove this year. I have never bought one before. My old one was just a big metal box called old timer. I looked at Jodul, Lopi and Hearthstone so far and would like to hear the good and bad about them or others. Any and all help with this is very much appreciated.
  174. murphy1244

    John deere 110 tlb

    Welcome to TBN johio
  175. murphy1244

    adjusting the PTO belt drive

    Has anyone had to adjust this drive and how do you do it?:confused3: My leaf blower is way tight and needs adjusting.:(
  176. murphy1244

    TBN Hacked?

    Anyone else get this notice? Notice of Data Breach You may have heard reports recently about a security issue involving VerticalScope. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and the steps we are taking to help protect you. VerticalScope...
  177. murphy1244


    Why is this spam on the today's posts all the time now? 2 pages are full of it.
  178. murphy1244

    Stump removal

    Is there anything to put on stumps to speed the removal like composting it? Have about 2 acres of hardwood stumps.
  179. murphy1244

    gas leak

    My FIL has a husky 455 rancher and it leaks gas out of the carb when the gas cap is off. Any idea's why? Once he puts the cap on its ok.
  180. murphy1244

    Knock out game

    Check out this video. Warning it may make you very Mad. I just can't believe kids today. Video of "knockout game" attack leads to arrest - CBS News
  181. murphy1244


    Any one buy a Century AK-47? Am interested in #12245-N.
  182. murphy1244

    Any one with a A&I account?

    Need to order a grammer air ride seat MSG75GBLV-ASSY they had the best price at 780.44 but are whole sale only. Thoughts?
  183. murphy1244

    Saint Paddy's day

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day All
  184. murphy1244

    Wood storage

    I seem to be going thru a lot of tarps for my wood stacks. The tarps from HD and TSC seem to last 2 years or less. What are you using for tarps and how long do they last.
  185. murphy1244

    Noise cancelling headphones.

    Anyone have any experience [good or bad] with noise cancelling headphones?
  186. murphy1244

    Tree Farms

    Anyone else a Certified Tree Farm? I just got my credentials and expecting a sign delivered from my forester. Wondering who else out there loves our tree's.
  187. murphy1244

    Ammo Sale

    Target sports USA has a sale going on for Remington Golden Saber ammo for all calibers. I bought 10 boxes 25ea of 9mm for 144.90 and get a 100.00 rebate.:D
  188. murphy1244

    Milwaukee power tools

    Hey TBNers, where can I get replacement batteries for my 18 volt lithium drill-driver?:confused3: Looking for new ones.
  189. murphy1244

    Gun Sights

    Any one use a EOTech 512 sight set up? Was wondering how it worked out for ya and any tips to mount and using. All replies welcome.:)
  190. murphy1244

    Flu Season

    Anyone get the dreaded Flu yet? Its been 8 days now and not letting up. Some day this too shall pass, I hope.